Mistress Says

Mistress Says

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

I'm sure you've heard of the game Simon Says. Well this is something similar to that, except it's My way. You find that whenever you hear those two words, you must obey the following commands. You must do what Mistress says, you must obey. Mistress says relax....Mistress says focus on your breathing. You of course obey and eventually go down into trance. Then Mistress Says what your new life of obedience and servitude will be like...of course you'll find that you know obedience is pleasure and you must obey Mistress, you must commit to serving Mistress in the future and you do, because Mistress says. Mistress says to stroke....how to stroke...when to stroke. Mistress says when to cum and how to cum. Of course you'll obey that command. But will you be able to follow instructions correctly and promptly? Right on demand, right away? Even leaving this recording, will you do what Mistress says? Will those words stick with you and always bring a certain mental and physical reaction afterwards? Only one way to find out. MP3 - 19:08min $34.99 

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