Recaptured & Punished by Nurse Angel 3 1/2 hrs!

Recaptured & Punished by Nurse Angel 3 1/2 hrs!

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

You should first listen to the previous recordings of this "Nurse Angel" and "Return of Nurse Angel" NOTE: THIS IS A CUSTOM FILE AND NAME JAY IS USED, BUT IT'S ABLE TO BE USED BY OTHERS TOO. HENCE WHY IT'S OVER HALF OFF OF WHAT I'D NORMALLY CHARGE FOR A FILE THIS LONG!!! Nurse Angel is back again and this time you get to see the sadistic side of her. Yes you're still here in the hospital, still under my control, still under our control. My power. Our power. Yet it seems you haven't been toughing enough about who is in control and who gets to say when you leave. We say it. I say it. We are in control. I am in control. Yet now we find ourselves upstairs in the attic, since you've tried to escape our grasp, my grasp. Hiding in the attic, in the dark, while I talk to you and coax you back to me, back into my leash. Letting you know that if you come out of hiding now, you can escape the humiliation of me catching you in front of all of the other patients and nurses. That if you give into my power now, the punishments won't be as severe. You start coming my way and then chicken out last minute. Scene 2 begins me outside talking to the other nurses about a handy little device we put into all of our patients collars, a nice tracking device. So I know exactly where you are. Also how lovely it is that we invested in those shock collars, similar to a dogs invisible fence when you go out of a certain permitter. Needless to say this all comes into play when you try to escape in the yard. I of course have a perfect shot with my stun gun, then that lovely invisible fence helps out in me capturing you today. Yes you're helpless to go anywhere anymore. Laying on the ground helpless as I approach, I even have some fun practicing my lasso skills on you. Once I get you up I make sure we walk very slow, because all of the patients and nurses are watching. Yes they've all been watching your doomed escape attempt and they've seen how I recaptured you so smoothly and skillfully. Now I'm going to parade you in front of all of them and show off my newly recaptured prisoner. Now I do believe jay has some punishment penance to do for his little escape attempt ion. When you're through that, I'm sure you'll be happy to tell everyone how foolish it is to try and escape from us nurses, won't you? Scene 3 starts in the hospital basement which over the years has been turned into a very effective dungeon. The walls are cinder block, the floor is cold concrete and there is a variety of torture devices just waiting to be used. There is also a variety of vertical and horizontal cages and an examination table, all waiting to hold a prisoner. Yes down here will be your new home sweet home during your punishment time under my supervision. Get used to it. You had lots of outdoor time during your unsuccessful escape attempt, but all of it was unauthorized, so now you'll become accustomed to these cold, plain walls, low light and hard floor. The purpose of your punishment, is to make sure you're sorry for your misbehavior. I'm going to completely break you down and rebuild you into a new person, an extremely docile and obedient prisoner who does exactly as he is ordered and never, ever misbehaves again, not even a little. From time to time some of the other nurses may help me with your punishments, and trust me, our methods will be very effective. Lets start by inspecting your chastity belt to make sure you can't have any unauthorized erections…hmm seems to be a little loose because of all of your running around outside. So lets fix that, get up on this examination table and hold still while I strap you down…. Time for a new belt. Yes this time I have a wrapped a tight little strip of barbed wire around the tip of your penis, inside the cage. It's an especially brutal form of chastity spikes sweetie. Oh relax honey, it could have been much worse. MMMM that wire and belt are so tight that you'll feel those little teeth whenever you cough or sneeze and definitely whenever you try to have an erection. You may even find me teasing you with my breasts so you get to experience how it feels in that new cage with an erection…. Ohh then we find you having the nerve to swear at me, shame on you! This means we'll just have to introduce you to another part of your punishment to give you a little attitude adjustment when it comes to your mouth. So I'm going to choose a punishment that fits the crime…next thing you know is I'm holding some pliers. Just relax sweetie, you know I'm doing this for your own good…pulling out a tooth…. Scene 4 we are still in the basement, but in a large room down there, one that holds a number of patients/prisoners who are chained by their wrists in standing positions to thick oaken beams overhead. Come on in here jay and look around at all of your other buddies…mmm yes my other patients and prisoners who are chained up. This is going to be your home tonight. It's been a very eventful day and I think it's only fitting that I show you off here in front of all of my other little boys so they can see the shape you're in after being recaptured from your escape attempt. Yes I want everyone to see this little