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"Sissy Training 35 : Devious Mistress -The Glory Hole".

"Sissy Training 35 : Devious Mistress -The Glory Hole".

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Surrender

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I have taken you, My sissy slut, shopping. The adult sex shop is the last shop I take you to.

On the shopping list is a new strap-on for My toy box and a new chastity device for you.

Oh dear- when I go to pay for the items, I can't find My credit card.

Dear, dear, dear.... you can hardly give the chastity device back to the shop owner, as I had instructed you to go into the changing room & lock up your slutty clitty in the new cage.

So- My sissy slut, the shop owner and I come to an "arrangement"... you will "work" to pay for My purchases...

"Work" at the glory hole in the next changing room where I can see you on a hidden camera. I give you instructions through the ear piece I tuck into your girly pink headband.

Fall deep into My hypnotic trance as I program you to want and need to be a glory hole slut. There is no escape from My deep embedded triggers.

Features : cock worship, brainwashing to crave & suck cock, obedience training, NLP anchoring, mind fuck, mind control, embedding cock craving, glory hole training, sissy training, ASMR. oral servitude, femdom, cock obsession, slut training.

No JOI instructions. Sissy sluts don't get to cum.

This "story" is based on the Real Life  training given to various subjects....

This is a Loop recording- NO Induction. 

The Free Induction file is : 


For deep trance or if you have diffculty experiencing trance, use this Induction file :


32 mins

Copyright : Lady Surrender 2016

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