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Tease and denial, also called blue balls play or cock teasing without orgasm
Orgasm denial is a sexual practice in which a person is kept in a state of sexual arousal. This will be done for an extended length of time. And the subject is not allowed to orgasm.
In my hypnosis files I do this combined with female dominance. It is a more extreme version of orgasm control and it may end in climax. The subject may either be allowed to orgasm finally.
In this case the orgasm is much stronger than normal. Another form is the total denial of all genital stimulation. To ensure a total denial of stimulation a couple may use my virtual chastity file.
This file causes by the listener the need to get permission to orgasm from their key holder. Tease and denial is a sexual technique involving an active partner taking control and a passive partner who got controlled.
The orgasm denial technique can be used by anybody regardless of their sexual orientation. Orgasm denial is sometimes called blue balls play. Any method of stimulation can be used by the active partner.
The aim of tease and denial is to prolong the powerful sexual sensations that happens during the built up of the final orgasm. The physical demands of being kept in this highly excited state will cause a very pleasurable state in the passive partner.
An active partner may derive pleasure from witnessing their partner in such an excited state. Orgasm denial may include elements of bondage erotic humiliation and servitude.


You are walking in a street alone in front my house. I see that you are in a trouble and i ask you if you need help. You have lost your phone on a street and need to have a call. I offer you to enter at my house becouse you could use my phone. But when we are at home i just realized that my phone is broken and so i offer you to bring you at home. But before you could spend some time togheter. I ask you which is tour work and you want to know which in mine.
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Mind Cage by Hypnotic Haylee
No matter what file you listen to, or what teasing commands or suggestions that I give you, this file will make it absolutely impossible for you to masturbate while listening to my mp3s, or during my stroke commands elsewhere. Of course, even if you do manage to stimulate yourself outside of my hypnosis, you will not be able to cum! My mind cage will grow stronger and stronger, into the ultimate chastity device.
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Limp Dick Mindfuck
Say goodbye to your cock as you know it. For this file is very dangerous, and very irresistible.. Watch Me conjure your cock into full obedience.
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My voice is everywhere. From the moment you listen to this video you will have a total and perennial addiction to my voice. You will no longer be able to live without me, without listening to my voice and looking at my eyes. I bring you into the world of perdition. My evil eyes enchant you forever. You can only masturbate by listening to my voice. I will be your only mistress, you will follow only the instructions of my voice. You will hear my voice everywhere, in bed, at work, everywhere.

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Happy Valentines day ... I got this sexy outfit especially for you I'm going to give you some special Valentines day instructions too. Let's see how well you follow them.

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Medical MindMelt Inc. - Brainwashing
You saw an advertisement for brainwashing sessions. You finally have the courage to contact MindMelt Inc to schedule your appointment. You will meet with hypnotic nurse Jade (a certified therapist) for a light brainwashing session to polish up positive thoughts.

You are seeking just a slight adjustment of who you are, but you get much more than you ever thought possible. It will seem like simple conversation, harmless, easy and relaxing, but below the surface, your mind will be wiped clean, programmed, infused with erotic cravings, post hypnosis suggestions and triggers planted deep within your subcortex.

ONLY your subconscious mind can process these subliminal messages. They program you to become mindless and obedient, just the way I like you.

So tell Me….now that you have answered the questionnaire, are you ready to sign the informed consent form? The form that turns your mind over to Me.

As your nurse, I am allowed to touch you.

**This Hyppn0t1c masterpiece contains: Multi-layered sound tracks including intoxicating subliminal messages, word modulation, ASMR programming, mesmerizing spiral and pocket watch induction, rhythmic brainwave entrainment, post hyppn0t1c suggestion & trigger, seductive mind manipulation with subliminal mind fractionation, countdown, snaps, light sound textures and a quick area of confusing white musical noise. ENJOY your session.

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MIND SUCCUBUS- Seduced Into Slavery by Hypnotic Haylee
Shhhhhhhh, just relax. Right now you are in the perfect state of awareness. The hazy, dazy, blissful mind stage that you enter right before falling into deep sleep. Dreamy sleepy, yet a part of your subconscious is awake. The Succubus has a beautiful sirens call , that you automatically answer, so that you will have absolutely no choice but to obey. She comes at night…to seduce, to overtake, to rule. She is a part of Goddess Haylee. An entity created to enslave. Sure, She may sound and seem so innocent, that is, until she has you right where She wants you. Seduced. Aroused. Stroking. Entrapped. Obedient. ENSLAVED.

