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Reboot: I am your Goddess

Reboot: I am your Goddess

A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Surrender

Reboot : I am your Goddess.

I am your Goddess.  My whispers, My voice ... as My words consume your resistance, your thoughts will be left behind until there is nothing. Until you are nothing. Blank. Mindless. Powerless.

I am your Irresistible Goddess.

Reboot ...My new series of mini erotic hypnosis sessions. Stack & random play the files with My already released "Surrender" series or other delicious loopable recordings...

e.g. Playlist 1.

Surrender Loop FREE Induction

Reboot : I am your Goddess

Reboot : Surrender

Reboot : Crave Control

Reboot : Obedience

Reboot : I now control your cock

Reboot : Extended Stroking

Reboot : Orgasm for your Goddess.


Playlist 2 

(Extended t-e-a-s-e for My sweet slaves, with permission to orgasm ...finally. Will you be able to resist My teasing.... velvety whispers...?)

Surrender Loop FREE Induction

Reboot : Extended Stroking

Surrender : Cocktease 1

Surrender : Cock tease 2

Reboot : Orgasm for your Goddess.


Features : Loop recording, L & R tracks, Velvety (ASMR) whispers, submission training, Goddess worship, mindless trance, implanting of hypnotic trigger phrases for submission & obedience.
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I love spending time with you... in a few seconds .... the moment you hear my voice- I am there- feeding your craving, and becoming your obsession.
I am your Siren, your Temptress...  your Goddess.

5mins 30 secs of blissful trance.

Copyright : Lady Surrender

Copyright : http://www.hypnosurrender.com   

Copyright :  http://www.sissysurrender.com

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