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Mistress Rooney Wilder

Mistress Rooney Wilder


Gaze into Mistress Wilder's blue hypnotic eyes. If you see allure, seduction and mystique, then you have come to the right place. Adult fantasy and roleplay with Mistress Wilder will be taken to new and heightened levels. Come into a place where you can relax and open your mind for discovery and temptation, a place where your will have a strong desire to focus on the words that bring you to submit to your deepest adult pleasures. You have never experienced Trance the way you have with the sensual and hypnotic Mistress Wilder.

Experience the therapeutic effect of hypno conditioning. Reduce stress, gain confidence, lose inhibitions, explore fetishes, prolong erections, intensify orgasms, increase carnal desires, unleash the animal within you, release your sexual potential.

Contact me for your own personal recording in german or english. 

Contact: Rooneywilder@gmail.com 

Twitter: @rooneywilder 

Website: rooneywilder.com 

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Erotic hypnosis mp3 and video

Hands free Orgasm auf deutsch

Allein durch die Kraft der Gedanken zum Höhepunkt kommen, nur mit Hilfe meiner Stimme. Lass dich fallen und spüre wie dein Schwanz immer härter wird.
Ich werde dich so tief in Trance versetzen, bis dass du es nicht mehr aushältst.
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Become pornfree

Are you sure? Are you really sure you want this? Rewiring your brain to let go of a porn.
You will find that you achieve a deeper state of relaxation more and more easily.
Binaural beats, Triggers, subliminal suggestions, countdown and deep effects.
26 minutes
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Training your mind

I'll bring you into the state of slavery.

Down into a deep trance.

to enter trance very quickly.

I guide and control you. You will listen and learn.

Trigger, training, Countdown, Trapped.
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Mind Training 2

The trigger is set in part 1 of this series.
Let's give you a task this time. Let me see how obedient you really are.
Subliminal, effects, trance.
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Mind Training 3

Sliding into your mind more and more this time. Making you mine more and more. Feel me everywhere. Third part and more to come. Trance, subliminal, effects, old and new trigger
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Erection Control

Mindfuck game. Will it be hard or soft? Will I let you come or not?
Eager to find out?
A Trancefile you won't forget anytime soon. I control your erection. Triggers, Snaps, Induction and let's just say : The whole program of arousal just for you!
25 minutes
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Was I ever really here? When you lurk through, wanking off over me. Or is it just a fantasy? Or maybe I have hypnotized you already? You''ll feel great about this
Countdown, Trance, Binaural (best with headphones), Awakener.
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This is a "going to mess you up big time" hypnosis file. Don't listen to it. You will regret it deeply. Worst part: you have to get back to me to find release. It's all about triggering. And they will stuck so deep. You can't never reverse this file. It will stick on you like a bad spell. Good luck! (19:09)
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