Phases of Blackmail Level 4

Phases of Blackmail Level 4

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

Ready to finally submit and give into Me? Finally ready to be forced into submission? Risk putting your "normal" life in the hands of someone like Me? With just an email or phone call I could completely ruin you and turn your life upside down and I'm ready to do that if you disobey. I'm ready to fuck you over completely if you disobey. Or will obedience put you in your place and not make Me ruin you and instead let you go away free of any consequences and with a smile on your face from the sexual pleasure I bring you? We shall see..... I wouldn't purchase these if you're not ready to follow through. That is your one and only warning.  The final part where I take over your life. You are no longer in control, I am. I hold your destiny and fate in My hands. You can live a wonderful life of pleasure from Me, hell you can even go away free and having Me forget all about you, but this can also all go bad. You can be a disobedient little man and I could always ruin and expose you. But you are so tranced by and with obedience that we won't have to worry about that. So you find yourself going into trance through a storybook, ending up at a womans spa. Somehow knowing you must enter and ask to see Sheila. you don't know who she is or what she does, you just know to ask for her, I must have programmed it into your mind in the last recording you think to yourself. But is it really you thinking now? Or is it me thinking for you, but you just thinking it's you? Confused? Good. The receptionist takes you into a room, one that seems to be a bdsm dungeon, you are tied up, and very soon you meet Mistress Sheila and Melanie who is her apprentice. Of course I can't give away what happens, but Sheila quickly teaches you the difference between desire and want and then she informs you of a surprise. Me. That's right, in this recording you will be granted with My physical presence, reminded of your place in life and of My power. But I do deem you worthy and ready to complete the phases of blackmail and once this one is done you'll finally receive your final reward - the ultimate pleasure and the ultimate orgasm. Are you ready for Me to take your life over? Ready to sign it over to Me and submit to Me? Or ready to just pay Me to go away and not ruin you? Which will it be? Lets hope you make the right decision, even if you don't, I'll still have fun either way. Because I love watching you boys squirm. For this phase and all of the other phases you'll need my email

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