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Reboot Gay : Turning you gay

Reboot Gay : Turning you gay

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Surrender

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Reboot Gay : Turning you gay.

Turning you...

My voice is now controlling your longing, your need to be gay.

Now only sexually attracted to gay cock... 

Men and their cocks... everywhere you look, you see men & their cocks.

Reboot – Hetero, Gay, Sissy.... My new series of mini erotic hypnosis sessions. Stack & random play the files with My already released “Surrender” series or other deliciously loopable recordings…


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Reboot Gay : Turning you Gay
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Using My favourite whispers & phrases that Entice… Entrance… take you down… oh so quickly. Whatever your fetish, kink and time constraints… In just a few minutes My voice takes you on a mind-fuck trip… straight to submission, obedience, teasing… and pleasure!

I love spending time with you… in a few seconds… the moment you hear my voice – I am there – feeding your craving, and becoming your obsession.

I am your Siren, your Temptress… your Goddess.

Features : 

Loop recording, L & R tracks, Velvety (ASMR) whisper, Programming to turn you gay, Inescapable cock cravings, Mind fuck, No Induction.

6 mins. 

Copyright :  Lady Surrender.

Copyright :  http://www.hypnosurrender.com

Copyright :  http://www.sissysurrender.com

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: submissive for cock
    review from Delete Hetero/Install Gay sex.

    Hello Mistress,
    I would like to thank you for your audio file “Gay Hypnosis 4 – Delete Hetero / Install Gay Sex”. I purchased it last night and listened to it twice, back to back, on headphones. Both times I fell into a very deep sleep about four mnutes in and didn’t wake up unti the file ended. I didn’t have any idea what I’d heard but I was very aroused and slept like a baby last night, easily the best sleep I’ve had in weeks.

    This morning I listened again and went into trance but stayed conscious throughout and was surprised at some of the things I heard, pleasantly so. I’ve been longing for several years to have the remainders of my hetero conditioning removed and knew immediately how powerful it must have been to be given those directions while I was asleep.

    I’ve recently turned 59 and have been living as a straight man for my entire adult life, but with secret longings for cock since my early 20s. Over time I’ve lost my interest in women (as well as my ability to be aroused by them) as my need for cock has taken me over. I’ve mostly fantasized about being a cocksucker but more and more I understand that I want and need to be fully submissive and take cock in my ass as well. Lately I feel like maybe I need cock in my ass even more than I need it in my mouth and throat.

    Anyway, apologies for going on so long here. I’ll wrap up by telling you that I’ve listened to many audio files by others on this subject and I think the one I purchased from you yesterday is a big step above all of them. I’m planning to get “Addicted to Anal Play 1” next.

    Thanks again,
    submissive for cock