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A femdom erotic trance by Enchantress Esmeralda

Enchantress Esmeralda has crafted one of her finest recordings with her release of "6".  She immediately takes hold of your mind, controlling it with her familiar seductive tones. She uses old triggers and creates new ones, sparking uncontrollable arousal within the listener. Esmeralda meticulously remixed the original recording, and has enhanced not only the quality of sound, but the quality of trance for the listener. One of the best recordings this year, Enchantress Esmeralda will change the way you see the number "6" forever.

Six makes you weak in the knees.  Six makes you think of the lover that got away.  Six sinks deeply into your subconscious mind … buried … and ties you tighter to my will, and brings you submissively to your knees .. wanting more .. needing more .. craving more … of Enchantress Esmeralda.  Six seductively seduces your mind.  Six makes you want to stay and play longer.  Six is My ultimate control over your mind.  Six is My ultimate control over your body.  Six is My ultimate control over your arousal and orgasms.  Six is your deepest mind fuck.  Six makes your head spin.  Six binds your will .. to me.  Six is your addiction to Enchantress Esmeralda.  Six is your craving .. for more.  Six is your ultimate need for a fix .. of Six.  Six makes you fall deeper .. and deeper .. in love .. with Enchantress Esmeralda.  Six transforms you into my slutty, little bitch.  Six has you following me around like a puppy on a leash, controlled and trancetized .. mindless … and needing more.

You will never look at 6 the same .. ever again!  I have received only positive comments on Six .. but be warned .. it is POWERFUL mind control and brainwashing. I will trancetize you. I will brainwash you, to be my perfect sub.  You will fall in love .. with Six .. and Enchantress Esmeralda!  For those who LOVE My whispers, I have doubled the layer of whispers, doubling the brainwashing, trancetic effect. I have also ADDED a new trigger to the purchase copy that is NOT included in the free listening edition. So, if you want MORE of Six, then you will want to purchase and download the NEW, clearer, sleeker edition. Six is cumming for you … !

Contains:  Erotic Mind Control, Brainwashing, Triggers, Whispers, Background music, Fingersnaps

Length:  30 minutes


SilenceOftrance says:  This is probably Esmeralda's best recording, and one of the best trance recordings Ive heard this year. It creates such deep trancetic arousal within the listener its impossible not to listen to multiple times. There are finger snap triggers in it that took me down very deep, and her voice is seductive as always.

Surrender2Esmeralda says:  This program will rearrange all of your priorities. Six took me so deep and once i was there, it programmed me to see the world through new eyes. After listening to it just a few times, i understand that Enchantress Esmeralda is the one. i love Her and will do anything to please Her


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Brilliant use of trancetic trigger. I will be back for more of Your control. I am getting a woody with every 6 I see.