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  • About Me
  • I am a Lifestyle Domme, currently served in Real Life by a slave girl, and a male slave.
  • I also have on-line submissives who are devoted to serving Me.Delicious, darkly addictive Erotic Hypnosis.
  • Based in New Zealand, I receive many compliments on My Kiwi accent which I love to use....to Entice....Enchant.....Enslave...





  • Enslavement...  
  • Surrender to your innermost desires...
  • I know you have you been searching for a long time for the Hypno Domme who understands you and can fulfill your deepest, darkest fantasies. I am that Hypno Domme, skilled in offering individually crafted Erotic Hypnosis sessions that are custom tailored to capture you, elicit your surrender, and enslave you.

    Professionally trained, I offer erotic hypnosis that will satisfy that ache deep inside you to be understood. Once you begin the erotic hypnosis sessions, your mind will focus more and more on the powerful feelings that flow from the hypnotic trance, until your mind is consumed with desire for more and more delicious, deviant hypnosis. Expect enslavement, excitement and a heightening of your innermost desires.
  • I would describe my induction style asMethodical... slow.... I take 30-35 minutes in the induction phase of a hypnosis session, to completely relax the hypnosis subject. After the induction phase, I then proceed to implant and programme the trigger phrases and suggestions. This takes about 15-20 minutes.
    I then reinforce and strengthen the trigger phrases once I bring the hypnosis subject up from hypnotic trance. 
    Sessions last approx 1 and 1/4 hours.

    I continue to reinforce and strengthen the trigger phrases and hypnotic suggestions each time I have contact after the session.... I also use PHS to maintain the hypnotic suggestions.
  • What type of hypnosis services do I specialze in:
  • Live One-on-One Sessions
  •  Customised recordings.

    Mp3 recordings available here ...

    Cuckold Hypnosis, Fantasy Roleplay Hypnosis, Femdom BDSM Hypnosis, Feminization Hypnosis, Love and Addiction Hypnosis, Mind Control/Brainwashing, Sensual & Romantic hypnosis, Relaxation Hypnosis, Self-Help Hypnosis, General Erotic Hypnosis, Financial Domination, General Fun Hypnosis, Other,

    Custom Recordings I will provide custom hypnosis recordings on request please email me at  mistress.commands@yahoo.com so we can discuss your requirements.
  • Contact Me
  • please email me at mistress.commands@yahoo.com so we can discuss your requirements.

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Testimonials :


