Piggy Piggy Piggy Bank (NO induction)

Piggy Piggy Piggy Bank (NO induction)

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

IMPORTANT: This has NO induction. If you want it to have any effect on you, you MUST listen to an induction FIRST. You have a couple options. You can either buy My induction clipand use that for this recording and all other recordings that require one in the future. Or you can buy the second version of this piggy recording, which has the induction already added into it. This saves you $15, from having to buy both recordings separate. Or you can just not take My GOOD ADVICE and not get an induction at all (which would be pointless in the end). Either way those are your options. Come here piggy piggy piggy. Yes you're now My piggy bank. Here to please Me, to satisfy Me, to fulfill My every desire, and yes here to SPOIL ME ROTTEN. You know I deserve to be surrounded by riches, to live a luxurious lifestyle, and you WILL provide that for Me. You know I deserve to be pampered like a Goddess, a Princess, a Queen, and the GOD I am to you. You will pamper Me. You know you were put on this earth to please a Woman like Me, so that is what you will focus on doing from here on out. You may even want to hand it all over to Me and only give you an allowance. You may want to just commit to a specified amount of money. Either way you will spoil Me, not only because you want to, not only because you feel you may need to, but because you find it brings you great excitement, pleasure, and satisfaction. Yes you are now here to give Me the life I deserve to live. A pampered lifestyle, surrounded in financial pleasures, a life of luxury. It is your job to make sure that happens and as My piggy piggy piggy bank, you will do all that you can to make sure I'm spoiled. Spoiled by you. Now go Spoil Spoil Spoil ME. Piggy Piggy Piggy Bank. Subliminals & Binaural Beats NO INDUCTION: MP3- 18:51min $39.99 INDUCTION: MP3- 50:44min $59.99 (SAVE $15)

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