Mistress Mommy

Mistress Mommy

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A femdom erotic trance by Enchantress Esmeralda

Mistress Mommy is everything you love about My Satin files, without the satin and without the feminization .. but with ALL the Humiliation and Control! .  Just My voice and My powerful words commanding you to be My zombie, bimbo whore, My slut puppet on a string, as I expertly maneuver you for My perverse pleasure and amusement.

Life is so much easier when you don’t have to think .. here, just let Mistress Mommy replace your thoughts, with My thoughts.  I will put you quickly into a deep, satisfying trance, where I will put you so far down under, you will never come back up!  You will feel so deeply submissive under my powerful control, you may reach the point where you feel paralyzed to do anything about it.  The more you resist, the more you squirm, the deeper you fall.  I will then transform you into My Esmeraldaized zombie whore, My plaything, My slut puppet on a string.  I will taunt and tease and laugh at your pathetic servitude as you writhe to My voice.  Then, when I have you exactly where I want you, I will command you to cum, with a single, powerful finger snap, and you will .. obey your Mistress Mommy.

Length:  45 minutes

Contains:  Progressive relaxation Induction, Humiliation, Cum Command, Finger snap, Drumming, Background music, 3 layers of My voice and My control, Breath sounds.  No count up, can be used as a loop, no feminization.

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Customer Reviews

Odysseus Sixed

Taunting and tantalizing me to the breaking point. Thank you divine Enchantress for a recording that is very trancetic, very humiliating, and just plain hot!

Odysseus Sixed

This is session that convinced me to follow Enchantress Esmeralda wherever She chooses to lead. So very commanding. So very authoritative. She is now my Mistress Mommy forever.