Phases of Blackmail Level 1

Phases of Blackmail Level 1

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

Ready to finally submit and give into Me? Finally ready to be forced into submission? Risk putting your "normal" life in the hands of someone like Me? With just an email or phone call I could completely ruin you and turn your life upside down and I'm ready to do that if you disobey. I'm ready to fuck you over completely if you disobey. Or will obedience put you in your place and not make Me ruin you and instead let you go away free of any consequences and with a smile on your face from the sexual pleasure I bring you? We shall see..... I wouldn't purchase these if you're not ready to follow through. That is your one and only warning. Phase 1 of Blackmail: You may have contacted others for blackmail before, you may have gotten it, but more than likely you've always chickened out or she wasn't as good as Me. You see I can find you, no matter how careful you may think you are. But since you always seem to chicken out and not go all the way through with it, I believe it's time to take a new approach. It seems as if you have a lack of obedience and commitment, not only am I going to give you that, but it's time to bring something into play that makes you boys so easy to easy to mind fuck. Sex, sexuality, orgasms, teasing, and the like. We both know how weak I can make you. Of course first I must put you down...a different type of trance induction, focus on the words obey for Me...let them take you down....they do....before you know it two women are approaching you. Two women known as the humping sisters, yes they are My slave girls, there following orders I have given them. What will they do to you, with you? Without Me giving too much away, let me just say that they will leave you sexually pleased, they will take advantage of you, and they will get me the first piece of blackmail that I need. They will also leave you with a surprise after you orgasm, a surprise that will carry through the other phases of blackmail. What could that possibly be? For this phase and all of the other phases you'll need my email Layered w subliminals, music, & My Good Boy recordings to enhance obedience.

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