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Mistress Stella

Mistress Stella

You know exactly why you've come to me...


If you're a sissy, I'm going to...

Make you wear panties

Train you to suck huge cocks

Force you to swallow cum

Humiliate your little clitty

Lock you up in chastity


If you're a man, I'm going to...

Enslave you to my seductive voice

Cock-tease you to the brink of orgasm

Turn you into a whimpering cuckold

Drop you into your wildest fantasy

Allow you to worship my perfection


My name is Mistress Stella. 
I create erotic trance at a professional
level, putting love and care into every recording.
My audio files are specifically designed to turn
you into a mindless, horny, submissive slave.


I cover a variety of topics:

for little sissy sluts:

sissy sluts

or my good boys:

good boy


...and much, much more.




Erotic audio books

trance Loop 1 - Cock Slave

Intense cock conditioning for true sissies only. Whether you have sucked cock before, or are simply cock-curious, this is the file for you. 
This is an intense 14 minutes of pure, unadulterated penis worship, narrated in my commanding, seductive voice. I have designed this file for the express purpose of turning you into a sissy cock slave. 
In this file, you will be placed in a sensual cock-trance, and submit to your deepest desires. You will find that men’s large bulges arouse you, and staring at them in your day-to-day life will become an irresistible urge. You will also develop a special fondness for alpha males with strong bodies, and long cocks. 
You will learn to worship big, heavy penises with cum-filled balls, longing to hold one in your hand as it pulses and throbs. Cock will become one of your main focuses in life, and you will realize that you have a strong preference for very large cocks. Your little clitty could never hope to compare… 
I will implant in your sissy brain a powerful craving to suck on thick cocks. To drop to your knees in front of hard-bodied studs, part your glossy lips, and take every inch of their swollen penises deep down your inviting throat. Cock sucking will become a deep-rooted craving in your fragile sissy mind. 
By the end of the file, you will become a mindless dick sucking cum swallowing sissy cock slave.
14 Minutes
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trance Loop 2 - Bimbo Delight

Are you ready to become a bimbo, sissy slave? To become air headed, slutty, and constantly horny around real men? Of course you’re ready, sweetie. 
This file contains over 21 minutes of powerful bimbo brainwashing in my seductive voice. I have designed this file for the express purpose of turning you into a slutty bimbo doll. 
In this file, you will fall into a girly trance, as your IQ drops little by little. You will realize that being dumb and braindead is essential to being a bimbo. Being stupid makes you horny. Being air headed makes the cocks of real men rock hard for you. 
You will be conditioned to strive for a perfect bimbo body. You crave the attention men give you when you show off your slutty assets, and yearn to shape your body for their pleasure. Your bimbo body has one purpose: to be a welcoming set of fuck-holes, and an eager cum receptacle. 
Your bimbo transformation will amplify your (already extreme) lust for cock. Good sissy bimbos have an insatiable drive to find the biggest and thickest of cocks to give sloppy wet blowjobs to. In fact, your mouth is simply a second pussy. 
My words will train you to seek out sex with hung horny alpha studs. Aggressive fucking is the pinnacle of orgasmic bliss for any slutty bimbo, and receiving thick internal creampies is one of life’s greatest pleasures. 
And of course, sissy, you will be trained to be a good little cumdump bimbo. You will learn the proper technique for receiving a real man’s virile sperm all over your face, and in your mouth. 
By the end of this file, you will become a flirty little cock sucking, cum obsessed, bimbo, with low intelligence and a strong yearning to seek out rough animalistic sex with horny guys.
21 Minutes
          • femdom hypnosis
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trance Loop 3 - Itty Bitty Clitty

You knew this was coming, sissy slave. It’s time to address your lack of size down there. You’ve been self conscious about it your whole life, but now I’m here help you come to terms with your baby-sized penis…. and shrink it down even smaller. 
This file contains over 16 minutes of limp clitty training in my seductive voice. I’ve crafted this file for the purpose of turning you into an obedient sissy with a very small clitty. 
In this file, you will realize that having a tiny clitty is a dream come true for any sissy. The smaller your clitty, the closer you are to achieving sissy perfection. The more feminine your body appears, the more men will want to fuck you. 
You understand that sissy clitties should not become hard, and it is disrespectful to do so. Real men get hard to slide inside slutty girls’ pussies with the intent to fuck for hours on end. Sissies do not fuck. Sissies get fucked. So there is no use for a sissy’s clitty to become hard in the slightest. 
This file is designed to strictly reinforce the limpness of a sissy’s clit. Repeated listenings will result in weaker erections, followed by failure to become hard around women, then finally, a complete inability to become erect. 
You realize that women do not want to suck, fuck, touch, or even look at your pathetic little clitty. Women would much rather be in the company of large cocks that have the length and girth necessary to make them scream in ecstasy. Women don’t settle for anything less than the strongest, hardest cocks. You don’t measure up. 
In fact, sissy, you’re better off in chastity. My words will implant a desire within you to lock up that minuscule clitty for good. Chastity is an inevitability for your failed excuse for a penis. 
You will also learn a delightful new way to play with yourself: Diddling! This is achieved by lightly stroking the very tip of your soft clitty with no more than two fingers. Real men stroke their cocks with their strong hands. Sissies diddle with their girly fingers. It’s just the natural way to do things. 
By the end of this file, your clitty will be tingling with excitement, and it may feel just a bit smaller than before. It’s time to accept your small size and begin your limp clitty training. Good girl 
16 Minutes
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trance Loop 4 - Blowjob Slut

You’re craving cock right now, aren’t you? 

