Slutty Cum Bimbo Process 3

Slutty Cum Bimbo Process 3

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

Phase 3: This is where you become the bimbo you've always meant to be. Emptying your mind as most bimbos do. Become an air headed cock and cum lover, nothing else. Becoming the girl you've always been and always wanted to be - a dirty air headed bimbo slut, that craves and loves cock and cum. You begin to focus even more on the girl you want to become - what she wears, how she pampers herself, what her body is like, etc. You finish shaping her completely and your complete focus is now on sexual pleasure. You live for sex and pleasing others. It is always on your mind. It is the best thing to you, your favorite thing, you never want to do anything else other than bring sexual pleasure to others. Your daily goal is to lick and suck the cum out of others. You begin to accept that many of your body parts were made to extract yummy cummy from others - your hands, your mouth, lips, tongue, throat, clitty, and other parts. The taste of cum is better than any other taste in the world to you, it is heaven, it is divine in your mind. You even begin to realize that the more cum you get, the more you become the perfect female in your eyes. So you must get as much cum as you can, so you can completely transform into the most sensuous female you could ever imagine. This then brings you over the edge to being a cum addict, a junkie for cum, nothing but a cum guzzling whore. You want and need to constantly be surrounded, filled, and covered in others sweet cum. Yes by the end not only will you be transformed into a girl, but a cock loving and cum crazy bimbo slut. 28:18min $44.99 

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