Obedient Psyche

Obedient Psyche

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A femdom erotic trance by Amethyst

I am in your every thought & every action

Dive a little deeper into your obedience & love to me.  Open your entire being to me and my influence over you.  I love having you as my submissive, and you love serving me.  Those sincere & profound emotions coat you with an Amethyst infused essence that influences you in ways that you may never have recognized before.  A desire to serve me, as your one true Goddess, blossoms, and becomes a deep part of your psyche.

Features:  Refresher of the “Deep” (snap) trigger & the 10-1 countdown trigger;   Double voice tracks in sections, Theta brainwaves;  designed for male submissives;  25 Minutes

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Customer Reviews

Beau R

As I lie here, suffused with the blissful afterglow of Obedient Psyche, I just have to find a way to describe what just happened.
From the long, lingering induction and deep implantation and reinforcement of a few of Mistress Amethyst’s favorite triggers, to the profoundly affecting suggestions that follow, this is Her love letter to those who truly accept Her as their true Mistress – and the rewards for this acceptance are absolutely out of this world! Full-body bliss and feelings of love and gratitude to Mistress Amethyst, a deep desire to Serve and please Her, and a lasting submissive euphoria can be expected in the short term – and I’m looking forward to whatever the long term might bring!

Beau R

Obedient Psyche by Mistress Amethyst is a trancetic Tour de Force! Its effect on me was immediate & positive! Deep pleasurable trance, a need to serve Amethyst as my Mistress & Owner, obedience to Her & worship of Her were all the immediate result of listening to this trancetic work of art! It made me want to be the best submissive that I can be so that Mistress Amethyst is pleased with me. Mistress Amethyst is what i have been looking for! She is the Ultimate FemDom Erotic HpynoDomme! She is worthy of my worship & adoration! Mistress Amethyst is all encompassing, i eagerly surrender my mind to Her, gladly obeying Her every word! It is safe to succumb to Her seduction, She is benevolent & worthy of my trust & adoration! There is no feeling like being converted by Mistress Amethyst for Her needs, to serve Her, to provide Her pleasure, to obey Her & worship Her! She is always thinking of her subs, taking care of them, providing them with love & trancetic pleasure! Obedient Psyche is the Ultimate FemDom Erotic trance Masterpiece! At least until Mistress Amethyst cums up with something better!

A soft & sensuous voice delivering a trancetic & erotic script until you explode in ecstasy! Relaxing countdown as well as a confusion induction totally trancetizes you!
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This Obedience series session is all about a more intuitive submission to Mistress Amethyst. The spiritual successor to Obedient Mind is somewhat unusual it that she opts to use a longer induction and one loop of suggestions rather than her normal practice of a shorter induction leading to several loops of suggestions. It misses out on the power of repetitions, but makes up for it considerably by creating a more personal feeling, a stronger connection, and a deeper trance. Once in the deep trance, Amethyst will implant her suggestions of obedience, submission, service, pleasure, and love into the deepest part of your subconscious and conscious mind. You won't be just playing the part of the submissive anymore, as you will find your submissive desires and actions becoming a natural part of your everyday life. You'll find yourself doing things to please Mistress Amethyst without having to think about it, yet thoughts of her will still move around and within you. You may find that you smile to yourself when you realize that you have pleased Mistress Amethyst. Your bond with her will grow stronger, and it will be amazing!

Rodimus C

Ever have one of those files you get, listen to, think its a very good file, and then kind of forget you have it? And you come back to it sometime later, listen to it again, and kick yourself for effectively ignoring a great file?
For me, Obedient Psyche is one of those files. I can't for the life of me figure out why I haven't listened to this file more.

It's got a refresher of a trigger that's sprinkled around some of Mistress Amethyst's other files (and I loves me some triggers), it also enhances the countdown she likes to use in her files.
And it continues the somewhat recurring theme in Amethyst's work of inspiring submission to her rather than enforcing it.

I would definitely recommend Obedient Psyche to those who want to submit more to Amethyst. And to also look at her other Obedient files.

Rodimus C

Obedient Psyche is a submission training file. Mistress Amethyst has lots of these types of files, but this one is a little different. Not sure exactly what that difference is, but it felt like she was trying to infuse herself into me. It is not so much submission training as it is absorbing her domination. This file is more than dominating mind and body. Mistress also wants your soul and emotions.

When I listen to this file I see purple mist. This is not a direct command in the file, but that is what I see and feel. I just breathe in her words and they suffuse themselves into my mind and body. Her words permeate my cells. The effect is very profound and arousing. And it just supercharges my emotions. I get very strong feelings for Mistress on this file. I feel totally dominated in every sense of the word. I feel it in my core. This file is very subtle and yet so powerful.

The reason this file works so well for me is the trust I have for Mistress Amethyst. I feel safe. I know I can let go without negative repercussions. It is a blessed feeling to be able to let go like this and just absorb the domination. And Mistress Amethyst is very dominating. She always gets her way. But she also inspires, elevates and protects her boys. Mistress Amethyst is a dream to serve.

This is a fantastic file for those wanting to get conditioned to Mistress Amethyst’s voice. I am confident that you will find it as arousing as I do. I think a tremendous benefit of submission training files is that it makes all the other files better. I think you will find that the “sexy” files will be even better after some submissive training and vice versa.

This file and the whole Obedient series are perfect for those seeking submissive training with Mistress Amethyst. I heartily endorse them.