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Surrender : Feminisation

Surrender : Feminisation

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Surrender

Testimonial :

 Feminising Hypnosis, Brainwashing & Mind control.

“I have to tell You something, Lady Surrender. When I first
was writing to You I said something about not really believing that long term
mind control and brain washing worked with hypnosis. That belief was based on
what I’ve gone through in the past. I was wrong. I do believe in it, when it’s
done by You. There is no other explanation with what’s going on with me. I’m
basing that on many things. One of them being how things build up well after
listening to You, and it just getting stronger, then whatever feelings I’m
having not going away. The main thing I’m basing this on is the feminization
thing though. I know it was a fantasy of mine when I was younger, but nothing
more. In the past I have listened to some feminization sessions, but they’re
all the same. “You’re turning into a beautiful woman, or you want to wear
makeup and panties”, oh really? Not a chance. They had no effect
whatsoever, and were usually pretty funny to me for some reason. Knowing that in the past feminization
sessions had no effect on me was one of the reasons I listened to Yours. While
it is true You saying that forced feminization is a specialty of Your did make
me think about it twice, I really didnt expect anything more than hearing more
of Your beautiful voice, and maybe getting more sensitive nipples. (damn, writing that right now is making me
crazy. What the heck was that? Ok, I’m calm, but shaking) (If I go back and
read it the same thing happens. I’m not sure, but I think I hit a trigger.
Unbelievable. ) but that was about it. What has actually happened is shocking
the crap out of me, and as I said, one of the reasons I now believe You can
control my mind. I cant stop thinking about being feminized. I don’t know
what’s gotten into me. I can’t even pinpoint what it is that’s changed in my
thinking, but something I didnt want
done just a few days ago is now something I’m craving. I can’t even imagine
what being truly feminized would feel like. I can’t picture what could possibly
happen in me to make me feel anything but a man, but I can’t stop thinking that
it’s already started, and I don’t want it to stop. I don’t get it, but I can’t
fight it either. Yes, this is the same guy who said he had no interest in feminization at all, I’m finding it hard to believe I’m even
typing it out right now to send to You when I’m done, but I can’t stop myself.
I noticed today that when I’m listening to Your files, that what happens to me is not hypnosis
as I have known it. There are the normal times of going deeper, and coming out
a bit, and my mind wanders thinking about other things, but the whole time it’s
happening, there is much more than hypnosis going on in my mind. Everybody
always says they’re talking directly to the subconcious mind, but for the fist
time in my life I think I know what that means. It feels like You’re talking to
a part of me that isnt me. It’s really a strange feeling, but it’s a wonderful
feeling. One that I want to go back to over and over again. I can’t stop
thinking about how it feels to listen to You. Your voice has gone from a
beautiful voice with a cute accent to one that gets in my head and stays right
there. Your voice is so beautiful. As soon as I hear it I start to go under and
let it do what it wants to me. Another sign that whatever You are doing to me I
have no control over. It’s the craziest thing, but I just can’t get enough of
You or Your voice.”
– submissive surrendered.

Read journals on My web site, from subjects who have experienced My powerful hypnosis.


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Erotic Whispers ASMR $200.00



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Customer Reviews

  • Author: submissive m
    Lady Surrender
    I listened to 10 minutes of your new file and was not able to last, I was so aroused I orgasmed early... I realize you mentioned it may not have the eroticism of your "Craving Control : helpless prey" series which is based on a succubus theme and which builds on each helpless prey recording...., but I would have to say this is one of the most erotic files I have listened to.
    I think I understand a little what you mean by inscribing a fetish into someone! i am looking forward to listening fully tonight.
    The next day:
    After the first time listening, I really began craving to hear the rest of this file. I could not quite go to sleep until I listened again, it was a need! But I ended up falling asleep with the file playing in my ears. I will be completely honest with you. I did have a pair of panties I keep in the top drawer of my room. I do not use them very often... but I just keep them there when the need comes over me to feel them. Again, happens once a year, maybe... I never really talk about this, lol. The file, I hadn't finished listening at this point, but I had to put the panties on this morning. I've worn them working and just imaged what your whispers would say in the rest of the file. I was finally able to listen to the full file this afternoon, and this is just as erotic as I could have ever imagined. For me, it felt like ... confirmation of sorts... i don't know. Feminine clothing feels graceful... sexy. and at times I do wonder how it feels to wear feminine clothing. This file is just ... it makes the thought too erotic for me to resist. I need to feel stockings next to my cock while obeying you. The feeling of something so soft (stockings) and so hard (your cock) and Your whispers uttering words of surrender...that is too much i am going too orgasm again thinking about this...

    Lacy silky clothing to become a doll encased in feminine clothing for you... it aroused me in a way I have never felt before, the arousal energy is something different here too... not like orgasming in mindless bliss... more like orgasming to something deep inside that ... that You now inscribed... wait.... did i have the fetish or was it inscribed... oh my gosh my mind is breaking....lol

    This file touches on a part of me i have kept in my mind... and here you have made the fetish so erotic nd irresistible. Your voice is like silk itself and imagining the lacy feminine clothes and panties I could wear is .. Wow. This feels like a deep dark secret that has been so buried. Now the craving is so intense. The feel of silk is so soft and sensuous... Your whispers fully capture how soft and seductive feminine clothing can be on a person. Even on a file like this, it seems like you can read the mind of the listener. The feel of panties you have made so addicting I may have to start wearing them weekly!! Love this file Lady Surrender Thank You so much for letting me listen!! Crave it now!!
  • Author: monique
    Lady Surrender’s voice and whispers washed over me sensually as I listened to Surrender to Feminisation. I admit to being totally addicted to her words and when she whispers and moans in my ears my body tingles as undulating waves of pleasure course through my erotically charged body.

    Although I’ve only worn feminine underwear for many years now it’s much more pleasurable to listen to Lady Surrender as she conjures up the images of silks, satins, and lace while she dresses me, her hands gliding over my skin and my private parts. It’s so erotic to be aroused by Lady Surrender rather than to have to dress all on my own.

    Now I can look forward to dressing in my panties, stockings and feminine underwear whilst listening to her recording because
    what could be more pleasurable than obeying Lady Surrender and becoming more and more addicted and aroused by soft feminine silky stockings and smooth satin panties.

    It’s so much more exciting to imagine having Lady Surrender’s choice of feminine underwear in contact with my body.
  • Author: ashley
    Lady Surrender
    Dear god that sample makes me delirious and my sissy clitty goes wild
    I'm at work and desperately want to hear that file
    I bought the file as soon as I got home and didn't get a chance to listen to it until I went to bed. In those 5-6hours my sissy desires were craving your voice
    And once your voice began to wash over me, I felt a fulfillment that was luscious
    I love your control of my desires and wish to surrender more
    Thank you for your guidance