trickle of blood running down from your mouth where I pulled one of your front teeth and I want them to see how tired and sore you are from everything I've started to put you through. This was actually a fairly easy day sweetie. You get chained up….crying….gauze in your mouth and ready to hang for me. Wrists over your head. Making all of you boys begging for a little show before bed time. Begging, we all know how much I love to hear my boys beg. Then it seems jay everyone is going to get a little treat, except you. Yes I'll blindfold you, make you realize yet again how close you are to seeing me, yet so far. Scene 5 - This scene is in the hospital backyard in the morning. I inform you about a large pile of concrete blocks that are colored different and why they are and what each one means. Yes it's time for some pointless work, well not completely pointless since it will amuse me while I watch you struggle with it. Hours go by of you doing this work and all you want to do is sit and rest, but no sweetie no sitting down to rest! I want you to come back over to my throne and kneel in front of me. ALright it's late afternoon now, and I'm going to put you through one more little exercise to make sure you're completely exhausted for me before I take you back downstairs to the basement. You know this exercise well from previous recordings… after you struggle through this you have the nerve to swear at me again! Another bit of disobedience from you, another example of insubordination and disrespect. Oh sweetie, this one's going to cost you! I had a hunch this might happen today, so I've prepared for it. You're not going to like it, but it's your own fault and remember it's for your own good sweetie. Now before we continue, I'll give you a chance to retract that profane and most inappropriate remark. No? Not going to do it, huh Well I think you'll be begging for a chance to apologize to me in just a few moments. You'll see. I'll leave this surprise up to those who hear this recording, there is a lovely saying though "Watch your tongue" Scene 6: The same outdoor area but a few more decorations this time. You must have passed out from your last punishment. But near the wooden post where I left you, there is now a very long, narrow strip on the patio, with a golden throne at the end of it. The strip is filled with a mixture of hot charcoals and shards of broken glass. There are tiki torches spread around the large patio, lighting up the area in a warm, soft glow and allowing for a sizable audience of nurses and patients in the early evening. Seems as if you're ready to come down off of that post and give that tongue a rest. Well sweetie I've arranged a very special moment for me, and you, and all of the other nurses and patients here at the hospital tonight. Yes here in the backyard you're going to apologize to me for your recent misbehavior and I can tell that you're ready to give it to me. I can tell from the crying and whimpering I heard over the past few hours… I don't see anymore defiance or disobedient in you or anything that would indicate to me that you're going to try to escape again, I believe that you are finally broken to my control. But I want to make sure sweetie…. this is your very last chance to get yourself into my good graces. Do you see this smoldering strip of hot coats and broken glass out here on the patio honey? It's about 50 feet long sweetie and guess what? I just happen to have a 50 foot long leash that's been clipped onto your neck collar…and now I'm going to pull you across this strip while you're on your hands and knees and I sit here perched on my throne and waiting in front of you at the other end. Oh it looks so delicious! …after me teasing, you crying, struggling eventually you make it over. For some very interesting crying and apologizing in front of everyone. Even some breast worship. Of course there is a catch to it, because I couldn't make you worshipping my breasts completely enjoyable for you could I? hahaha Scene 7: It's night time, very late. This scene is a small side room in the basement with the same cinder block walls and concrete floor. In the middle of the room is an extremely small steel cage, barely big enough for a large dog or small human. But this is no ordinary cage, rows of sharp metal spikes line the front, back and sides, making any movement inside impossibly painful. And even worse for its occupants, the bottom of the cage floor is lined with dull bumps which irritate the knees and make any long term residency very painful. You get into your cage and of course let it all out, I ask for every detail of your escape, as I click my heels around your cage and you pour it all out to me. Crying, whimpering, begging, so week for me. This may even end in yet another breast worship session. Of course with a lovely humiliating twist….. Now are you ready for your punishment? To be reminded of who is really in control of you? I control of your mind? In control of your cock? I am. Nurse Angel is. We are. All of us nurses are. We own you! --Tons of effects: heels, chains, cage doors, dungeon effects, outside effects, man/men crying, women laughing, moaning, heavy breathing, running, going across glass, moving concrete blocks and much more!!!

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