Review from submissive m of his 2nd Live One-on-One Session:
Phone call with Lady Surrender Report!
This is an account of my 2nd phone call with Lady Surrender. Before I begin I would like to just give a bit of background about myself. i am submisisve m and i have been involved with hypnosis for a number of years. More than a decade now. I have listened to a numerous amount of files and have enjoyed them all to varying degrees. I use hypnosis as a way to find out something about myself. How deep can i truly go? I don’t know, and I want to. Every file I listen to, every session I trance to… I try to find an answer to that question.
I started speaking to Lady Surrender a little more than a month ago. It’s been a short span of time but I have greatly enjoyed her work and our conversations. Her mantra files have become sessions I listen to often just because they are so enjoyable. When I was able to I did a phone session with Lady Surrender as soon as I could. mp3 files are very enjoyable… but live calls are really much more intimate and intense. Here is what I remember from my call. Maybe this will interest some of you into trying a call soon as well.
My Skype call started out horribly. Couldn’t get Skype to work. If a Dominant tells you to call her and you are late fumbling with a phone… that could be a bad start. Not for Lady Surrender. We ended up making a small joke about it and she kept going like nothing happened. I was so happy about that. She is so easy to talk to.
After a bit of conversation, we got ready for the hypnosis session. I closed my eyes and laid in bed. Now I am going to say something that may get you thinking “this guy is pretending” … “he’s playing around..” when in fact i am not. At least 35 minutes of this induction I have no memory of it happening. I may be fuzzy on the time. I know I heard Lady Surrender ask me to close my eyes. I’m thinking back to the beginning of the call. I remember coming out of trance. That’s it. No memory. This amazes me. I have listened to hypnosis with amnesia triggers quite often. Inevitably even when told to not remember…. i still remember parts of the trances. With Lady Surrender… I truly do not. It thrilled me that i was speaking with someone who could exhibit this type of control. In recordings it feels sometimes like I am pretending to make the amnesia work. With Lady Surrender … no it isn’t pretending… i love the fact she can to with my mind so easily.
After the induction we talked for a bit more. Then with just a word she drops me right back into trance. Then brings me back up. We talk a bit more. She drops me again, then brings me back up. I have to say every time I get brought back up… i feel… literally feel like i am a toy. I felt powerless. Then aroused. REALLY AROUSED. I was given triggers. I am not sure when they were given. I didn’t need to think about that. My brain heard the words and my body just reacted. No thinking on my part at all. I was too wrapped up in Her words to apply logic to this. One set of triggers aroused me and made me dizzy with desire for my Lady. Another set of triggers has me orgasming while calling out her name. I am not even going to type the triggers out because Lady surrender has already proven her triggers work on me even in text… oh my word i love Her control.
Except… sometimes i need to beg Her for mercy.
Imagine orgasm after orgasm after orgasm until you feel drained… and then pushed past… She teased me. Over. And Over. And Over Again. Multiple orgasms. Enough that i felt drained in the process. I sincerely begged her to stop and she did… bringing me under and then back up. I cannot think of a recording that i was able to feel this type of interactivity. Something this intense… i believe it can really only happen on a live call. The arousal I had came from the fact that my mind was so thoroughly controlled… so erotically controlled… it left me a puddle afterwards. Nothing left.
I remember we talked a bit more after she calmed me down. Somewhere in the conversation she teased that she was going to use a trigger. She didn’t say one… she just teased it was coming… and then there was this pause. This long pause that lasted for eons. My mind was working overtime trying to figure out what she was going to say. My body was starting to react like she had already said a trigger because I was triggering myself in my mind going through all the triggers i know could come. Lady surrender actually had to bring me out of trance again. Either because i triggered myself, or she triggered me and had me forget…
She can control me by just teasing a trigger word. Wow… i may be in trouble, lol.
I think it was around here where I was given a trigger to begin speaking like a baby. An actual baby, yes. Have to admit, I found it so freeing. Strange thing was I could still think as myself, but every word came out as gibberish gaga bobo ojhowjo2uey and other non words. No matter what I thought, it came out as baby speak until she triggered me out of it. Then she slipped the trigger right into a conversation and immediately i begin speaking baby even as my mind was trying to finish our conversation. haha. After a bit i admit i felt rather babyish inside and out… and it felt wonderful. When you are able to be this free with someone you trust… so many doors are opened. It felt that way to me.
Here is where things get a bit tricky for me, please bear with me.
After a bit more conversation, I was brought under again, and then told to forget the entire conversation. I remember at the time I was brought back up and Lady Surrender was still speaking to me. She was addressing me and asking if I remember anything about the last hour? I told her I remember when I called her on Skype. Here is where it gets fuzzy. In my mind, I was trying to figure out how could I be missing an hour of our talk. I know i had been forgetful of late, but it couldn’t have been that bad. Then I remember how tired I was and thought perhaps I slept the entire trance and just work up. Any thoughts I had about the conversation… felt like trying to hold on to water. The thoughts were too slippery. I didn’t even remember I was talking like a baby just moments ago. Another way to describe this is like someone putting on the wrong prescription glasses. With the right prescription glasses, everything in front of you is vivid and clear. With the wrong prescription everything is fuzzy, you can just make out shapes of things. That’s how it felt. When I thought about the conversation it was just nothing but shapes.. haziness… I wasn’t sure what happened during our conversation at all.
I was again brought back into trance and then told that I would now remember our conversation and even recall forgetting things at her whim. Although… i still cannot remember the first part of the call. I remember most things after. Including arousal triggers still working very very well. lol. I know there are others things I have forgotten, but I love the fact that Lady Surrender is able to play with my mind to this degree.
I accuse myself a lot for having high expectations as to what erotic hypnosis can do. Time and again my expectations were never truly met. They were kind of.. if I pretended until it felt real. Maybe that’s how everyone starts learning how to trance. Pretending it works until it does. with Lady Surrender, there is no pretending… her control just works. She somehow in just a few conversations found out what really excited me about erotic hypnosis… what made me tick as a submisisve… and then blew all of my expectations away. Completely. I feel like I have been in training trancing these past 10+ years just so I can truly enjoy how special an experience with Lady Surrender is.
I urge anyone who is interested in erotic hypnosis in it’s purest form, to try a mp3 or a live call with Lady Surrender. She will take the time to understand who you are… then use all of that info to leave you a quivering mess at her feet. Just as it should be.
your submissive m


