Phases of Blackmail Level 2

Phases of Blackmail Level 2

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel
Ready to finally submit and give into Me?

Finally ready to be forced into submission?

Risk putting your "normal" life in the hands of someone like Me?

With just an email or phone call I could completely ruin you and turn your life upside down and I'm ready to do that if you disobey.

I'm ready to fuck you over completely if you disobey.

Or will obedience put you in your place and not make Me ruin you and instead let you go away free of any consequences and with a smile on your face from the sexual pleasure I bring you?

We shall see.....

I wouldn't purchase these if you're not ready to follow through. That is your one and only warning.

Phase 2 of Blackmail:
Mmmmm back for phase 2 I see. Now that I have your cock trained from the last session, it's time to continue working on making sure the rest of you is trained, especially to obey. The mans mind is so simple, simple to control, simple to confuse. Try not to get confused during this induction, during this recording, more than likely falling into trance without even noticing it. Especially in the confusion of hearing My voice all over, to the left of you, to the right of you, directly in front of you...I'm everywhere.

Finding yourself getting caught in my web. This time and all of the other times, you were never worried, always thought you were really the one in control, that you could always just cum and then go whenever you wanted. No more little one. Learning that obedience and pleasure go hand in hand. That you only came before because I let you cum, that I ultimately control you and your cock. You were never in control, you just mistakenly thought you were.

I'll tease you, tease your cock, remind you who is really in control, teach you more obedience, and because you want to experience the pleasure I promise will obey. You'll obey to get to cum, obey to get release, obey to get the pleasure I promise you that comes with obedience. Especially when I make your cock ache. Now follow the next phase of blackmail, the next step to being under My control, and then pleasure will come.

For this phase and all of the other phases you'll need my email

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