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Tease and denial, also called blue balls play or cock teasing without orgasm
Orgasm denial is a sexual practice in which a person is kept in a state of sexual arousal. This will be done for an extended length of time. And the subject is not allowed to orgasm.
In my hypnosis files I do this combined with female dominance. It is a more extreme version of orgasm control and it may end in climax. The subject may either be allowed to orgasm finally.
In this case the orgasm is much stronger than normal. Another form is the total denial of all genital stimulation. To ensure a total denial of stimulation a couple may use my virtual chastity file.
This file causes by the listener the need to get permission to orgasm from their key holder. Tease and denial is a sexual technique involving an active partner taking control and a passive partner who got controlled.
The orgasm denial technique can be used by anybody regardless of their sexual orientation. Orgasm denial is sometimes called blue balls play. Any method of stimulation can be used by the active partner.
The aim of tease and denial is to prolong the powerful sexual sensations that happens during the built up of the final orgasm. The physical demands of being kept in this highly excited state will cause a very pleasurable state in the passive partner.
An active partner may derive pleasure from witnessing their partner in such an excited state. Orgasm denial may include elements of bondage erotic humiliation and servitude.


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"A DEEP Down" Into... Perpetual Arousal

Mix & Match Series

Use this hypnosis MP3 to pair or stack with other titles in my Mix & Match Category.

This file has been carefully written and performed so that it will pair beautifully with other titles in my Mix & Match Series.

In Perpetual Arousal, sink into hypnotic brainwashing where the effects will leave you in a state of constant arousal. For best results, listen to the trigger training file DEEP Down Loop  (26 Min training audio - Reg: $8) and pair this file with one of my Deep Down Into... inductions.

PLEASE NOTE:  This file does not include an induction


  • Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
  • Left / Right Whispery Secondary track w/ ASMR effects
  • Delta Brainwaves
  • Multi-layered brainwashing to make you horny all the time
  • Audience: Male or Female
  • Humiliation: No
  • Mistress Amethyst Worship Verbiage: No
  • Count Up at the end: No
  • 23 Minutes

Erotic Hypnosis & FemDom Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst  Copyright 2017

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"Eruption" - Blowjob State Of Mind - 3D

In this erotic 3D hypnosis, Level 3, Eruption Hands Free Orgasm Trigger Hypnosis, Mistress Amethyst tricks your mind into thinking that your orgasm erupts from an amazing blowjob; but it's really the power of her voice & words that cause you to orgasm.

I induce trance (in regular stereo) and ask you to use your mind to draw me into your room. I appear in your room (in 3D sound) and tease you with my large, round, beautiful tittles. It makes you so very weak. As I lick my fingers and pinch my nipples right in front of you, it sends a jolt of erotic electricity through every nerve of that swollen cock.

I lean in close to whisper right in your ear and notice some fuzz. I clean out that pesky little piece of fuzz, which provides a nice ASMR effect. It's very important that you hear every word I say very clearly, because it is the power of my voice and my words that will make you cum today. I will demonstrate this for you through a very realistic blowjob.

The brilliant aspect of having you so very trained, is that you won't orgasm until I give the trigger. I take advantage of this by rubbing my pussy while giving you a blowjob, timing it just right so that we orgasm together. This is difficult to do in a regular relationship. But with you, my well-trained boy, I can make this happen very easily.

Features: Regular stereo induction, 26 Minutes of 3D sound, simulated blowjob & orgasm; Eruption trigger for a Hands Free Orgasm Trigger Training Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst  Copyright 2015. 36 Minutes

3D Binaural Sound Info: It's going to feel like I'm right there with you, whispering in your ear, touching your ears, and some degree of movement. It's binaural, so the degree of movement is mostly left / right, but it is possible to sense a distance when I move further away during the blowjob section. Enjoy!

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"Eruption" Level 3 - Get Off On The Right Foot by Amethyst

Teasing, Edging, then Erupting from my pretty feet.

I wonder if you have figured out yet that I love to turn you on, and then take it away. Then I take you back to the edge, but stop you. Oh I love how I can make you teeter in between torture and ecstasy. My feet are so pretty and small, but when I put on my extra silky socks, the sensation on your body is one that excites your flesh until you are pulsing, pounding, and aching for release. When I think I've tortured you long enough, I will signal the Eruption, hands free orgasm trigger, but not a moment before then. I’m putting my best foot forward – are you ready to erupt? Mmm of course you are!

Features: 10-1 Countdown, hypnotic fantasy hypnosis w/ Eruption Hands Free Orgasm Trigger, Subliminal Eruption training, Theta brainwaves, 38 Minutes. Copyright Aug. 2014

Turn up the HEAT of this file by purchasing personalization. Imagine hearing me moan or whisper your name. Mmm Yummy! It's far more affordable than a custom & the effect is fantastically erotic. Personalization has QUICKLY become my most purchased product with countless re-orders for different titles!! No need to purchase the public file AND the personalization - Click the image below for details:

Personalize This Recording        


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"Eruption" Level 3 - Titty Fuck

  Hands Free Orgasm Training Level 3:  Holy Titty Fuck! you will Want/Need/Must Have this one! Trust Me! 

