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"Sissy Training 31 : Entrapment One"

"Sissy Training 31 : Entrapment One"
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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Surrender

Forced, Trapped, Entrapment, no escape from My sissification... 

Every time you dress up....  every time you rub that slutty sissy clitty while you wear your slutty sissy clothes... you fall deeper into My Entrapment....

Mind fucked....My Entrapment hypnosis.... becoming more and more aroused and mind fucked by My sissy mantra whisper track that turns you on....... craving for hard man cock, to crave sucking and swallowing hard man cock cum.....My hypnotic mind fuckery... craving My whispers, the tingles in your mind, needing...craving.....the more you want to dress up and the more you want to rub that slutty clitty   and ....the deeper the hypnosis embeds in you oh so willing slutty sissy mind.

Subliminal brainwash as your subconscious mind hears & drinks in My whispered hypnosis... Endlessly looping... caught...Entrapped...

No escape from the mind fuck that entraps you deeper into sissiifcation every time you dress up in your slutty sissy clothes.

No escape from the  mind fuck that entraps you deeper into sissiifcation every time you rub your aching slutty sissy clitty.

No Induction: this file is a Loop recording. The FREE foundation file is essential as it programmes your sissy mind to accept My every mind fuck suggestion:

FREE Foundation file : 


If you have difficulty experiencing trance then listen to My deep trance file :


 Loops are designed to be played over and over or as an addition to a full length recording. To gain the full benefit of My hypnosis, purchasing the foundation file is essential.

Includes : humiliation, forced fem, sissy affirmations, sissy training, transformation, mind fuck, mental domination, sissy slut training, feminisation, hypotic triggers, Post Hypnotic Suggestions, trance training. Erotic Whisper ASMR track layered through the recording that slips... slides..embeds My sissfication mind fuckery into that sissy slutty mind.

 33 mins.

Copyright : http://www.hypnosurrender.com

Copyright : http://www.sissysurrender.com



Copyright : Lady Surrender 2015.


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  • Author: sissy monique
    Lady Surrender has created another masterpiece but this time for her sissies, secret sissies and soon to be sissies!

    Frankly after listening to this file who wouldn't want to be a sissy. It's so exciting to imagine assuming the position and lusting over those very masculine bulges. Who even wants to be a man when you can have such a fulfilling existence as Lady Surrender's sissy.

    Lady Surrender always finds new ways to entrap slutty sissies like myself and there is nothing nicer than dressing sluttilly in satin and lace and rubbing my sissy clitty mindlessly.

    Her voice alone is so amazingly sensual she could probably say almost anything and have me excited and horny.

    The soft whispering background track allowed me to continue to benefit from her sissy mantra and i was so hungry to follow it that her words slipped into my mind effortlessly.

    I'm eagerly waiting for her next sissy files to continue my journey into complete sissyness! sissy monique
  • Author: lepidoptera
    Lady Surrender's new recording Sissy Training 31 : Entrapment One is one piece of art work taking control of subjects mind and body. The magic begings from the first words of Hers and the recording steers the subject into the world of pleasure and hot desire.

    The recording deepend the subject's craving for cock. Sissy pussy gets wet, aching and ready for a hard cock and mouth wants to lick, kiss and pleasure the cock and swallow all the delicious cum. The fantasy is vivid and makes the subject feel so slutty and also one can see himself dressed as a good sissy having his stockings and garter belt on. And that is something that makes the subject feel so slutty and horny that it almost hurts.

    The recording contains suggestions to buy new sissy clothes and if the subject do not have them yet, this recording is the one which is compelling him to do some shopping.

    Personally i crave to see myself with just stockings, garters and garter belt on and rubbing my sissy clitty. Nice girly shoes could complete the package.

    Wanting to be a sissy is so exciting... it leads the girly sissy to pure bliss and extacy. Lady Surrender's sissy recordings are the must for sissies since Lady Surrender is the one who can keep the sissy in Her tight grip and make him moan for pleasure every and each day and make the entrapment to be wholehearted and permanent.