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About Miztress:
I'll fuck your mind until all you want is what I want you to want.
Just one clip will be enough to addict you to me.
Be warned: This is serious mind manipulation. 
Once you start watching, you'll never get off my hook again. 
I recommend watching ALL 5 of My sexacy videos below to start with.

Click on My wishlist banner below buy Me something and show Me that you are worth My attention!!!

A happy Miztress leads to a happy slave!

femdom hypnosisfemdom hypnosisfemdom hypnosis

femdom hypnosis



Sexacy part one: Trigger video

This new series is designed to draw you in, to totally addict you and enslave you. Once you have completed it, you'll never be able to free yourself from my control. So be careful – this is a one-way street leading towards total mindfuck and abandonment of your former self! But that's what you want, isn't it? That's what you crave! This is the first part of your journey towards total submission. I'll put you into a deep trance and implant a powerful trigger in your mind that will draw you back to me again and again. So come, my little puppet, and step into the trap I've prepared for you. It will feel so good, I promise! Warning: Contains explicit pictures and subliminal mind manipulation.

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Sexacy part two: Addiction video

So you want more Sexacy? I thought so! You'll never get enough of me. Not after you have completed your second step towards submission. I'm like a drug, turning you into an addict who will do anything for the next shot of Miztress. You won't be able to stay away from me for a single day! So go ahead, slave, buy another dose of my drug! Warning: This is a powerful, mind-altering video. It may cause severe sexual addiction to me, and might even change your personality. Includes thorough induction, subliminal video and audio effects and explicit images.

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Sexacy part three: Submission video

It’s time to let me take over control. In this third step you’ll abandon your old self, opening up your mind and soul completely to me. And I’ll accept your offer! I will implant my will into your mind until all you want is what I want you to want. Now get to it, slave! Buy this video and submit to me! You can’t resist, can you? *20 MINUTE MINDFUCK VIDEO* CUM TO ME AND GET ADDICTED!*

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Sexacy: Sacrifice video

You're about to undergo a thorough and permanent mental manipulation. As you are wheeled into the elevator on a movable bed, your beautiful yet mischievous doctor bends over you and checks that the powerful sedative she injected into you works well. What is she about to do to you? You don't know, and you can't do anything about it anyway. It's too late now to stop her. Only one thing is certain: After this, you're never going to be the same again. Be warned: This is a quite powerful mindfuck in My wildly popular Sexacy series. It will have lasting effects on you. It is designed as a stand-alone experience, so you don't have to watch the other parts to enjoy this. If you do, it will only deepen your addiction to me.

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Sexacy 5: TRIBUTE!

Yes, that’s what you’re here for, isn’t it? Deep within yourself, you can feel the need to completely surrender to me, to give everything to me. But you’re still resisting, aren’t you? Well, not for long anymore. This clip will break down any remaining walls of restraint that may confine your submissive self. You’ll feel such a powerful urge to tribute me that it will be impossible not to obey my command. And once you start, once you feel that incredible rush of pleasure you get from tributing me, there’s no stopping. Are you scared now? Maybe you should be. But you’ll buy the clip anyway, won’t you? Get to it slave ... you know how good it feels to please ME!

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Buy the induction first, and follow the orders in the description. Combine this module with any of the others for a unique mental experience.

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MINDFUCK: Induction 2

This is an alternative induction to my modular mindfuck series. Use it instead of the first induction, or in combination with it, or as a deepener in your mix. With my soft, soothing voice and some subliminal audio effects, it will bring you even deeper under my control. Combine it in a playlist with any of the modular mindfuck modules to create an incredible mental ride.

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The trigger word is "TURN ON" mp3

Miztress Sophie presents Her newest audio experience, ‘Turn on’. Post triggers are amongst the most powerful weapons of the -domme. Planted deep inside your subconscious mind, they give Me control over you that you crave so much; you won’t even be aware that they there. The irresistible trigger I implant in you will immediately put you into a helpless, inescapable trance and you will feel compelled to tribute me, no matter where you are, or what you are doing, you will have to obey. 

Experience the deepest form of control, feeding upon your deep desire to obey your Miztress, I implant my command deep into your subconscious mind. 

Prepare to be turned-on for Miztress Sophie. 

Featuring a deeply creative visualization induction, breath control, effective progressive relaxation techniques, audio effects, a trance inducing wave effect throughout, and post suggestions. Let Miztress Sophie take control of you as only I can, and find yourself becoming ever more deeply entranced by My irresistibly seductive voice. Only upon awakening will you finally understand just how effective My post triggers really are.

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