Pantyhose Addict (for men)

Pantyhose Addict (for men)

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Stella

This file is for men

This file was originally custom-requested 
by one of my slaves. All mentions of their 
personal name have been removed. 


You can’t resist it, sweetie. Pantyhose feel incredible on your 
legs. Perhaps you started wearing them out of simple curiosity…
But after this file, wearing silky smooth hose will become an 

This file contains 30 minutes of silky 
pantyhose obsession.

Pantyhose is absolutely gorgeous, and you’re going to spend a 
lot of time admiring women who wear them. A woman in 
pantyhose is beautiful, powerful, and goddess-like. 

Admiring women in pantyhose isn’t enough for you though. You 
crave to slide the sheer hose up your legs… teasing your smooth 
skin. The feel of your pantyhose-clad legs rubbing together is like 
a dream. So soft... so smooth... so silky...

In fact… just wearing pantyhose makes you incredibly aroused. 
Insatiably horny. Drippy and leaky to the max. While wearing 
smooth pantyhose or nylons, you can’t help but reach down.. 
and stroke your cock through the fabric. 

As a result of this file, you’re going to start seeing pantyhose-
wearing women in your dreams. Your fantasies will consist of 
gorgeous legs to admire and be jealous of. The women will 
make you feel so aroused.

By the end of this file, you’ll become a pantyhose-obsessed slut. 
Wearing sheer hose, sexy nylons, and sultry stockings 24/7.



  • Pantyhose obsession

  • Admiration of beautiful women in hose

  • Feelings of worship towards women

  • Dreams of panthose

  • Fantasies and daydreams of beautiful women

  • Desire to stroke your cock through your pantyhose

  • Trigger - You cannot orgasm without pantyhose

30 Minutes

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Greg Toth

This is NOT trance! No stars from me.

Greg Toth