Feminising Hypnosis, Brainwashing & Mind control.
“I have to tell You something, Lady Surrender. When I first
was writing to You I said something about not really believing that long term
mind control and brain washing worked with hypnosis. That belief was based on
what I’ve gone through in the past. I was wrong. I do believe in it, when it’s
done by You. There is no other explanation with what’s going on with me. I’m
basing that on many things. One of them being how things build up well after
listening to You, and it just getting stronger, then whatever feelings I’m
having not going away. The main thing I’m basing this on is the feminization
thing though. I know it was a fantasy of mine when I was younger, but nothing
more. In the past I have listened to some feminization sessions, but they’re
all the same. “You’re turning into a beautiful woman, or you want to wear
makeup and panties”, oh really? Not a chance. They had no effect
whatsoever, and were usually pretty funny to me for some reason. Knowing that in the past feminization
sessions had no effect on me was one of the reasons I listened to Yours. While
it is true You saying that forced feminization is a specialty of Your did make
me think about it twice, I really didnt expect anything more than hearing more
of Your beautiful voice, and maybe getting more sensitive nipples. (damn, writing that right now is making me
crazy. What the heck was that? Ok, I’m calm, but shaking) (If I go back and
read it the same thing happens. I’m not sure, but I think I hit a trigger.
Unbelievable. ) but that was about it. What has actually happened is shocking
the crap out of me, and as I said, one of the reasons I now believe You can
control my mind. I cant stop thinking about being feminized. I don’t know
what’s gotten into me. I can’t even pinpoint what it is that’s changed in my
thinking, but something I didnt want
done just a few days ago is now something I’m craving. I can’t even imagine
what being truly feminized would feel like. I can’t picture what could possibly
happen in me to make me feel anything but a man, but I can’t stop thinking that
it’s already started, and I don’t want it to stop. I don’t get it, but I can’t
fight it either. Yes, this is the same guy who said he had no interest in feminization at all, I’m finding it hard to believe I’m even
typing it out right now to send to You when I’m done, but I can’t stop myself.
I noticed today that when I’m listening to Your files, that what happens to me is not hypnosis
as I have known it. There are the normal times of going deeper, and coming out
a bit, and my mind wanders thinking about other things, but the whole time it’s
happening, there is much more than hypnosis going on in my mind. Everybody
always says they’re talking directly to the subconcious mind, but for the fist
time in my life I think I know what that means. It feels like You’re talking to
a part of me that isnt me. It’s really a strange feeling, but it’s a wonderful
feeling. One that I want to go back to over and over again. I can’t stop
thinking about how it feels to listen to You. Your voice has gone from a
beautiful voice with a cute accent to one that gets in my head and stays right
there. Your voice is so beautiful. As soon as I hear it I start to go under and
let it do what it wants to me. Another sign that whatever You are doing to me I
have no control over. It’s the craziest thing, but I just can’t get enough of
You or Your voice.”




– submissive surrendered.



Continuing Surrender.


