Resistance is Futile JOI HD

Resistance is Futile JOI HD

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Goddess Zenova
So you actually think you can resist Me? That you can resist My sexy hypnotic voice, big natural tits and My intoxicating stare. You think your the only man who can ignore the effects I have on your body and mind? Let’s play a game, an easy game, all you have to do is resist stroking and cumming. Just listen and watch Me and see if you can resist My voice, beautiful eyes, and cleavage right in your face. You have control of your mind right? You can resist if you try. right? You can resist getting turned on and stroking for Me. hmm lets see how you feel after you stare so deep into My eyes. By the time My cleavage is right there in front of your face you won’t even notice My commands. The more you try to resist Me the easier it is for Me to slide so DEEP inside your mind. Before you know it you will be so hard and filled with pleasure you will be stroking uncontrollably unable to stop yourself from cumming and insuring My permanent place in your mind! You will be stroking and cumming over and over again. Once you cum for Me while listening to this your mine forever.

This video contains *induction *count down *snaps for pleasure *face and eyes closeups *lots of DDD cleavage up close *Multi-layered sound including ASMR whispers, subliminal messages, light music, and brainwave entrainment for increased pleasure and arousal *JOI

This is a REAL tr4nce video, wear headphones for greatest effect

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