Listen when you are blissfully sleepy and/or deeply relaxed. Those in chastity, simply ACHE at any suggestion of stroking or orgasm. If you have a ruined hands free orgasm, consider it a gift and tribute accordingly.

This file will make you so stupidly horny and obedient. The Mind Succubus is in full CONTROL.
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LOCKDOWN--Chastity Restraint

Listen and feel the POWER of My HYPNOTIC Mental chastity.  Feel My chastity control take you to a deeper state of AROUSAL.

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Mantra Loop - Erregung
Viele haben bereits sehnsüchtig auf die Mantra Loop Serie gewartet. Endlich ist es dir möglich, meine Stimme die ganze Nacht ohne Unterbrechung der Trance in dein Hirn dringen zu lassen. In dieser erotischen Hypnose Serie biete ich dir Brainfuck vom Feinsten. Weder gibt es die sonst obligaten Warnhinweise, noch eine klassische Induktion, noch eine Ausleitung. Höre mich einfach ununterbrochen in Dauerschleife.

Erregung und Lust ist das Thema dieses geschlechtsneutral gehaltenen Mantra Loops. Wenn du dachtest du kennst die Grenze der Erregung, dann hast du dich getäuscht. Diese erotische Hypnose definiert die Grenze vollkommen neu. Du kannst immer noch erregter und erregter sein, immer noch mehr Lust empfinden, den Höhepunkt immer noch weiter hinauszögern, die ganze Nacht im Rausch der Geilheit verbringen. Tease and Denial in einer Konzentration und Dichte, von der du nicht einmal ahntest, dass es sie geben könnte. Es gibt kein Ende der Erregung, nur noch Lust, meine Stimme und weiter und weiter hinab in die Tiefe der Geilheit. Höre diese erotische Hypnose in Dauerschleife, in Kombination mit anderen Mantra Loops, oder als Vorbereitung für eine andere meiner Aufnahmen zb mit hypnotischem Orgasmus. Du wirst es definitiv lieben, was meine Stimme mit dir anstellt.
Als gemeiner Teaser kann dieses Mantra Loop natürlich auch als Versuchung in einer Phase der Keuschheit eingesetzt werden. Die Möglichkeiten sind vielfältig, das Ziel ist immer das Selbe: unendlich große Erregung!

Finde heraus wie erregt ein Mensch wirklich sein kann!
Hintergrundmusik, binaurale Beats, zusätzliche Flüsterspuren, Loop, keine Ausleitung,
32 Minuten -Loop
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Mind Bending Loop
A mind-bending, mind-fucking, cock-hardening, sensual video designed to be played on a delicious loop.. The longer you listen to this file the more powerful it will become, but beware: 2 minutes in and you will already feel the addiction grow within you. I will turn you into a true h1pn0slut and remind you that you are not a man, nor a lover, you are a submissive toy and you like it.
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Mind Melt by Hypnotic Haylee
This is a very deep conditioning file. Great for trance lovers who enjoy deep in depth trances, and brainwashing.
Confusion induction , voice layering, and subliminals to penetrate your subconscious mind, and melt away all resistance and hesitance that you may have. You will be programmed and trained to please and obey me. My pleasure is your pleasure and arousal. My words are your thoughts. Crisp finger snaps are used throughout to trigger your mind into obeying, and falling deeper than you have ever been. Only listen to this file if you crave to be mine, if you ACHE to serve and please me, if you so desire the fulfillment of surrendering yourself to me as my submissive. You will be triggered, addicted, and you will love every second of it. You simply can’t resist me.
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Aching and Edging
Mistress Carol will drop you gently and easily into trance with a slow, sexy, effective and audial pleasing induction. Trance will sneak up on you and once securely in her grasp, she will direct you to follow her every instruction. Slow sexual seduction is Mistress Carol's specialty and equally powerful is her dominant hypnotic control. You will edge for her, stroking your cock obediently just as she instructs. You will ache to come, but, that is not the training she has planned for you in this session boy. You will edge for her only and reaffirm that Mistress Carol owns your cock.
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