It’s been around 6 weeks since my last blog entry and recentlyi had an experience that i felt i needed to share.
For those that don’t know I’ve been in and out of hospital since March this year, at times very ill and others absolutely fine but in for checks and things. One constant has been Lady Surrender and the way She has cared for me and steered me right when i was panicing in hospital.
A few weeks back it looked as if all these troubles were coming to an end, i’d had a lovely (naughty) weekend away, was off the medication and looking forward to thinking about returning to a normal life. Then things got really bad, really quick. Serious chest pains, partial paralysis, emergency admittance to hospital again. Long story short my body reacted badly to having come off medication after such a long time. No record of it happening in medical books anywhere else, everyone mystified. There was a simple solution, doctors enacted it and after a few days i was home. i’m having to do rehab to build strength back up again and my speech isn’t great as my tongue is semi-paralysed occasionally, but i’ve come back from worse before.
The problem was after this last break i just couldn’t trance. i couldn’t relax, i couldn’t calm myself, i couldn’t meditate to calm down and things just seemed to be getting worse. i’m used to losing the ability to trance for a short period after operations. When your body changes after a cure everything can seem different and you have to get used to it, but this was different and stronger.
i still had intense cravings to submit and be tranced by Lady Surrender. i still could be sort of triggered by installed triggers, just couldn’t trance. i didn’t want to force it and potentially end up walking away from hypnosis but being torn between craving and inability was horrible.
Lady Surrender made time for me. She messaged me, She tested the triggers, She talked to me calmly to try and make me see how things could work, i believe she even offered to help me remove the cravings and submissiveness if it would help me. you know you’ve found the right hypnodomme when they care enough for you that they’ll help set you free if it benefits you.
Eventually She offered to Skype with me. i hadn’t let on how bad i was physically to her, and instantly owned up to having trouble speaking. No problems, She would talk, i would listen. I still had nerves as a moan escaping my lips at that time had the potential to be a scream and wake the entire neighbourhood, let alone my housemates. This also wasn’t a problem for Her, all i had to do was find time when i had privacy and message Her and She would free up time for me.
However this worked i don’t know. But the message “I can… so easily… manipulate that mind of yours to do exactly what I want” sent to me very late at night stayed with me all night. I woke up feeling incredibly submissive and tried a file i hadn’t used in a long time. Success. That evening “Deepening hypnosis” worked as well. Was agreed i should take things slowly and work back to level i was at before and follow doctor’s orders.
Then one night I noticed my phone flashing, there was a gift in my dropbox. Mistress has sent me voice messages before, but this time it was a full file – “Helpless Prey”. i wanted to listen there and then, but also knew i needed the sleep. The rest of that night was filled with dreams of devotion.
Helpless Prey was always going to affect me. Mistress had been building and nurturing a helplessness fetish in me. Typing the word has me sweating. Not to spoil the file but She mentions her “ruthless pursuit of prey She desires” and all i could think of after was, yes, sending me that file was pretty ruthless. The file echoed around my head all day.
From that point on i’ve realised that this is the Enslavement phase. Since then i’ve been led down paths designed to make me fall further into Her wonderful control. i’ve been compliant in this of course, but have been tricked into a marathon hypno session that left me bound to my bed for hours, i’ve had a fetish for struggling in honey installed without hypnosis, just to show me how much She owns my mind, and i’m compelled to update Mistress on how each day goes, detailing instances where i’ve felt Her control.
With Helpless Prey 2 coming out soon, She’s been teasing Her toys about how She’s going to inscribe all of Her fetishes onto us. Given that i live to bring Her pleasure, i cannot wait for this. Everything feels really dangerous right now, but it’s danger within a feather pillow. Where She leads i will follow, because i trust that Mistress truly understands what i require to be healthy, successful and happy.
(posted on inraptured.net)




Lady Surrender,
so far my journey has taken me to total addiction to listening to your voice, I just can’t seem to get enough, and have a constant craving for you to control me more and more.
I have always had a fetish for hypnosis, but in the past have not been easily able to achieve deep trance, mainly because I have a bit of an analytical mind.
but listening to Morning Mantra of Blankness and Addicted to Trance has changed that for me. I can now just drift away and let you take me wherever you want, such blissful feelings.
Bought Deepening Hypnosis mp3 the other day and after listening to it 4 times have not remembered any of it apart from the very start and the end of it, a first for me, and leaves me with such blissful feelings that I just need more of your control.
I wonder where my journey will take me as well, maybe you have a better idea than I do?
mike from NZ.


I have finally found Her…
I have spent hundreds of hours over 20 years listening to so many of the terrific Dominant hypnotists here on Inraptured, hoping to find the one special person who can combine pleasure and control of my mind. It has been so difficult to find someone I can trust completely enough to let them really and truly re-wire my brain. I have finally found that perfect person in Lady Surrender! And Her effects on me have been beyond anything I could have hoped for.
Lady Surrender has a variety of ways to insinuate Herself into my mind. Sometimes She uses a blissful, long induction, followed by instructions that I can’t remember, but I know I will follow. Other times, She uses an exquisite blend of seductive whispers, overlaid and intertwined, one moment soft and soothing, the next a solar plasma of super-heated pleasure, in such a way that I have no idea what is being said, band yet, I can feel the changes taking place, even as I listen. I need Her voice every day now, and I begin to feel agitated and anxious if I wait too long before listening to Her again.
As for Her effect on me, it has been nothing short of life-changing. The first part of my reprogramming came from her “Addicted to…” series of recordings. Within a single day, my longtime love of looking at pictures of beautiful women came to an abrupt end. Since then, the only pictures that I have found at all interesting have been pictures of submissive women like me pleasuring men. I am now obsessed with living out that role in every day of my life. But Mistress was not done. My programming was then altered again with Her “Craving Control” recording. Now, even though I find the idea of pleasuring men irresistible, I find that the desire to pleasure myself is now just totally gone. All I really care about is giving Her complete control – nothing else is important. Every day, I need to find ways of giving Her more and more control. And the pleasure I feel from accepting this reality is beyond anything I could have imagined, and beyond any physical pleasure I could try to create for myself.
I am so thankful for having found Lady Surrender, my perfect hypnotic owner, programmer, and Mistress.
– joanne


