Panty Boy Masturbatrix

Panty Boy Masturbatrix

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A femdom erotic trance by Amethyst

You arrive at Mistress Amethyst's Domain for a visit. Soon after your arrival, She is looking deep within your eyes and discovering all of your hidden secrets through Her highly skilled mind reading. You can't hide it anymore! You are a compulsive masturbator, and you have a fascination for women's panties. Your secret is now out.

She leads you to Her bedroom, where She will teach you the proper way to masturbate: Under Her control as your Masturbatrix. After being trancetized, She will guide you through proper stroking techniques. Once your instruction is complete, She will pull out a special pair of lavender panties and thigh high stockings for you to wear.

Now it's time to show your Masturbatrix what you've learned, and to demonstrate your new masturbation skill.... all while wearing Her sexy lavender panties. It will be quite an euphoric experience. Previously, you masturbated for your pleasure. Now, you are masturbating to honor your new Masturbatrix, and the sensations are so much more profound. You know you'll be coming back again and again for further instructions.


36 Minute MP3

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Why masturbate for yourself, when you can have Mistress Amethyst as your masturbatrix? And with a Masturbatrix as skilled as her, why masturbate for anyone else? In Pantyboy Masturbatrix, Mistress Amethyst will show you the error of your ways, and teach you how to get the most out of your masturbation. You'll learn how to masturbate in a way that pleases her and brings you more pleasure than you could have imagined! Along the way Mistress Amethyst will look into your mind, and find that sexy secret that you've been hiding for so long, just waiting for a safe place to release it. She'll get you in your panties, and guide you along with her firm but loving style. It will feel so good to have those silky panties rubbing up against your cock while Mistress Amethyst instructs you how to touch and stroke. It's a sexy, sensual experience that builds to a powerful release for her! And once it's through, you'll never even think of masturbating for anyone else!

Pantyboy Masturbatrix is primarily a panty play session, and has no elements of sissification or humiliation. There aren't any specific suggestions about panty addiction, but I'd be surprised if you didn't have a small desire to run out and get some. If you can't stand the thought of wearing panties, you may want to look elsewhere. But if you're even a little bit curious, and want to learn a thing or two, then Pantyboy Masturbatrix is a great place to try out the panty fetish. You'll even get to have some sexy fun while you do!