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A femdom erotic trance by Enchantress Esmeralda

SIX is sweet and innocent as the girl next door, and therein is where the true power of SIX lies, you will be seduced into a false sense of security, and I slowly, seductively, sweetly, take over your mind, and mind fuck you. SIX is whatever you want her to be. Six is a very personal, and satisfying experience for the listener. When I first wrote SIX, I saw her as your ‘inner bitch’, making you aware of her existence. However you experience SIX, is right for you, and that, is the beauty of trance, it is a very personal experience, and that experience changes and evolves the more you listen, to SIX.  Listen to My sample, you will surely be Hooked by Esmeralda! Six is cumming for you!

As I state in the very beginning, I am going to trancetize you, and you, are going to love it! In this remastered edition of SIX, I have added a JOI, in addition to the original affirmation.

If you purchased the original SIX, you will definitely want to add this to your collection. How has SIX affected you? Tell me .. For those who LOVE My whispers, I have doubled the layer of whispers, doubling the brainwashing, trancetic effect. Six is cumming for you … ! One thing I am sure we will all agree on is that, you will want more, of SIX reMASTERed!

Here is what others are saying, about SIX:

“SIX is like the girl next door all innocent, sunning herself in the back yard . I fall in love and the next thing I know I am in her basement begging to be whipped. That is just how this seductive file works. Your voice so soothing and alluring and then so wicked and demanding. It is very trancetic and so seductive. What a wicked way to hook newbies. You hooked me years ago with the original SIX and this version is SIX times more of a mind fuck. However, it is definitely not just for newbies though. I love it right now. This really is a masterpiece, Beautiful!”

“Enchantress Esmeralda has crafted one of her finest recordings with her release of "6". She immediately takes hold of your mind, controlling it with her familiar seductive tones. She uses old triggers and creates new ones, sparking uncontrollable arousal within the listener. Esmeralda meticulously remixed the original recording, and has enhanced not only the quality of sound, but the quality of trance for the listener. One of the best recordings this year, Enchantress Esmeralda will change the way you see the number "6" forever.”

Contains: Erotic Mind Control, Brainwashing, Triggers, Whispers, Background music, Finger snaps

Length: 44 minutes

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Customer Reviews

Odysseus Sixed

I loved the original and this is six times better! I worship You, Enchantress Esmeralda!

Odysseus Sixed
Stephen Cobb

Wow just the preview makes me want to be Godesses who're bitch

Stephen Cobb