“How Lady Surrender restored my love for erotic hypnosis…
There have been many times in life where i have really begun questioning my love for trance. Many of us have different reasons we trance to hypnosis. Some of us for the eroticism of it. Some of us for the connection. Still others rely on hypnosis for meditation and a reset of the mind. My reasons for trancing have been many and varied throughout the years. I enjoy the loss of control. I love the feeling of helplessness. I want to keep going to that place in between sleep and awareness. My dream is to be conditioned by someone who really understands a submissives mindset. Someone who conditions so thoroughly I don’t even know what’s happening.
It’s just a dream however. This doesn’t happen in real life…. mcstories maybe, not in real life.
Then comes this file. Mantra of temptation. Suddenly everything I knew about erotic hypnosis has changed…
If you listen to the sample for the file you may draw the same conclusion I did. What is this?? The vocals have 2 tracks that switch irregularly. Words seem to be repeated at random times. Whispers come in and out with no discernible pattern. The file does not even seem to have a standard induction. Most files I have tranced to have a dependable format that my brain seems to have gotten comfortable with. We all know the usual style… 10 minutes of inductions, 10 minutes of deepeners 10 minutes of teasing/orgasm. This file… throws the entire template away.
My first listen, I wondered if I was even in trance. The structure of this file was so different I didn’t quite grasp how my mind was changing.
Something was happening within me. Changing. At the time, I was oblivious.
The second listen, i was very buzzed after. Deliciously buzzed. Lady Surrender has a style that sneaks on you. Her words wrap themselves around your subconscious with the skill of a master hypnotist. She is a painter utilizing her words to create the most beautiful pieces of art. Make no mistake, this is a work of art. She is so skilled, it took multiple listens before my brain could catch up to how thoroughly the conditioning was working.
And it worked.
Why? Because this isn’t a fantasy file. This is not a file one listens to just for a quick fix and you’re done. This file is clearly written for the trancer looking for something different. Something non standard. A file rooted in real world conditioning knowledge.
What did i get myself into?!? I thought they were just sexy whispers…
6 listens so far and this session gets more tempting with each listen. Lady Surrenders words felt ALIVE. A sea of whispers surrounding me… drowning me with the temptation of surrender. This file has many layers. Multiple layers of complexity…Everytime I feel like I can grasp what is happening all it takes is a trigger word from Lady Surrender to melt me right out of logical thought. Right back into the arms of surrender.
I long for even more of Her words. More of Her control. More of Her triggers. i crave to belong to Her even more deeply. To be a perfect subject for the Temptress.
Could this file be laced with real magic. The way Lady Surrender is able to seduce and tease with just a whisper… the utter helplessness i feel at the sound of Her voice… I would almost call it supernatural. Her lips have a power that feels like it was bestowed from divinity. As cliche as i know it sounds… i feel like true magic was embedded within in this session. The way She whispers ensorcelled made my mind numb and my body putty. Her words transcend normal language. They feel like magic …binding me to Her. She speaks and it comes to reality. The way my body desires … craves Her words… i am helpless to this craving. The longing i feel is real and very powerful. Here She is… at the edge of my understanding… tempting me again and again to fly into the sea of Her words.
It will only take a listen for You to become Hers too…
Your submissive m”





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"Addicted to Anal Play 2- Shemale cock"

Her breasts rub across your back…your bare back…as you kneel in the position… and you feel her oh so hard cock…. pressing against your desperately aching arse…

She feels so very feminine with her hard nipples rubbing…..across your back…yet…her hard cock….. you crave her hard cock…. fucking you….. fucking your desperately aching arse.

This recording does not use the word "sissy". INTENSIVE PROGRAMMING for all cock craving sluts. Recording includes subliminals designed to slide past your conscious mind and directly access the subconscious mind and turn you into a cock craving slut…who can only get hard if……..thinking about shemale cock fucking your sexy arse…..can only cum if thinking about being fucked in your desperately aching arse.

I strongly recommend listening to Level 1 Addicted to Anal Play first.

Copyright : Lady Surrender 2014

Copyright : http://www.hypnosurrender.com

Copyright : http://www.sissysurrender.com

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"Addicted to Anal Play 3: Hands Free Orgasm"

Explosive Hands Free Orgasm from Anal Play.....

Whether it's a mans hard cock...or a sex toy..... pumping in and out of your sexy arse...filling your sexy arse......... I have now programmed your mind and body to have HFO from Anal Play.

Programming your prostate to be stimulated...leading to your cock being oh so...turned on...so hard.... so explosively responsive to My every hypnotic suggestion.

