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Mistress Stella


Mistress Stella

You know exactly why you've come to me...


If you're a sissy, I'm going to...

Make you wear panties

Train you to suck huge cocks

Force you to swallow cum

Humiliate your little clitty

Lock you up in chastity


If you're a man, I'm going to...

Enslave you to my seductive voice

Cock-tease you to the brink of orgasm

Turn you into a whimpering cuckold

Drop you into your wildest fantasy

Allow you to worship my perfection


My name is Mistress Stella. 
I create erotic hypnosis at a professional
level, putting love and care into every recording.
My audio files are specifically designed to turn
you into a mindless, horny, submissive slave.


I cover a variety of topics:

for little sissy sluts:


for my good boys:

tease and denial


...and much, much more.


femdom hypnosis



Hypnosis Loop 1 - Cock Slave
Intense cock conditioning for true sissies only
Whether you have sucked cock before, or are simply cock-curious, this is the file for you. 
14 Minutes
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Hypnosis Loop 2 - Bimbo Delight
Are you ready to become a bimbo, sissy slave? To become air headed, slutty, and constantly horny around real men?
Of course you’re ready, sweetie. 
21 Minutes
          • femdom hypnosis
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Hypnosis Loop 3 - Itty Bitty Clitty

You knew this was coming, sissy slave. It’s time to address your lack of size down there. 
You’ve been self conscious about it your whole life, but now I’m here help you come to terms with your baby-sized penis…. 
and shrink it down even smaller

16 Minutes

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Hypnosis Loop 4 - Blowjob Slut

You’re craving cock right now, aren’t you?
You’re probably having one of your cocksucking fantasies, yearning to be on your knees in front of a hung stud.
It’s time to turn fantasy into reality. Let me teach you how to really suck a cock.

25 Minutes

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Hypnosis Loop 5 - Obey Women

You already know the truth… don’t you sissy?
Since you were born, women have treated you differently than other men. Not like an equal… more like a servant.
Yes sissy, It’s time to fully embrace your reality as a slave to superior females. You are living in a matriarchy from now on.

26 Minutes

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Feminizer Part 1 - Bimbo Body

Have you ever wanted to become a voluptuous bimbo?
Lie down inside the Feminizer... and watch helplessly as I modify your body.
Remember... Once I lock you in, there’s no turning back.

49 Minutes

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Hypnosis Loop 6 - Sissy Pussy

You can’t deny your naughty desires, sissy. Diddling your pathetic clitty just isn’t enough anymore. You crave more feminine pleasures… You need something inside you. 30 Minutes

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Addicted to Stella (for sissies)

You belong to Me, sissy slave. In mind.. body.. and soul.
You can’t help but diddle your little clitty while listening to My sexy voice.
And you love harsh denial of your precious orgasms.
Become obsessed with Me, slave. Addicted to Mistress Stella.

13 Minutes

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