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Surrender - Loop recording.

Surrender - Loop recording.

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Surrender

The Siren... the Temptress.... your mysterious Goddess calls you to come to her ... and Surrender.

Surrender , kneel and obey your Goddess as She Entices your mind & body with Her silken, seductive whispers...

Surender and float free.... into Her exquisite control that leaves you helpless, that leaves you craving more... of your Goddess's Entrancement.... craving Enslavement to your Goddess.

"How did you get here?

Close your eyes and Surrender.

They are the chosen ones who have Surrendered."

- Rumi.

"Surrender" is a free hypnotic foundation file that I have created to have you Surrender and be erotically hypnotised & mindless before Me... ready to accept all My programming, with a simple hypnotic trigger. When your mind is hypnotised in this way, it becomes "primed" to receive My exquisite hypnosis. As you Surrender and fall deep into My voice... into My Entrancement... you feel that delicious feeling of mindlessness....

This hypnosis recording programmes that blissful trigger word into your submissive Surrendered mind. I will be recording a number of hypnosis programming files using this same hypnotic trigger word. Once you are trained by this Entrancing foundation file, the next step will be to choose from the additional hypnosis programming files that use the foundation trigger.

The trigger word hypnosis programming is a pre-cursor to future files that will include a variety of hypnotic fetishes and attachments. This foundation file is free, and you will have a choice of future "Surrender" files that you may lose yourself in.

Features: Blissful, long induction that seduces your mind as I weave silken, seductive whispers through your mind, Erotic Whispers ASMR, 10 - 1 countdown, SURRENDER trigger, L & R tracks, layered tracks.

28 mins.

Sweet subjects who send a thank you tribute for this free file, are appreciated for their thoughtfulness.

Copyright : Lady Surrender 2016.

Copyright : http://www.hypnosurrender.com

Copyright :   http://www.sissysurrender.com


See My home website www.hypnosurrender.com for journals written by subjects who have Surrendered to My exquisite control.

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  • Author: c.t from inraptured.net

    Dear Lady Surrender,
    Hi! I'm c.t. (from IR) and at risk of my 1st message to you sounding kinda cheesy, I think that you're Awesome! **Upon reviewing this message, this is a big ol' wall of text, but I think you're Amazing and thank you for releasing Surrender Loop for free! :D**

    My first experience with your files came a couple days ago when you released "Surrender - Loop" for free and OMG IT'S FRIGGIN AMAZING! A few listens and a day later and I found myself buying "Deepening Hypnosis" and "Morning Mantra of Blankness" because your website recommended those as a good starting place and OMG THEY'RE AMAZING!
    *Ahem*, I'm very sorry, I'm normally more composed but when it comes to talented hypnotists and their incredibly beautiful art I sometimes (actually quite often) lose my composure and fanboy hard.
    OMG I haven't been this excited about erotic trance for a long time. :D I came out of listening to Mantra of Blankness about 20 minutes ago and I just feel so buzzed and happy feeling! I'm really loving your style when it comes to hypnosis! The long drawn out induction that drops me deeper every time, the extra repetitions of the suggestions so I don't feel like I'm being rushed through on a tight schedule, the beautiful and skillful use of whispering in one ear while softly speaking in the other! I love it! :) I love it all! It's only been a couple days of listening to your files but I keep finding myself whispering lines from them. Words and phrases like "surrender", "give up, give in", "the one voice in all the world that I long for", and "my mind is a blank slate for you to inscribe upon" keep slipping out, often inflected with your beautiful and incredibly sexy accent as if it was your voice speaking through my mouth. :) My voice is a poor imitation for your accent, but I'm hearing your voice in my mind as the words slip out of my mouth, so yeah. I really like how you implant suggestions, how it's just this long, lazy, relaxed affair where I'm drifting and enjoying simply 'being', and your words are there, whispering, filtering through my consciousness as the only words around. My mind floats there, in the ocean of your voice, soaking up your words without resistance, like a sponge, or a turkey simmering in the spices placed alongside it in the slowcooker. Your voice wraps around, and within my own thoughts, and then your words 'are' my thoughts.
    I love your name BTW, Lady Surrender. In your sessions you speak of surrender, and giving up, giving in. With how effectively your suggestions are filtering through and melding with my own thoughts, 'Surrender' is fast becoming my self-identity which loops back to you. I surrender to Lady Surrender who is having me give up, give in, and surrender. Surrender, surrender, I am surrendered to Lady Surrender who has enticed me with her words and bid me surrender to her will. Surrender is on my tongue throughout the day, and every time I think of "surrender", I hear your beautiful accented voice telling me "Surrender". I love your name, and it's cleverly simple how I don't need to overthink things.
    It's a circular logic trap for ensnaring my mind, like the needle of a record player settling into the groove of the vinyl. I surrender to Lady Surrender! Thank you for igniting my passion! :D
    This has kind of turned into a wall of text but OMG I think you're Awesome! and I'm really looking forward to your new file offerings, whipping my anemic budget into affording your current file offerings, and maybe hopefully affording and scheduling a live session at some point in the future! :D Thank you very much for releasing "Surrender - Loop" for free! I wish you a wonderful weekend and a fantastic new week! :) Sincerely,
  • Author: -entranced
    Lady Surrender’s foundational training file, Surrender/Surrender Loop is an excellent introduction to Her abilities, and her approach.
    Erotic Hypnosis is a complicated and crowded world, but in this session She demonstrates a clear understanding of both real and effective technique, and the appeal of submission through hypnosis.
    It is clear, that like us, Lady Surrender has a genuine fetish for being in hypnotic control.
    In addition to her passion for hypnosis, Lady Surrender’s approach is also markedly different, in that all of her work exists on a continuum to develop your submissive desires.
    More so, it is to train you to respond more effectively to trance, and her triggers. There is a reason this file is foundational, because She builds all of Her work from it, or should I say She builds the way She works on you from this first step.
    The Surrender Loop can be listed to singularly, as part fo a play list, or can be played on repeat, being designed to build on itself both over time, or through immediate repetition.
    It should be restated that Lady Surrender’s approach to creating files is unique and with a focus on purely effective trance, meaning that your desire to listen to this session should come from your desire to be hypnotized by Her, and to allow yourself to follow the path She sets out for you by being unconventional in how She starts, finishes, and the way She implants Her suggestions.
    Lady Surrender will hypnotize you, and the creative and easy ways she does so may surprise you with their effect and their speed.