Secret Weapon reMASTERed by Enchantress Esmeralda

Secret Weapon reMASTERed by Enchantress Esmeralda

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Enchantress Esmeralda

This is that defining moment .. where .. I.take.your.mind.

My voice, is a secret weapon, where I bombard your senses with My innovative style of overlapping multi-layered voice, soothing you, hypnotizing you, commanding you, overpowering and overwhelming your submissive senses to the point where … I take your mind.

Immerse yourself in EsmeraldaLand, where I will  weaken and dissolve the last of your resolves, the last of your fears.  You will be Mine.  Come, My pet, let me erase your mind and dissolve the last of your will, as I clear your blank slate mind, for My ultimate control and pleasure.  Your mind is a blank slate, where I condition, brain wash, and reprogram your very, blank slate mind and you are so sleepy, so hypnotized, you simply cannot resist, Enchantress Esmeralda. 

As a reward for your obedience, I will force you to cum, as I give you very direct orders on what I expect from my very hypnotized bimbo slut.  Good boy!

Sometimes, classics benefit from a more updated make over .. and this is exactly what I did with Secret Weapon! Enjoy the multi-layered voice effects and be sure to wear headphones, my sleepy hypnotized bimbo slut!

Contains:  This file contains repeat-after-me affirmations, 2 hypnotic triggers, multiple fingersnaps, multi-layered voice, whispers, rewarded JOI, brain washing, mind control, forced cum command, background music.  It does not contain count up at the end.

Length:  57 minutes

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Customer Reviews


This file is the most powerful example of femdom hypnosis I have ever come across. This masterful recording contains layers and layers of Enchantress Esmeralda's sultry voice assaulting your will. She is not taking no for an answer, She will slip past your defenses and take control without asking. You will be Hers. I would suggest trying a couple of her other recordings first (Bound to Me Now and Breathe Me in especially) as a warm-up to feel the full effect because this one wastes no time applying Her full power on your psyche. You won't regret it.