You’re probably having one of your cocksucking fantasies, yearning to be on your knees in front of a hung stud. It’s time to turn fantasy into reality. Let me teach you how to really suck a cock.

In this file, you will be taught that a good blowjob always begins slowly and sensually. Instead of mindlessly stroking your man’s cock, you’ll learn to tease him to hardness, without even taking his pants off. That’s right sweetie, you’ll learn to tease his bulge.

You will realize that a blowjob isn’t all about the act of sucking his cock. You’ll learn to use fondling, kissing, and licking to make that cock raging hard. A penis should be fully erect before entering a sissy’s little mouth.

A man’s balls are often neglected during a blowjob, and this is simply unacceptable. His balls are to be teased, licked, kissed, and sucked just as much as the cock itself. The more you tease those balls, the more thick juicy cum you will be rewarded with.

You will learn to lose yourself in a blowjob. To truly let your inner slut free and devote yourself to your man’s pleasure. You were simply born to suck cock, sissy. You surrender to powerful manly cocks that drip sweet precum for slutty bimbos and pretty sissies.

You will also develop a strong urge to train your gag reflex in order to take the largest of cocks down your welcoming sissy throat. Deepthroating and throat-fucking will soon become two of your most practiced blowjob skills.

And of course, your craving for hot cum will grow stronger every time you listen to this file. A real man’s warm cum is a delicious reward for good little blowjob sluts. Whether he shoots it in your mouth, on your face, or in your throat, you will be in sissy bliss.

By the end of this file, you will be a cock-crazed, mindless blowjob slave, with one thing on your mind: finding a sizable cock to fill the sissy pussy you call a mouth. ❤

(You will also be able to hear me making naughty sucking noises and moans during the file. A treat for my devoted sissy slaves)

25 minutes

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trance Loop 5 - Obey Women

You already know the truth… don’t you sissy? Since you were born, women have treated you differently than other men. Not like an equal… more like a servant. Yes sissy, It’s time to fully embrace your reality as a slave to superior females. You are living in a matriarchy from now on.

This file contains 26 minutes of female superiority training and submissive brainwashing in my seductive voice. This file was made to force you into complete submission, while strengthening the reality of your powerlessness.

There is also a sensuous fantasy scenario within this file, featuring Mistress Stella and a mansion full of dominant women.

Women are superior to sissies in every way. Men and women may be equals, but sissies are FAR beneath us.. under our heels. We are absolute queens. You are a slave. We give orders. You obey.

Our bodies are sacred objects for you to worship. You try your very hardest to model your form after ours. Giving yourself beautiful bouncy tits, a round jiggly ass, and locked up worthless clitty. But little sissies can’t hope to compare, women’s curvaceous bodies are superior in every way.

Women will always treat you differently sissy. We can tell instantly what you are, without even speaking to you. Our natural breeding instincts send our bodies clues as to which male is a virile, dominant bull… and which is a simpering little sissy, unworthy of our time.

You will realize that women are voracious sexual creatures who crave attention from strong alpha males. Never from pathetic little sissies like you. You will worship and crave attention from both dominant men and women.

Your sissy nature drives you to obey all women, and you’ll happily follow the orders from any woman you meet. You’ll also happily service their horny boyfriends and husbands. You dream of becoming an enslaved sissy to a dominant woman, who will let you service her day and night, and keep her husband satisfied while she’s away.

But most importantly sissy, you will learn that sex is no longer an option for you. At least not the traditional way. Women have no use for a useless little clitty like yours. The only phyiscal contact you’ll be making with women is being hugged, spanked, slapped, or stepped on. No more sex with women, sweetie.

By the end of this file, you will fully realize your true purpose in life. You were born to be a subservient little slave to women. All women. You crave to be owned in every aspect of your life by strong dominant females. Your greatest pleasure in life is seeing your Mistress smile.

26 Minutes
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Feminizer Part 1 - Bimbo Body


Click HERE for Part 2: Bimbo Mind

Have you ever wanted to truly become a woman?
to be transformed into a voluptuous bimbo?...

Then follow me into the secret room of my massage parlor. Lie down inside
the Feminizer... and watch helplessly as I modify your body. Remember...
Once I lock you in, there’s no turning back.

This 49 minute file is an intense bimbo-
transformation fantasy. 
It can be enjoyed by
both sissies and submissive males.

You enter my massage parlor, looking for a nice relaxation session. But little
do you know... I have other plans for you. More devious plans. Follow me...

