THE HYPNOTHERAPIST - Satin Spiral of Addiction

THE HYPNOTHERAPIST - Satin Spiral of Addiction

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Enchantress Esmeralda

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It has been a while .. since your last satin relapse .. and you have contacted your Hypnotherapist for more, of My alternative therapy techniques.  In this session, your wicked hypnotherapist imprints the Spiral of Addiction into your impressionable, suggestible mind, and that .. is just the beginning, of our session together. 

Your addiction to silky, satiny, girly outfits is growing and your wicked hypnotherapist wants to help you with your problem. This time, I force you into spiral video stimulation as you stare yourself into mindless oblivion. You know how I like you .. blank and thoughtless, as I dress you up in shiny, satiny, girly outfits and watch you squirm in erotic, submissive ecstasy. You already know how good my previous alternative therapy techniques feel. Well this time it will be, shall we say, twice as erotically stimulating, bordering on sadistically cruel, for My wickedly, perverse pleasure.

I will put you into a deep, satisfying slumber, use my startle technique to awaken you, and then, put you back down into a much, deeper hypnotic trance. I will experiment on your pointless, thoughtless, satiny bimbo mind, and there will be nothing you can do about it.

It pains Satin Mommy to perform these necessary techniques on you, but you will leave with a deeper understanding and appreciation of what my Satin Power and special therapy techniques, can do for you.  After all, I’m only giving you, what you truly desire, isn’t that right, My little satin princess?

This file includes finger snaps, not one, but two cum commands, taunting, teasing, humiliation, coaxing, among a few of My manipulative therapy techniques to squeeze every drop of satin addiction from your twisted, bimbo mind. 

Contains:  Main voice, Whispers, Breath sounds, Mind Control, Brain washing, JOI, 2 cum commands.  Does not contain count up.

Length:  57 minutes

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My eyes are spiraling inward and all I can see is a twisted satin-wearing bimbo addict. I am addicted to dressing up for You in satin ,Esmeralda , and even more addicted to Your commanding sexy voice. I am overwhelmed by the beautiful audio ambience that belies the nasty deeds You force me to do. I am squirming in intense pleasure then cumming until I hurt. You are my cruel Master , a therapist who sees me as no more than a mindless blob of clay to shape and form into whatever You choose. You abuse me in every perverse way and I love it. I need it. I want more of it. The pleasure always transcends the pain.

Daniel Z

Being controlled never felt as good as this. Enchantress Esmeralda took me deep under her hypnotic spell. You'll feel every strike, as She uses your for her pleasure, and each one will give you pleasure as well.
This long 56 minute recording feels way shorter, and the pleasure received is often more than I can take. But I embrace being overpowered this way.
I can't recommend this session enough. I have no words. Thank You my Goddess.

Daniel Z