No Escape

No Escape

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

This is a warning: Do NOT buy this clip unless you want to be in complete submission to ME - Princess Angel. Because after this there will be NO escape. Servitude recordings & "Good Boy" are highly recommended to listen to before this.  You may start getting confused with My counting techniques. Trying to resist falling down, but then you can't help it, your mind gives up, and you're in trance. Becoming more and more addicted to My voice, to My beauty, and to My power. You have fought off My power for so long and now you're ready to give in. You hand over complete control. Picturing yourself at My feet, staring into My eyes, and My words just becoming imprinted in your mind. I now have complete control of you. You now realize I own you. I own your body, mind, soul, and wallet. You will live to make Me happy, you will obtain permission for a release in the future, you now do everything for Me. There is no escaping My power, there is no escaping My control over you. There is NO ESCAPE. I own you. You are My property, My slave, and you will obey at all times. I may even give you a reward at the end of this recording, you may get to feel just how much pleasure servitude brings you..... MP3 28:53min $59.99 

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