Phases of Blackmail Level 3

Phases of Blackmail Level 3

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

Ready to finally submit and give into Me? Finally ready to be forced into submission? Risk putting your "normal" life in the hands of someone like Me? With just an email or phone call I could completely ruin you and turn your life upside down and I'm ready to do that if you disobey. I'm ready to fuck you over completely if you disobey. Or will obedience put you in your place and not make Me ruin you and instead let you go away free of any consequences and with a smile on your face from the sexual pleasure I bring you? We shall see..... I wouldn't purchase these if you're not ready to follow through. That is your one and only warning. Phase 3 of Blackmail: I see your here again, more than likely because your cock is still aching from the last recording. Still on edge, desperate and begging for a release? hehe of course you are. Well I'll be kind and send you another slave girl of Mine, her name is Diane and she'll be over to your place soon. I'd explain to you now how incredibly hot she is, but you'll learn that in the recording when you see her. She holds something very important to you on a necklace around her neck, you'll also find out what that is in the recording. Of course you're anxious and begging, because you're so horny because of My voice and the obedience I've given you. Serving and pleasing Me has already turned you on and you're dying for your reward..the pleasure. However, Diane has something else in store for you and can't help but giggle at you struggle with your hard - on. Her surprise for you, he has a name, and it's harry. Don't worry there isn't anything gay in this recording. But you're so horny and she tells you to leave, but you can't leave now, you need to stay - you're so turned on and ready to cum. You beg to at least get to watch them fuck and stroke yourself. Finding yourself wanting to cum at any moment, needing to, you don't think you've ever felt this uncontrollable because of your cock. But you're willing and eager to do almost anything so you can stay and watch them fuck, all in hopes of getting a release. Needless to say, since you're so eager to do anything to stay, you will obey My commands and complete phase 3 of blackmail because of your eagerness. Now how will that release of yours go? For this phase and all of the other phases you'll need my email

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