Plugged by Ivy

What would you think about a butplug? Something you will wear all day?

No, not a real thing, just something you can feel all day long...

When you listen to this file, I will insert a virtual but plug in your arse.

Its a magic toy, and it will stay with you until you go to sleep that night. It not a simple plug, it has its own life. Imagine how it would feel to wear such a devlish toy all day. Imagine how it will feel when it starts to expand and deflate in a steady rythm, when it vibrates, teasing your prostate, moving inside around and around... And there will be no chance to get it out all day untl you finally go to bed and start to sleep.

File length: 31 min

Brainwaves, background music and erotic whispers


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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Poison Ivy
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