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Sensual Sharon

Sensual Sharon
My name is Sharon, and I have been soothing men for several years with the my relaxing voice. Are you seeking to get lost in a voice? I think my dulcet tones will beguile and calm you. It can be a wonderful thing to get lost in a voice, totally captivated at how in envelops you and comforts you. Let my sensual nature take you to another place when you play an audio of mine, a place that you will want to return to again and again. You may even find you have little say in the matter, as my voice will haunt your dreams and bring you back for more and more enchantment... 
Now I have a few clients that write my audios, although I have done paid writing for adult websites for many years, the hypno genre is one I do not have a talent for, so I voice these audios only, I do not write them. I will list the name they wish to go by in the description of their audios, so ones may be a fan of one author, but not another, and this way you will see who did which one. Some clients and myself have an arrangement where I will record an audio they wrote the script of for free if I am able to post it for others to buy, that has worked out well a few times, so feel free to contact me if you'd be interested in such an arrangement.
Contact me at: sensualsexysharon@yahoo.com
I am pleased to do custom recordings of your scripts or stories. You provide the written material.
I do enjoy being pampered by admirers, if you are feeling generous towards me, I would love an

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 send to sensualsexysharon@yahoo.com.

Good Boy Basic FREE Listening (Audio Books)

About this item:

Good Boy Basic: Listen for FREE

A powerful induction leading the way for a deep intense hypnotic experience of absolute pleasure. All you need to do is listen and sink into the soothing sound of my voice. Accompanied with soft subliminal music designed to take you deeper. This 42 minute recording is loaded with soft sensuous whispers. These whispers activate a much deeper arousal creating a state of hypnotic euphoria, you feel my voice sinking into your mind filling you with intense pleasure. Hearing my voice take you deeper and deeper, my warm voice activates unbelievable pleasure. 
This file is the base of other files you will listen to in future. There are some sublimals, that will increase the urge to listen to my files again and again.



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Bedtime With Auntie Sharon

Have you always had a thing for older women, especially when you were younger? Did you fantasize about a favorite aunt or even mommy tucking you in and slipping her hands under the covers and doing naughty things to you before bedtime to make sure you were properly relaxed and ready for sleep?

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Bedtime With Auntie Sharon 2
Auntie Sharon continues to teach her nephew all about masturbation in this naughty sequel to Bedtime With Auntie Sharon.
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Blank Mind
Do you long to forget your troubles? Do you wish you could just turn your mind off and have a clean, blank slate, if only for a little while? Then let me erase all your thoughts and worries from your mind as you relax and let me wipe the slate clean for you.
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Bosom Slave

Do breasts make you go dizzy with delight? Can you just not stop yourself from staring at ladies chests? Then you will love this bosom enchantment audio.

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Cancun Breeze
Let yourself totally relax on a chaise lounge and feel the Cancun breeze float over your body, and listen to the waves as you smell the salt air and then go for a relaxing full body massage.
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Compliance Training
Do you enjoy being a good boy and being compliant for Mistress? Do you perhaps need some guidance to do this even better? Then perhaps this "Compliance Training" audio might better be able to guide you.
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Confessing To the Therapist
A shy, young man visits a therapist after a rather embarrassing incident with his mother. Being caught masturbating by mommy can send many a young man into an emotional tailspin.
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Confessing To the Therapist 2
Our young man makes a return visit to the therapist to let his therapist know how his masturbation is coming along and this time gets some masturbation instruction and the therapist pitches in and gives a helping hand.
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Control Loop
One of my Naughty Boys asked for a more dominant hypnotic loop, and although it strays from my more Sensual side into Mistress Sharon territory, here it is...
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Cuckold Loser
Are you a cuckold loser? Do you long for girls you will either never have in the first place, or ones that left you because of what a tiny dicked worm you really are? Does thinking of them with another man, a real man, upset you in one way but in another turn you on like nothing else?
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Curse - Bisexual Sissy

Curse Bisexual Sissy


this is a curse, and it is going to turn you into a submissive, cross-dressing and bisexual sissy maid. 
You are going to discover, that you are loving to give sexual pleasure to anyone...
to men and to women...
who ever ask for it...
You are going to find yourself being  more and more slutty
more and more feminised,
each and every day.
You will want to masturbate often, but when you do, and when you cum, this curse will take root even deeper.
There will be no turning back.
This file is 53 min long and comes with soft whispers, brainwaives and background music.
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Has a strict teacher in your past been the focus of your masturbatory fantasies? I bet they have. Come and have a listen to the naughty teacher who spanks the bad boys.
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