Sissy School

Sissy School

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Stella

See me after class, sweetie. I need to address your naughty behavior
with a very special private lesson. Don’t be afraid, sweetheart. I’m simply
going to brainwash and transform you into a perfectly feminine sissy slut.
Now just sit down and relax for me…

This file contains 49 minutes of devious sissy brainwashing

I’ve caught you taking secret photos of girls in my Women’s Studies class!
Such a pervert… but I won’t tell the authorities. Just as long as you agree
to take my private lesson. I’m going to drop you deeply into trance and
make you see things from a more feminine point of view.

Stroke your little clitty as I send you deeper into hypnosis. You’re going to
start wearing girly clothing and gorgeous makeup. This is all part of my
lesson. I wouldn’t dream of turning you into a sissy…

You’ll find your behavior is changing as well. The way you walk, talk, and
even think. Becoming girlier and girlier as the days go by. I promise I
won’t turn you gay… just keep diddling.

Your little clitty is simply useless to women. It’s best that it shrinks smaller
and smaller, becoming permanently limp. The tinier your clitty becomes,
the hungrier your little pussy gets. Brainwashing? I would never do that to
you… keep diddling.

Just give in, sweetie. You know you want to suck a cock. I could tell the
moment you walked into my class. You’re a horny little cocksucker, eager
and willing to please strong men. I’m going to set your inner slut free.

This is what happens to naughty student who misbehave in my class.
Don’t worry, the effects of this brainwashing aren’t permanent… unless
you cum at the end of my countdown.


  • Hypnotized by teacher
  • Deep feminization
  • Sissy brainwashing
  • “Repeat after me” conditioning
  • Male to female mental transformation
  • Crossdressing
  • Respect for women
  • Small clitty humiliation
  • Clitty-shrinkage
  • Diddle-instruction and cum command
  • Desire to suck and fuck cock
  • Attraction to strong men


49 Minutes

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