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I'm a different style of Domme.

A little softer.

A little sweeter.

Deceptively seductive outside, harder than diamonds inside, an iron fist in a velvet glove.


Trance with Me.


Custom videos:
$10 per minute with a ten minute minimum.

Custom audios:

$5 per minute with a ten minute minimum.

Contact Me at mistresschadford@gmail.com with your custom request.

($300 additonal charge for exclusive custom video or audio that will not be resold)


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Mistress Chadford Entertain Me
Hmmmm look at you ;) I like what I see so far. I must see more. Isn't my voice enthralling? Before you notice you are stripping, doing spins so I can inspect your naked body and then kneeling before me, stroking on my command. I now own your cock and you wouldn't have it any other way.

Contains CFNM roleplay content, hypnotic entrancing phrases, JOI
Running time: 16 minutes
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Mistress Chadford Mindless
Become mindless.
Clear as glass, flowing like clear cool water.
Zoning out and into complete oneness with my voice and eyes.


High definition 1080p with audio and visual special effects.
Running time: 11 minutes
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MistressChadford knows you are gay
Admit it. You know you are gay. Admit your deep attraction to cock. You must go to a gay bar. You're going to find a man with a big cock to suck. Say it. Scream it! "I am gay". Over 20 minutes of gay hypno cocksucking fantasy shot in high definition video.
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MistressChadford Trance Tease
Live trance session, teasing, JOI.
Will I give you permission to cum? Can
you last to the end?
Running time 12 minutes
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Pantyhose Mind
Pantyhose Programming: You long to feel silky sheer pantyhose against your cock and legs. Unleash your secret desires to wear silky pantyhose and gain the courage to buy your very own and wear them.
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Shrunk by a Witch
Fascinated by my gorgeous legs and feet you find you cannot look away, mesmerized by my shapely calves, impossibly high arches and delicate toes. To your horror you find yourself shrinking down to the size of a bug as I seem to grow larger. What will I do to you?
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A mysterious mesmerizing Succbus appears, speaking directly into your brain. She forces you to cum, therefore becoming Hers forever as you see flashes of her true form.

Video Length: 11 minutes
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Sunglasses, long satin gloves and a mesmerizing tease
Sunglasses, long satin gloves and a mesmerizing tease

Welcome darling. So glad you stopped in for a session. I've locked the door behind you for some private time. Let's see what we can do about that bulge in your pants.

Video Length: 12 minutes 21 seconds
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Trapped in a golden cage
My slaves enjoy their golden cage so much. You find yourself submitting to

control of your breathing, your gaze following my crystal and then getting lost in

my eyes, willingly surrendering to My beauty and power, admiring my ivory skin,

emerald eyes, lustrous red lips, long shiny red nails and amazing cleavage,

basking in My radiance like the sun.
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Turning you into a cuckold for your wife
I will mesmerize to help you accept that you are a Cuckold with a tiny penis.
You came to me because you were worried about your tiny penis satisfying your wife.
You know she talks about needing more. You know she is very attracted to black men with huge cocks.
You know your place and I mesmerize you to help you to accept that your destiny is to be a cuckold.
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Video of live JOI trance session with Mistress Chadford
Curious what a live trance session with MistressChadford is like? Watch and listen in to this video of a live JOI trance session.
Running time: 12 minutes, 1080p HD video
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