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Reboot : crave control.

Reboot : crave control.

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Surrender

Reboot : crave control.

you crave Her control.... aching and craving for Her exquisite control.

Reboot ...My new series of mini erotic hypnosis sessions. Stack & random play the files with My already released "Surrender" series or other deliciously loopable recordings....

e.g. Playlist 1.

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Reboot : crave control

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Surrender Loop FREE induction

Reboot : obedience

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Reboot : extended stroking.

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Using My favourite whispers, phrases that Entice... Entrance... take you down... oh so quickly.  Whatever your fetish, kink and time constraints.... in just a few minutes My voice takes you on a mind-fuck trip... straight to submission, obedience, teasing & .... pleasure!

Features : Loop recording, L & R tracks, ASMR whispers, submission training, Goddess worship, mindless trance, Post Hypnotic Suggestions, cock control hypnosis, stroking commands.

5 mins.

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  • Author: submissive m
    I think there is some point where I was listening to the reboot file and I was thinking "this must be what it's like to exist in someone else's conscience." I just felt so floaty and out of body... two minutes into the file, lol. these files have been so enjoyable thank you Lady Surrender for allowing me the pleasure to listen. Its really interesting how deep these trances feel in just a few minutes at a time. your whispers sounded just as seductive as ever and your delivery just as sensual. What I also loved was how some of the phrases felt like... I don't know almost like a comfort. phrases bring up feelings from other sessions and the need to surrender and submit just grows with every whisper. what really gets me sometimes is the silence... you've turned the ides of silence into a tease... every whisper I wait for the next word and somehow it's all I focus on... everything else is gone all that matters is what you are about to say next... I really enjoyed these sessions immensely Lady Surrender thank you.