Queen of the Latexvampires

Queen of the Latexvampires

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A femdom erotic trance by Anu Morrigan-english

Have you ever dreamt about getting kissed by a mysterious dark vampire queen? Mhhh yes, you may know this fantasy. Vampires always fascinated the people in very different countries and cultures. They are not only mysterious and powerful, but also beautiful and a part of uncountable myth and legends. They represent endless love but also the cold kiss of death. Today I invite you to meet a very special kind of vampires. Vampires, that do not only drink your juice, but also inject something into you… something that brings you a great arousal and that turns you into one of their kind… a Latex Vampire. You are about to meet the Queen of the Latexvampires and I know even now, that you won’t be able to resist her seductive charme. 48 Minutes Background music, binaural and isochronic Tones, Heartbeat, Subliminals, additional Layers, Whispering, Soundeffects, posttrancetic Trigger

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