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sexual relaxation, crossdressing, gender switch, panty fetish, 


panties, pantyhose fetish, nylons, stockings, fishnets, bra fetish, bras, sissy humiliation, chastity, cum eating, foot and leg worship, forced anal, cock and ball torture, giantess, giantess fetish, hypnotic breasts, makeup, makeup fetish, hair fetish, hair, controlled by goddess, controlled, empty mind, foreplay, guided masturbation, orgasm denial, orgasm control, seduction, domme seduction, mind seduction, female devotion,


mistress devotion, goddess trance, lucid, lucid dreaming, boots, confusion techniques, discipline training, female supremacy, female superiority, subliminals, hidden subliminals, manipulation, mind spell, objectification, robot slave, slave puppet, sensual domination, servant, slave, sub, submissive, subspace, strict domination, brat princess, snob princess, female entitlement, gift domination, money pig, money slave, money sub,

I have been a Domme for almost 10 years now.

I started dabbling in trance about five years ago.

I have received advice from the best, read many books, and have perfected My creations.

I enjoy the power and control that comes with trance. A power that seems to be an innate feature of Mine.

I enjoy MANY fetishes, such as: humiliation, sissy, forced bi, foot fetish, chastity, humiliation, forced fem, cuckolding, findom, and much more!

 Are you ready to have your body, mind, soul, & wallet controlled and raped by Me?

If you think so, think again. It may be too overwhelming for the weak minded (but then again that's what makes it so much fun).

What started my trance interest: I am a naturally Dominant Woman. I have been a FemDomme for quite awhile. trance is just another way to show My power and control I have over the minds of thousands. I truly LOVE the mind control I can have over others through My mind blowing trance creations. Especially when blending trance with My love of Female Domination. It allows My power and control over My boys to only be enhanced. Even subs that never thought they were into trance, have become addicted to it after hearing My addicting recordings.


Erotic audio books

Bimbo Street Walker

A sample can be heard here: MP3 - 46:31 minutes Before listening to this recording you will NEED some bubble gum. Again I highly suggest you listen to the above recordings prior to this recording, especially the first three. For the simple fact that many of the trigger words used in those previous recordings, were implemented into this one. VERY IMPORTANT. You sit back and begin to use a counting technique, that may eventually begin to confuse you, because you are also putting your focus on chewing your gum. You find that the noise, among other things, your gum makes is relaxing you and putting you deep down, along with other confusion techniques used. You then begin to find yourself chewing your gum like a ditsy slutty whore bimbo. Chewing it loud, mouth wide open, finding yourself wrapping the gum around your fingers just so you can suck it off of your finger. Then sucking it off of your finger, reminds you of something.... You then picture a street bimbo, everything from her clothing, to her makeup, her hair style, and the way she chews her gum. You find her gum chewing to begin to mimic your gum chewing. You then get closer to this street bimbo and to your shock it is.... Eventually this street bimbo gets into the car with another male.... needless to say - by the end of this recording you will be a ditsy bimbo when triggers are given. Finding yourself talking like a bimbo, using the words like, whatever, & other common ditsy phrases often, finding yoruself wanting to dress up like a bimbo, and even possibly taking it a step further and going out in public like a bimbo. You will also find yourself craving cock and cum, you can no longer hide your deep desire for it, because..... **Many effects and layers added into this recording. Fetishes explored: feminization,sissification, gay, humiliation, verbal abuse, small cock humiliation, cross dressing, lowered intelligence, forced orgasm, orgasm control, oral sex, and of course cum guzzling/ cum eating instruction. 

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Intense Brainwashing 1

Using latest techniques in NLP & brainwashing. State of the art trance techniques by the Princess herself. Included mild amnesia suggestions. Worshiping triggers. Mild personality change, tease and denial... with a few added extras which will sure impress even the most hardened of trance enthusiasts. And in the end I will have brainwashed you. This is My very FIRST full trance recording created. Which is why it will be cheaper than most. MP3- 45 minutes

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Intense Brainwashing 2

 An amazing mind fuck, confusion techniques, binaurals, many audio fucks. This mp3 is nuts and completely mind fucking. As you'll see from the sample this one is completely different than the others. So do give Me your feedback on this method. Personally I think it is extremely nuts and affective. I erase your mind, to fill it with My thoughts and desires. I completely reprogram and brainwash you into what I want. You will have a deep overpowering urge to submit because you are brainwashed. MP3 - 15 minutes

