Red Rain

Red Rain

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Joanne

Hello, My Halloween good of you to join Me once's that time of year...Halloween...All Hallow's matter what you call it, this is a most magickal time of year...a time of the living...and of the the spirit of things, I recorded this on Halloween tell Me, pet...have you ever fantasized about being seduced by a vampire? her voice haunting your dreams...her gaze magnetically unbreakable...fiery red hair...deep crimson lips...blood red in every direction...on a rainy and stormy night, the red rain turns the moon blood red and turns your thoughts to Me...I shall whisk you away from your life in the light and lure you down into the murky shadows of My happily give into temptation too great to resist for centuries and will fulfill Me with such sweet acquiescence...what will it feel like when I drink from your essence? will you be forever changed after listening to Red Rain? will it be difficult to recall? All good questions that can be answered one way...feed Me and feed your curiosity...listen to Red Rain and deepen your training now!

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