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Mistress Poison Ivy

Mistress Poison Ivy
  • About MeI believe in a good home, in sane and sound living, in good food, good times, faith and hope. I have always believed in these things. And it was with some amazement that I realized I was one of the few people in the world who really believed in these things without going around making a dull middle class philosophy out of it. 

    But there is also another side in my personality and nobody would expect what kinky Ideas are on my mind.

    I guess I am the type of girl your mother warned you about ;-)

    What shall I say? I`ve manipulated men since I was 13. Its so easy ;-)
  • What started my hypnosis interestA friend introduced me to it years ago. I was eager to get a deeper insight into it, and soon I stumbled upon the sexual aspects.
    Well, what shall I say:
    A kinky mind meets erotic hypnosis LOL
  • Who are some hypnotist I admireSamba Alex, she helps me a lot
  • I would describe my induction style assoft and sensual, just check out my free file and you will know
  • What type of hypnosis services do I specialze inCuckold Hypnosis, Fantasy Roleplay Hypnosis, Femdom BDSM Hypnosis, Feminization Hypnosis, Love and Addiction Hypnosis, Mind Control/Brainwashing, Sensual & Romantic hypnosis
  • What type of hypnosis media do I offerAudio Files

Contact Information

    • Email Addresspoison-ivy-2014@hotmail.com



Deep Trance Now

About this item:

Deep Trance Now: Listen for FREE

This is the basic file for all of my productions.

Enjoy the soothing sound of my voice and let me lead you into a deep, relaxing trance.

Take care, you will be alone and undisturbed for an hour. Maybe you will get a big boner wink

I will lead you into trance, and you will learn some triggers to increase the effect of my other files. This file will also enhance your ability to go really deep.

Maybe you will get addicted to me.

To me.

My words,

and the soothing sound of my voice....


The Ring To Submissions - Basic

About this item:

The Ring To Submissions - Basic: Listen for FREE
Seduced into submission. This file is the basic file of my New Series "The Ring to Submission"
My nice, gentle and erotic voice will guide you into a deep trance. 
Trust me and surrender. Be mine.
I will help you to focus on your erotic fantasies. 
To improve your imagination, and to feel my voice deep inside.
Please use Headphones, it will increase your experience.
Before you start,  you should put a ring around your finger. 
Preferably one without any current sentimental attachment.
It can be a real ring, or some string.
Wherever you are, whatever you do,
This ring will remind you of me. You will be mine.
You will enjoy being my obedient  slave.
And To wear my ring around your finger.
My files include brainwaves, music, and sound effects.
Length. 47:36 min.






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3some - My female Friends

My female Friends.

Let me take you deep into trance, and into one of your secret fantasies.
The fantasy of a threesome with my two beautiful friends.
Let me watch you play, and be played with, until all three of you have cum.
Watch them, touch them and be touched.
Come, and enjoy my two beauties.

Come with me for a wild, erotic and naughty time.

39:04 minutes, brainwaves, soft whispers and background music.

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3some - The Spitroast

The Spitroast.

Let me take you deep into trance, and into one of your secret fantasies.
I will visit you with a male and a she-male slave, and I will watch, and give orders, whilst you enjoy a spitroast with them.
You will take all the cum that is given to you and enjoy every moment.
Come with me for a wild, erotic and naughty time.

39:49 minutes, brainwaves, soft whispers and background music.

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A 5 Star Blowjob

A 5 Star Blowjob.

You will get exactly what you expect !


Duration 70:30 min.

Including soft background music, brainwaves.

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Abused on the Beach

Abused on the Beach.

Find yourself on a beautiful beach with many beautiful women around you.
They will take advantage of you. Use you, and abuse you as they bound you down.
They will lick and suck your hard throbbing cock and another shall surprise you.
It will then be your turn to explode.
Open your naughty imagination and feel everything.

49:00 lustful minutes, including brainwaves and background music.

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Addicted to eat pussy

You can imagine this is one of my favorite files, just because it makes men more useful ;-)

It simply changes your sexual focus and you will experience a growing fetish to lick pussy! This will be a permanent change.

It is a curse, and you will be bound to it forever, in fact once you listen to this file, you are bound to it. You will find yourself coming back to this file over and over again. And you will love it, need it, it will be a burning desire deep inside your mind.

File lenght: 37 min

including brainwaves, soft background music and erotic whispers

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Addicted to Panties

This file will make you hard and horny when you see womens panties.
You will buy, and wear them for your own use, to feel the touch on your skin.
When you see them, you will immediately become hard and horny.

Your new preffered place will be an underwear shop, but you will not be allowed to cum until you are in a save place to do so.

Finally, when you are save, you will rub your cock in your panties, and you will explode.

Enjoy your  hard erections.
Enjoy the kinky, sexual images flashing through your mind.
Enjoy this sexy outfits.  
Enjoy touching women's  panties.  
Enjoy the things that make you the most erect.
Enjoy your penis immediately become  hard.
Enjoy to shoot your load wearing panties.
Duration 42:32 min. It includes soft background Music, sound Effects and Brainwaves.

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All Day horny

I will make you horny all day long.
When you awaken from this trance you will stay horny for the rest of the day.
This effect will follow on to the next day.
You will love that feeling of sooo much sexual tension growing deep inside you.
You want to make it last until the tension is unbareable.

Enjoy being horny all day.

Duration 39:12 min, including brainwaves and soft background musik.

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An everlasting need

An ever lasting need.

You are going to grow an ever lasting need for constant sexual activity.
Sex will be on your mind all the time.
The need will not go until you can release, but then, once you have,
your need will be renewed all over again in a short space of time.
If you have a partner, you will need to sexual satisfy you both several times a day.
If you are alone you will satisfy yourself.
Which ever you are, you will need, crave and desire sexual activity constantly.

I put a spell on you

Duration 41:11, including brainwaves and background music.

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Anal pleasure

Anal Pleasure.

I am going to make you blow your load from the best anal fuck that you have ever had.
I will get my lubed up dildo out and slowly slide it in to your hungry male pussy.
Feel it going in and out slowly, hitting your prostate.
Finally, you will blow your load for me in an intense orgasm, as it will feel so amazing.
Enjoy my dildo and enjoy being my little bitch.

48:01 min. Brainwaves and background music.


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Anal Pleasure - Fist.

Anal Pleasure

I am going to dominate and control you whilst giving you great anal pleasure.
I will fist you gently with my warm, lubed up hand.
I penetrate you so deeply that you are desperate to hear my command to release.
Your prostate will be massaged whilst your cock and balls are tied up.

Let the fun begin and enjoy my control.

46:28 minutes, brainwaves, soft whispers and background music.

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Anal Pleasure 2

Anal Pleasure 2
there´s nothing better

Enjoy anal sex more than you ever have before.
I will train you to relax and flow, each and everytime that you have anal, help you to have the greatest anal experiences.
Enjoy the feeling of a cock sliding in and out of you, pumping you hard.
The new pleasures that you will begin to experience after listening to this file, will be the most intense ever.

41:10 min of pleasure. Brainwaves, background music and soft whispers.

          • femdom hypnosis
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Awaken the Female within

Awaken the Female within.

You will awaken to be a female and the first thing you will do is to dress up in your female clothing.
You are going to take your time as a woman, to make yourself look beautiful and perfect.
This will feel natural to you, and you continue to be this perfect female, with feminine toughts, memories
and feelings all day and night, until you go to sleep once more.
Your thoughts of being a man will be gone.
They will be only as a woman.
Get ready, become beautiful and enjoy yourself for the day and night as the female you long to be.

48:12 min, including brainwaves and background music.

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