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Intense Brainwashing 3

This Brainwashing version is different than the other two. Especially since the other two versions were some of My very first trance recordings several years ago. So be ready to have this one blow your mind away. Of course there is a nice long induction to make sure you're down deep, focusing on relaxing each and every part of the body. Finally descending some well detailed stairs and finding yourself hit the bottom, to a relaxed, empty, state of mind. Mind is completely free and void of all feelings, stresses, tensions...completely free for Me to fill up with My desires and needs. Completely ready to be brainwashed to Me. No worries, I don't do anything too evil in this recording. I will brainwash you to My liking, brainwash you to do 4 things, and those four things are quite simple: To Obey, Serve, Please, and Spoil Me. That is your focus, that is what you will be brainwashed to do, those will be the only things ou think about, the only things you desire, the only things you need to do. Because we all know that brainwashing by me means you do what I want, your needs are my needs, your wants are My wants, and My voice is your mind. So lay back and be ready to be brainwashed. MP3 - 37:58 min $69.99 Binaural beats, subliminals, confusion, many audio effects used

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This MP3's main objective is to turn you into My slutty unintelligent mindless ditsy bimbo. 

However, there are many other things this MP3 will control you to do: To obey, to serve, to be reprogrammed.  But most of all it teaches you to not know anything, to forget what society taught you about being masucline.  The only thing you know now is how to be a dirty slutty bimbo.  One who loves to chew on bubble gum, twirl the gum around her fingers, and draw attention to herself.  Are you ready to become My airheaded slutty bimbo?  40:20min 

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Black Widow

You're in chastity, aching for a release, and I promise it to you as long as you obey. But then it all starts with a kiss, a kiss you cannot resist, a kiss that lures you into My power. I tease you with the thought of kissing Me and to do that, you must first legally marry Me. Just sign these papers and then you'll get that kiss I promised you. After aching for it, you get that kiss from Me, from Princess Angel. You find yourself at first paralyzed by My power, by My beauty, and by how turned on you are. Then you find yourself you actually are paralyzed, by My kiss. Was there a drug in My lip gloss? Maybe, you'll have to listen to find out. Before you know it I handcuff you down to the bed and pull out an eye dropper filled with liquid. At first you should be scared, but then you become trancetized by My beauty yet again, forgetting how I am completely taking you over, and forgetting about the liquid I have in My hand. You become so dazed by My beauty as I drop the liquid into your mouth. I then cover Myself back up and laugh at you. Letting you know exactly what I just did to you, laughing at you struggling to escape, but there is no escape. You soon realize what that liquid did to you and there is no turning back... ... Before you know it we have been married for two years and you are living and working for Me and My girlfriends. We even humiliate you now and then, while recording every second of your humiliation. God forbid if anyone ever seen these photos, right? Then comes the time I am done with you and I'll FINALLY allow your release, after this entire time of your balls filling up and ready to explode. You ache so badly for a release. But with your release, comes a catch. Yes you must agree to My terms and sign some papers before I allow it. If you do not sign these papers then... Many fetishes involved in this amazing recording: chastity, masturbation instruction, bm, financial domination, tease and denial, tit worship, humiliation, orgasm denial, and much more. MP3 - 66:22 minutes (yes over an hour of My voice) $99.99 Tons of effects added. 

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Bimbo Fem

This is actually a GREAT recording to listen to prior to My older Bimbo recordings, links to them can be found at the bottom of this description. This is good for that, because this recording focuses on transforming you mainly, because you do your active duties as a new bimbo. My new Induction recording is highly recommended to be listened to prior to this recording. Because this recording has only some slightly deepending techniques used, if you go down in trance easily then the induction recording is not needed. First I turn you into your dream woman, looking how you think you should look as a female, from the face, to the tits, and even to your pussy. You make a complete transformation into a female. But not just the average female, you find that your ideal transformation as a woman is to become a slutty woman, which is exactly what you become. Once we have your gender transformation completed, we move on to turning you into a bimbo, a dirty slutty airheaded bimbo. Free of all thoughts, education, and pretty much anything that goes on in your head. Only focused on the things you now find important like sex, clothes, all of those superficial things are now the only things that consume your mind. Before you know it, you're talking, walking, and dressing like the air headed slutty dirty bimbo you now are. MP3 - 37:06 minutes $59.99 

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Craving Cock & Cum

All you can notice is your mouth. The texture in your mouth, where your tongue is positioned, and the taste. You slowly feel the bulging of your cheeks. The feeling of a cock going in and out. You're eager for the cum. That warm moist feeling in your mouth and dripping down your chin, you love cum. From now on when you hear the word COCK or cum, your mouth WILL begin to salivate. (recommend purchasing The Answer also). 

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