Over loading your subconscious mind with My.... silken, sexy Kiwi accent....  whispering My trigger phrases....toying with you.....turning you into My pleasure slut who craves..... the overwhelming intensity of HFO from Anal Play.....

I know how much you loved Addicted to Anal Play 2: Shemale Cock.... how close you came to.... HFO as I seductively took control of your mind and body..... Enticingly whispered My programming as I Entranced your body to feel her shemale cock...rubbing aginst your back as her cock filled your desparately aching arse.

INTENSIVE PROGRAMMING for all cock craving sluts.
Recording includes My silken, sexy whispers (a.k.a.Erotic ASMR)..... that access your subconscious mind ....  designed to slide past your conscious mind and directly access the subconscious mind and turn you into a cock craving slut…who craves HFO orgasm from Anal play...who craves the programming of My sexy, seductive Kiwi accent that instills the prostate stimulation...that leads to.... HFO from Anal Play.

42 mins of mind-warping brainwashing that turns you into My pleausre slut who craves..... HFO from Anal Play.

Copyright : Lady Surrender

Copyright : http://www.hypnosurrender.com

Copyright : http://www.sissysurrender.com

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"Addicted to Anal Play"

Assume the position, slut!

From now on- your cock will be programmed in the most specific, hypnotic responsive ways…to be My cock craving slut who craves….. to be fucked in your desperately aching arse.

By the time I have finished with you- you will only be able to get hard when you think about being fucked by hard throbbing cocks…you will only be able to cum – if you think about hard throbbing cocks fucking …penetrating..dominating your arse. you're not a real man- real men don't crave sexy hard cocks fucking their arse.

Suitable for all cock craving sluts- This recording does not use the word "sissy".

Copyright Lady Surrender.

Copyright : http://www.hypnosurrender.com 

Copyright : http://www.sissysurrender.com


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"Addicted to Cock"

Sissy training 16 - Addicted to Cock.

My cock craving slut…so you fantasise about craving cock, serving cock and submitting to cock…… and you want someone to force you to be a cock craving, cock sucking slut.

Well- I am that someone…..I have taken control of your subconscious mind and am rewiring your subconscious mind to crave cock and to completely delete your socialisation of being heterosexual.

you will be programmed to have an overwhelming craving to suck cock. There’s no escape from your destiny.This is the 16th mp3 in My sissy training series. 


Copyright : Lady Surrender.

Copyright : http://www.hypnosurrender.com

Copyright : http://www.sissysurrender.com

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"Addicted to Make-up".

Secretly admiring those pouty red lips in the latest make-up advert on tv...in the magazine?

In this next feminisation mp3, I take control of your secret admiration for feminine pouty lips...wearing red lipstick and I programme your mind to become addicted to wearing make-up. Mascara...eye-liner...foundation...lipstick. Then- I tie your attraction and addiction to make-up to...increased arousal...sexy...sexy... arousal when wearing make-up, seeing make-up, thinking about make-up. Delicious! Compelled, addicted, craving...just the way I want you to be...the perfect femme... the perfect girl...

Drawing on My experience as a therapist working with tg, tv, cd and all who identify as femme...I continue with the INTENSE programming and feminisation of all who long for those feminine experiences. 


Long Induction, Linking sexual arousal to intense craving to wear makeup, NLP programming, hypnotic suggestions, hypnotic trigger phrases, Post Hypnotic Suggestions, subliminals, theta brain wave music. No explicit directions to orgasm. Suitable for submissives who are in chastity. The phrase "femme girl" and "My good girl" is used in the recording. The word "sissy" is not used.

39.50 mins.

Copyright : Lady Surrender.

Copyright : http://www.hypnosurrender.com

Copyright : http://www.sissysurrender.com


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"Addicted to Masturbating- Loop recording"

Addicted....  .having the most..explosive orgasms as you become Mine and stroke for Me.... plunging deeper into erotic hypnotic slavery. ...addicted and cum to My voice.

you want to stroke that cock of yours.... so aroused, so turned on, you can't help it, you can't stop stroking that cock. Lose yourself in mindless stroking bliss as I force out all other thoughts.... and immerse you in repetitive stroking obedience.... masturbating for Me with every stroke plunging you deeper into erotic hypnotic slavery.   you lose yourself in love and devotion to your Goddess. 

Repetitive masturbation affirmation file that is best listened to over & over . This masturbation addiction programming will invade your thoughts and your dreams. Serious masturbation training that will keep that cock hard & ready for you to serve your Goddess by  stroking it again & again until its raw. 


