Mistress Mommy - THE DENIAL

Mistress Mommy - THE DENIAL

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A femdom erotic trance by Enchantress Esmeralda

Mistress Mommy is putting her foot down and says … you can’t cum!  You cannot cum!

You need me to tell you what to do, don’t you? .. of course you do, you pathetic loser!

Now, listen very carefully as I am going to tell you exactly .. what I want you to do.

This is My first true, Tease and Denial recording. I approach this with an interrogation style, where I have you seated, fully clothed, as I hammer away at you in ‘good Domme/bad Domme’ style.  In one ear, you will hear me ask you questions or make statements, in the other ear, in a whisper, you will hear My snide, harassing, humiliating comments.  I will explain to you how and why, you will not cum in this session, not until you beg Me for release and relief from your blue balls, as I place you in chastity with My cock cage.  In this file, I truly take over and control your orgasms.  How long will you go, before you contact me and Beg for My release file, the file that will unlock your chastity to Me?

I will force you to tease and edge, over and over again, but you will NOT cum!

Your cock .. is now caged.  Your cock … is now encaged .. by Me .. Your cock is My cock .. and I have the ONLY key.  I have placed your cock into a cock cage, and I am your ONLY release. 

How long will you go, this time, before you are at my feet, begging, pleading, promising, negotiating .. for me to allow you to cum .. Hmmm ?  The longer you go, the deeper you fall .. for .. Enchantress Esmeralda .. and isn’t that, what you truly desire, My pet? 

The heavier your balls become … the deeper, My control .. you pussy sniffing, cum eating bimbo, zombie whore!

This file includes a full Induction, Deepener, and Count Up at the end.

**You will want to purchase BOTH The Denial and The Release files, as they go together.

Length:  53 Minutes

Contains:  Mind Control, Brain Washing, Humiliation, Tease and Denial, Whispers, Finger snaps, Humiliating Laugh, 3 voice tracks, Binaural Beats, 


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odysseus bound

This recording makes me feel like the high school slut pulling the train for the whole school. No matter how much I am fucked I can't get an orgasm. Please, Enchantress! hurry with the release file. This file is maddening and I can't stop listening to it.

odysseus bound