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Orgasm Control : Ruined Orgasm.

Orgasm Control : Ruined Orgasm.

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Surrender

 Completely unable to orgasm- without My permission !

No need for chastity devices with such a powerful hypnotic block that I am now placing on your cock... making you unable to orgasm.

I do love knowing that your orgasms are now Mine....what a sexy, seductive..... sexy, seductive thought.....

I place a hypnotic block between you and your orgasm centre,  that completely blocks your ability to orgasm.

I love exerting My dominance in this way..... taking control of your mind and body to programme you just the way

This recording is based on the training of My personal slaves. I prefer to use hypnotic blocks to prevent and ruin orgasm, rather than a slave wearing a chastity device.

No matter how much you try to orgasm, no matter how hard you try to trick your way out of the hypnotic block...to try and cheat the spell I have woven.... you are unable to orgasm.

Features :

long induction, Erotic Whispers (ASMR), subliminals that slide past your conscious mind & prime your subconscious mind with My sexy orgasm control, PHS, hypnotic trigger phrases, layered tracks through part of the recording, L & R sound track, small amount of echo sound effects, Deepeners, 10 to 1 countdown.

47:50 mins of cock enchantment.

My sweet slave- to lift the spell I have placed over your cock, you will need to purchase the "Orgasm Control - Unlocked" mp3.

Remember- the more you try to orgasm... the more you try to cheat your way past My powerful hypnotic block... the stronger My spell becomes..

Copyright : Lady Surrender

Copyright :   http://www.hypnosurrender.com

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Paul (a subject from NF)
    Hi Mistress Surrender,

    Purchased your recording "Orgasm Control" and to my dismay it worked could not fucking cum.

    Thanks for making available "Unlock" but have to admit i was worried you would put the blocks back but no just an awesome cum, hard and fast as you required.

    Will certainly think twice before lidtening to any other of your recordings.

    Thankyou for the amazing cum.


  • Author: slave fritz
    Lady Surrender,
    It’s been a full week since I first heard your MP3 Hypnotic File on Surrendering my cock and orgasms to You. Actually I have listened to the file 3 times to deepen the hypnosis into my mind. You indeed control my cock and orgasms.

    During this first week of hypnotic control I have not orgasmed once and my erections have been reduced well over 90%. During this time I have felt a few arousals and during my sleeping I have felt only 2 full erections but I have not orgasmed at all. My undies were dry with No Wet Spots. No cumming while awake or sleeping. I have tried to play with my cock with the same result, can’t get hard or cum. The hypnotic block worked much more than I expected and it’s just like wearing a chastity device. You can’t get a full erection and cannot cum. It indeed looks like You own my cock, my orgasms and you are indeed my key-holder of my cock Lady Surrender.

    Slave fritz
  • Author: dolly russ
    I feel I should start this review with a warning. This file does exactly what it says, it will ruin your orgasm and transfer it to Lady Surrenders pleasure. Now if like me You are utterly devoted to Mistress this won't be a problem, but You cannot break the spell You really are utterly at Her mercy, again I see no problem with this but a warning seems fair.

    To be fair to the fail, it wears its plans on its sleeve, from the first delicious moan of Lady Surrender She is on a mission to control Your body, mind, cock and most importantly your orgasms.

    The first time I listened to the file I was out like a light inside 5 minutes. I've not listened to a file so powerful and enticing. Now whilst I am utterly devoted to Lady Surrender so have some bias, I can honestly say it's so powerful, She probes and scratches, building Your needs and turning them against You. I was craving to surrender my orgasm to Her.

    Her voice has never sounded better, You can hear Her smiling as She probes and teases, She knows exactly what She is doing and never lets up till you are lost in Her words. Its a long file that is paced perfectly so it all sinks in and the whisper track is irresistible.

    So in short I would not recommend this file if You are first entering into the world of Lady Surrender. Start with Her mantra files which will let You see how lovely Her voice is and let You get to know Her. but when like me You want to fully embrace Lady Surrender- this is a must have file. Just be ready for what is to come, or rather not cum. It really is that powerful.
    Very, very powerful
    Velvety enticing voice
    Very deep trance