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A femdom erotic trance by Goddess Hilary Blaze
I am your best friend and now you are at home to spend sometime togheter. You told me about your work, and i told me about mine telling you that i am doing an trance school. My friend is afraid about trance but i tell him " Do not worry my friend i will not trancetize you!". While he is telling me about his work i hipnotize him without realizing it snapping my fingers. He is in my trap. I take him deeper and deeper into trance with my finger going around, my mesmerizing voice, and my blue nail polish. Under trance i implant in his mind some triggers. When i say the word "hard" his cock will become harder and harder. When i say the word"masturbate" he masturbates, when i say the word "cum" he cum for me.

At one point he wakes up and then i ask him like never would happen.. Don't you belive you could be trancetize? Not? I snap my fingers and his cock immediately become hard and harder. He can't belive. Then i play with him with "hard", "masturbate", and finally i make him cum! He do not remmber what it is happen so next time i could play with him again.

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