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Orgasm Control : Unlocked.

Orgasm Control : Unlocked.

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Surrender

Permission to cum is granted.

As your key-holder, I now give you permission to release.

All hypnotic blocks that were preventing you from cumming, are now unlocked. you may now 


This permission to orgasm recording is the follow on file for "Orgasm Control : Ruined 

Orgasm", in which I placed a hypnotic block that prevented you from cumming.


As you release to My voice, I instruct you in the Mantra you are to repeat...and instruct you 

how I want you to cum.

I do love controlling your cock in this way. I do love controlling your orgasms in this way. 


I love toying with orgasm control. See journals on My web site, written by subjects :






Whisper intro & ending, Hypnotic Suggestions that release your cock from all hypnotic blocks, Post Hypnotic Suggestions, Mantra to repeat while cumming.


Copyright : Lady Surrender. 

Copyright :   http://www.hypnosurrender.com

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  • Author: Paul (a subject from NF)
    Hi Mistress Surrender,

    Purchased your recording "Orgasm Control" and to my dismay it worked could not fucking cum.

    Thanks for making available "Unlock" but have to admit i was worried you would put the blocks back but no just an awesome cum, hard and fast as you required.

    Will certainly think twice before lidtening to any other of your recordings.

    Thankyou for the amazing cum.