I place you inside a special “relaxation bed”, and lull you into a deep trance.
Once you fall under my spell... unable to move or even speak... the real fun
begins. You see, this isn’t a simple relaxation bed. It’s the Feminizer....
...and it just so happens that I have a penchant for turning unsuspecting
customers into fully-feminized bimbo fuckdolls.

Listen helplessly as your body is shaped. Molded. Transformed.
Your physique morphs into a very feminine shape. Legs, arms, ass, even
your skin... everything about your body begins changing.

I give you enormous bimbo breasts. Boobs that jiggle when you walk...
Titties to entice and seduce strong masculine men. Huge breasts that you
used to only see on stacked blonde pornstars...

I remove your weak, pathetic excuse for a penis... and replace it with your
very own pussy. Feel pleasures like you’ve never imagined as you're given
the gift of a real woman's vagina. Complete with a fertile and perfectly formed
womb, ready for deep breeding.

Yes darling. I’m going to give you the ultimate bimbo body. And there’s
nothing you can do to stop me.

All of this awaits you inside... the Feminizer.

  • Bimbo transformation 
  • Forced Feminization
  • Deep relaxation
  • Body modification
  • Light humiliation
  • Submitting to a dominant woman
  • Temporary Immobility
  • Breast growth
  • Penis size reduction
  • Cool sound effects :)
49 Minutes
          • femdom hypnosis
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trance Loop 6 - Sissy Pussy

You can’t deny your naughty desires, sissy. Diddling your pathetic clitty just isn’t enough anymore.
You crave more feminine pleasures... You need something inside you.

This file contains 30 minutes of powerful sissy pussy training. My longest trance loop ever!

The purpose of this file is to train your body and mind to accept your sissy pussy as your ultimate pleasure center. Looping the file will result in a permeant addiction to cock and cum in your sissy pussy
The file also includes an ultra sexy scenario where Mistress Stella fingers your tight hole in preparation for something much more intense.


The more you diddle your pathetic itty bitty clitty the more you feel like you need something more… You crave new pleasures… new sensations.
You have undeniable desire to have your tight sissy pussy fucked. It’s not your asshole anymore, slut.

Your slutty little pussy demands attention, and you can’t help but give in. Teasing your puckered fuckhole with your fingers, plugs, and thick dildos. You will train your pussy for only the biggest and thickest of real men’s cocks, so your dildos will never be smaller than 6 or 7 inches.

You know deep down that your body was made to be a hole for men to use and abuse.
That’s why you keep your body sissy smooth. Real men like their women and their sissies to be ultra feminine, and you happily obey.
Just the thought of a hard cock sliding into your pussy is enough to make moan.
It gives you pleasure more intense than anything else. Your fingers… a plug… even dildos.. they all pale in the comparison to a big thick penis.


The feeling of a cock milking your sissy G spot makes your heart race and your clitty tingle.
You grind yourself against him, getting closer and closer…. until you cum like a girly girl.
Your mind goes blank, your body quivers in pleasure, and your tiny clitty squirts out pathetic little drops of sissy cream… It’s a true girly orgasm... a sissygasm.


Its so natural to crave thick cum deep in your pussy.
The primal urge to be bred by alpha males is overwhelming...
You know exactly what you need to satiate your lust.
A juicy load of sperm deep in your sissy pussy.


By the end of this file, you will be an insatiable pussygirl.
Filling your slut hole will become a a yearning.. a need... an everlasting addiction.


  • Sissy pussy training
  • Desire for rough sex
  • Pussy plugging
  • Deep penetration
  • Yearning for sissygasms
  • Sex with men
  • hunger for very large cocks
  • Impregnation desire
  • trigger - insatiable pussy when you see a cock.


30 Minutes

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Addicted to Stella (for sissies)

This file is for sissies


This file was originally custom-requested by one of my slaves.
All mentions of their personal name have been removed. 


You belong to Me, sissy slave. In mind.. body.. and soul.
You can’t help but diddle your little clitty while listening to My sexy voice. 
And you love harsh denial of your precious orgasms.
obsessed with Me, slave. Addicted to Mistress Stella.

This file contains 13 minutes of absolute addiction to your Mistress

You are entirely consumed by My seductive voice. Nothing else will satisfy your sexual desires. 
I am a true Goddess and you are a lowly slave. You’re simply not worthy.

It doesn’t matter what I talk about. The moment My voice enters your ears… you are fully enslaved. 
The vibrations of My Goddess voice causes your entire body to submit and obey.

You will not masturbate unless I command it. You will not edge unless I allow it.
I have total dominance over your orgasms. Complete control over your sexual arousal.

You will NOT be squirting in this file, sissy slut. You will be denied even the slightest orgasm. 
More denial means more arousal. More arousal means more obedience. More obedience means more addiction.

By the end of this file, you will become a mindless and helpless servant for Me. 
hopelessly addicted slave for Mistress Stella.

  • Addiction to my voice
  • Obsessive feelings towards me
  • Intense arousal
  • Tease and denial
  • Orgasm denial
  • Masturbation-instruction
  • Light small penis humiliation
  • Feelings of inferiority
  • Worshipful feelings towards me

13 Minutes

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