Includes stroke addiction, masturbation conditioning, female domination, mind control, brainwashing, orgasm control, cock control, triggers, trance training, deep implantation of reactive thoughts, masturbation obsession inducing affirmations, cum command, hypnotic orgasm, hypnotic slavery.

No Induction.

This is a Loop recording- designed to fit alongside the FREE foundation file :


Copyright : http:// www.hypnosurrender.com

Copyright : Lady Surrender 2015.




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"Addicted to My Strap-on"

Fucked by My strap-on..bent over...penetrated...dominated....fucked.

This sexy session is based on strap-on sessions I hold with My slaves...and includes instructions to lie across My knees.... while I finger fuck you...stretching your sexy little arse in preparation for My strap-on.


Bent over... penetrated...fucked... by My strap-on.

Sometimes- you will get a warning..."assume the position, My slut"...

Other times- I will simply have you- use you.

Because I can.

Because it's about My pleasure.

Because I love to hear you moan with pleasure.

Because I love to hear you beg.

For more.


Erotic Whispers...telling you I am going to bend you over...pumping My hard inflexible strap-on in and out....This sexy session is based on strap-on sessions I hold with My slaves...and includes instructions to lie across My knees.... while I finger fuck you...stretching your sexy little arse in preparation for My strap-on.

48 mins of being bent over My knees, finger-fucked & then fucked with My strap-on. 


No humiliation- bdsm + Erotic hypnosis = Entrancement, Entrapment, Enslavement.

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"Addicted to satin and silk"

Addicted to Satin & Silk - Loop Recording.

you awake to find that.... you are enveloped and surrounded by satin..... slippery, shiny satin....

Then you become aware of a mysterious woman is in your room.  The mysterious woman is a & hypnodomme begins to programme you and take control of your fetish for satin & silk.... and all shiny clothing.

Her Voice oozes with hypnotic seduction.... as She brainwashes , hypnotises you into wearing.... a particular item of male clothing.... satin boxers.

She loves the feel of satin and silk...shiny slippery clothing  next to Her skin...and you will too...as She inscribes Her fetish for satin & silk...onto your mind.

This recording contrinues the process of inscribing My fetishes onto the minds of subjects.... My fetish for satin & silk, My fetish for brainwashing.... also here, I am describing My fetish for brainwashing a slave's mind through forced looping of a hypnosis recording...., and My fetish for orgasm control.....

Then She brainwashes you and attaches your satiny silky clothing fetish to your need to cum...from now on, whenever you wear satin boxers, brainwashed to instantly get hard & crave cumming........ and W/we both know what that means, don't we?..... that's right...explosive orgasms.... cumming hard  for Me.

This is a Loop recording- designed to fit alongside the foundation file :



It is Essential you listen to the Foundation file "Deepening Hypnosis" first as this  file has NO INDUCTION.


Copyright : http://www.hypnosurrender.com

Copyright :  http://www.sissysurrender.com

Copyright  Lady Surrender 2015.

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"Addicted to your devious hypnotherapist- Session 1. "

Addicted to your hypnotherapist... who specialises in helping with problems such as clients wanting to be fucked by shemale cock.

your hypnotherapist promises to "help" you with your ... "problem" ... your insomnia because you keep thinking about shemale cock... dreaming about shemale cock....

Unbeknown to you, I am a devious therapist. you come to My office.  I set about capturing your unwary mind.... taking control of your shemale cock "problem".... and engaging the help of My houseguest, Shelley....

I predict... you will be back.... for more sessions as I build your addiction to Me, your devious hypnptherapist.

What will I do in Session 2. ... mmm.... what other little "problems" have I found out about....

 This is a Loop recording- designed to fit alongside theFREE foundation file:


If you have difficulty experiencing trance, then listen to My deep hypnotic trance file :



Combined Voice/Erotic Whisper ASMR mp3 recording, Hypnotic Triggers, Post Hypnotic Triggers that have you craving to be fucked by shemale cock,, to fuck, to be filled, to be used..... by shemale cock.. .. as your Goddess slutifies & rewires your mind & body.

Erotic ASMR Whispers that slide right past your conscious mind ...and slutify, rewire....  to crave shemale cock and crave more devious sessions with your darkly addictive hypnotherapist. Craving more  of your devious hypnotherapist's delicious control.

Layered sound tracks using L & R tracks, some echo effects. NO INDUCTION, No awakening instructions. Erotic ASMR Whisper weaves through the recording.



Erotic Whispers ASMR $100.00


Add An Exclusive Erotic Whisper  ASMR track to  a recording that you purchase.Feel Lady Surrender take control of your mind… from the moment She whispers your name….

