Stroke & Squirt

Stroke & Squirt

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Stella

(for men)

Feeling horny, stroker boy? Raging hard and aching for release?
I’m going to relax and hypnotize you, then go wild on your twitching
cock. Stroking slow at first… then harder… faster. If you’re a good
boy I might just let you squirt.

This file contains 28 minutes of hypnotic jerk off instruction. 

Relax sweetheart. Close your eyes and allow me to drop you into a
blissful trance. I won’t do anything naughty to you… trust me.

Oh my, your cock is getting so hard, sweetie. Did I do that to you?
It’s okay to start stroking it, darling. Slow and steady…. up… and
down…. That’s a good boy.

Whenever you hear me moan like a slut, you’ll stroke even faster.
And when you hear me give you a deep wet kiss, you’ll stroke slower.
I just love this method of cock-teasing.

My lips are so close to your cock, sweetheart. I can’t help but kiss,
lick, and suck you deep. That cum boiling in your swollen balls? I
want it all for myself.

I’m going to completely drain your balls, honey. I hope you can last
until the end.  






  • Jerk Off Instruction (JOI)

  • Deep relaxation into trance

  • Triggers to stroke faster and slower

  • Intense moaning and sucking sounds

  • A simulated blowjob from Mistress Stella ;)

  • Devious teasing

  • Cum command

28 Minutes

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