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Sissy training 33 mindless sissy fuck toy 1.

Sissy training 33  mindless sissy fuck toy 1.

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Surrender

My mindless sissy fuck toy.... Time to kneel and serve your Goddess while She slutifies your mind & body.

Exisitng only to fuck and be fucked.....  controlled and programmed while you sleep ...to respond to My commands.

Only able to crave to be touched, to crave to be filled, fucked and used..... and never to feel satisfied.

Every time you hear My commands you begin the cycle..... activate, crave, fuck and be fucked..... return to normal activities...... craving more....

My pleasure comes from controlling your pleasure....

This is a Loop recording- designed to fit alongside the FREE foundation file :


It is Essential you listen to the free Induction  mp3 first as this "Sissy Training 33  : mindless sissy fuck toy " file has NO INDUCTION.

Combined Voice/Erotic Whisper ASMR mp3 recording, Hypnotic Triggers, Post Hypnotic Triggers that have you craving to be fucked, to fuck, to be filled, to be used....... as your Goddess slutifies & rewires your mind & body.

Amnesia suggestions - your conscious mind has no memory of these programming commands.

Erotic ASMR Whispers that slide right past your conscious mind ...and slutify, rewire....  to be My mindless sissy fuck toy.... craving more  of your Goddess's delicious control.

Layered sound tracks using L & R tracks, some echo effects. NO INDUCTION, No awakening instructions.

Erotic ASMR Whisper weaves through the  length of the recording- programming your subconscious mind to be mindless...without thought...existing simply to serve Me by being My mindless sissy fuck toy.

Intense & relentless brainwashing and rewiring.

40 mins.

Copyright Lady Surrender 2015.

Copyright : http://www.hypnosurrender.com

Copyright : http://www.sissysurrender.com


See My web site for journals written by subjects who have experienced My silken, seductive Hypnosis


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  • Author: lepidoptera
    i am an "unwary mind" who was ensnared some time ago by Lady Surrender. Currently Her distant but strong control is forcing me to listen to Her files in daily basis.

    When She told me that She was making a sissy version of Her Mindless Fucktoy i was thrilled by anticipation and excitement. i have the "sweet boy" version but due to overwhelming urge to listen to the sissy files i haven't listened to it for some time.

    These editions that My Lady has done are just perfect for a sissy slut. There is no question that the new version is the one a sissy wants to hear. In few days, i have listened the file at least 20 times and its power over me is imminent.

    i greatly enjoy My Lady's whispers and Her orders to me to get mindless as well as Her calling me a sissy. And for some time ago i didn't even know that there is a concept of 'a sissy'. This underlines Her words as She warns us 'unwary minds'. I was curious and now i am Her sissy boy. And as such i warmly recommend this file to anyone who is already Lady Surrender's sissy boy or even those who feel to be brave enough to resist.