Lady Surrender has been capturing unwary minds with Her Erotic Whispers (ASMR) on recordings for the last 9 months…from the time Her first Morning Mantras were recorded and released to Entice and Entrance submissives. Custom recordings have also had Erotic Whisper (ASMR) tracks included as part of Her conditioning of a subject’s mind and body

See Details page for instructions.


34 mins

Copyright :  Lady Surrender 2015.

Copyright : http://www.hypnosurrender.com

Copyright :  http:// www.sissysurrender.com

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"Addicted to your devious hypnotherapist- Session 2. "

Addicted to your hypnotherapist... who specialises in helping with problems such as clients wanting to be fucked by shemale cock.

Two shemale cocks and you. shemale cock in your slutty mouth, shemale cock fucking your arse.

you're back... for another appointment because you still obsess about shemale cock. This time- your devious hypnotherapist is called away and....

shemale cock trouble ... double trouble as 2 shemale cocks fuck you and use you. 

Soft breasts rub against your back.... hard she male cock pushes into your aching arse... obedient slut mouth- time to open wide and take that hard shemale cock into your slutty mouth.

 This is a Loop recording- designed to fit alongside the FREE foundation file :



Inscribes Hypnotic Triggers, Post Hypnotic Triggers that have you craving to be fucked by shemale cock, to fuck, to be filled, to be used ... by shemale cock... as your Goddess slutifies and rewires your mind & body.

Addiction to shemale cock.

Addiction to your devious hypnotherapist.

Good luck having sex with your girlfriend - you can only get hard now, if you think about shemale cock before fucking your girlfriend.



Erotic Whispers ASMR $100.00


 Add An Exclusive Erotic Whisper  ASMR track to  a recording that you purchase.Feel Lady Surrender take control of your mind… from the moment She whispers your name….

Lady Surrender has been capturing unwary minds with Her Erotic Whispers (ASMR) on recordings for the last 9 months…from the time Her first Morning Mantras were recorded and released to Entice and Entrance submissives. Custom recordings have also had Erotic Whisper (ASMR) tracks included as part of Her conditioning of a subject’s mind and body

See Details page for instructions.


Copyright : Lady Surrender 2016.

Copyright :        http://www.hypnosurrender.com    

Copyright :       http://www.sissysurrender.com


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"Deepening Hypnosis"

Entranced…Enticed into deepening hypnosis  …this hypnosis journey programmes your mind to deepen that delicious feeling of drifting…floating into My hypnotic control….

Knowing that you want this…as much as I want this…..

you want to feel My control gradually deepening and strengthening over your mind & body…..

The deepening hypnosis trigger phrase  INTENSIVELY conditions and programmes your mind & body to accept all My hypnotic suggestions on deeper and deeper levels. 

The “deepening hypnosis” mp3 is the foundation file for a series of upcoming loop recordings. The "deepening hypnosis" recording conditions your mind and body to accept My hypnotic suggestions contained in the Loop recordings.


The "deepening hypnosis" mp3 is also a "stand alone file" that deepens hypnotic trance and deepens your desire for submission.

Fall in love with My voice...read Reviews on the following page.


Intensive Conditioning & Programming, Erotic Whispered Introduction & Erotic Whispered Ending that captures your mind & body (ASMR),  Hypnotic Trigger Phrases, Post Hypnotic Suggestions, Theta Brain Waves, Long relaxing Induction, 10 to 1 countdown deepener, Echo sound effects.

50 mins

 Copyright 2015 Lady Surrender

 Copyright :  http://www.hypnosurrender.com

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"Gay Hypnosis 2"

This erotic recording strengthens your craving to be used by a top.

you crave being used and fucked as a bottom bitch should be used....

you crave being used as it turns you on.

I will invade your subconscious mind, take control of you through your fantasies and your longing to be gay and will FORCE you to be gay!

Open your mouth wider, my cock sucking slut.
You crave being used and fucked as a bottom bitch should be used…
You crave being used as it turns you on.

NO INDUCTION. Loop recording.

Use the Free induction file  :


This recording involves INTENSIVE brainwashing.

I have extensive experience turning subjects from straight to... bottom bitches. Including turning straight Doms to gay, & implanting false memories to believe they were always gay.

See details page. 

This is only the beginning ... of a new series... and of your inevitable downwards slide into My compelling hypnosis.

See Gay Hypnosis : straight to gay 1.


35 mins of relentless brainwashing.      

Copyright : Lady Surrender

Copyright :   http://www.hypnosurrender.com     

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