 "Focus with your mind & imagine the tightness of My cleavage gripping that lust-filled flesh.... TIGHT"

Click on the title to read more of the description.

46 Minute Trigger Trance


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"SLIP" Into Extreme Edging

WARNING: This FemDom hypno Edging MP3 contains graphic pornographic Goddess Masturbation - not simulated!

This isn't your average edging file... this is Extreme Edging!

Whether you’re new to edging or not, I’d like for you to approach this file with an adventurous mind. I want you to see how long you can remain on edge. Will it be days? Or weeks? Or even months?

This isn’t chastity, because you don’t need my permission to cum. This is extreme edging and you must delay your orgasm for as long as you can! It's important to appreciate the growing sensations as you prolong the edging period longer and longer.

Be prepared, boy, because I'm going to put you to the test! I kick up the temptation to orgasm by playing with my pussy while I was recording the file. Yes. You read that correctly... I fingered my pussy on mic.

WARNING: This file is a bit graphic. I move the microphone between my legs so that you can hear the sounds of my wetness. I believe that the subconscious mind knows the difference between what's real, and what's not. I wanted you to have an authentic extreme edging experience, so I felt that authentic Goddess Masturbation was in order.

I'm really putting myself into this file, like never before... and I may never do this again! The price of this file will reflect the pornographic nature and the rare value of hearing real masturbation sounds. It's so hot, it just might blow the doors off your edging experience.

Good luck staying on edge, boy. You're going to need it!!!

For best results, please listen to my FREE file: SLIP Into Mindlessness


  • SLIP Trigger
  • 10-1 Countdown
  • Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
  • Audio Porn: Pornographic Goddess Masturbation sounds
  • Count up at the end.
  • 35 Minutes

Erotic Hypnosis & FemDom Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst of DeepSurrender.com. Copyright 2015


READ THIS!!!! YOU WILL WANT TO KNOW THIS! Normally the $100 version of the personalization option is enough for an unique and custom-like experience. However, I provided a TREAT in the $200 version personalized ending that you don't want to miss. It's ONLY available at the $200 level!

FOR SENSUAL MISTRESS CUSTOMERS: (READ CAREFULLY) Please purchase a quantity of 2 Personalizations to equal $200. You will receive a personalized copy of SLIP Into Extreme Edging with a special Intro Track before the recording begins, and a sexy ending track, which contains a special treat after the file ends.

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31 Minutes of Mindfuck
I know how much you love to be mindfucked by Miztress. Well, it's your lucky day, slaves. I've combined all of My mindfuck clips into a full 31 minute mindfuck bound to leave you dizzy. You'll be so helpless for Me, you'll be begging for Miztress to do anything to you.
Check out more mindfuck videos in My store!
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3some - The Spitroast

The Spitroast.

Let me take you deep into trance, and into one of your secret fantasies.
I will visit you with a male and a she-male slave, and I will watch, and give orders, whilst you enjoy a spitroast with them.
You will take all the cum that is given to you and enjoy every moment.
Come with me for a wild, erotic and naughty time.

39:49 minutes, brainwaves, soft whispers and background music.

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4. Todsünde - Zorn
Ich bin Kali, personifizierte Sünde. Sinnlicher noch, als die Schlange im Garten Eden. Geboren um zu verführen. Was also liegt näher, als die sieben Todsünden in deinem Unterbewusstsein für immer mit mir zu verbinden…
4. Zorn
Ein Fest für Fuß und Tramplingfans, aber auch die schmerzhafteste der Todsünden.
Du bist zu spät zu deiner Verabredung mit mir, Goddess Kali erschienen. Das hat meinen Zorn erregt und wird nicht ungesühnt bleiben. Nicht umsonst trage ich den Namen der indischen Göttin des Zorns und der Zerstörung. Du wirst meinen Zorn im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes ertragen, denn während ich dein Gehirn wasche und dir sehr eindrücklich zeige, wo dein Platz in meinem Universum ist, spaziere ich auf dir herum und bereite dir mit meinen perfekten Füßen Schmerz und Erregung.
Ich zertrete dein Ego, deinen Körper und deinen Schwanz, der das auch noch so geil findet, dass er gar nicht anders kann, als zu stehen wie eine Eins. Ich fi*** dein Hirn mit meinen Worten und deinen Mund mit meinem Fuß.
Du wirst es lieben und hassen gleichzeitig, meinem Zorn zu dienen und du wirst meine Füße und den Schmerz 24 Stunden nicht mehr aus deinem Geist bekommen, während dir in dieser Zeit eine Erlösung durch einen Orgasmus verwehrt bleiben wird.

42 Minuten
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A Pussy Worship Loop

The 2016 Erotic Hypnosis Loop Series by Mistress Amethyst Has Arrived

Several loops are in the works and will be released as soon as they are ready.  Each file is perfect on its on or paired with others to create your own masturbation experience.

Nothing arouses you the way eating my pussy arouses you. You obsess with the idea of putting your head between my legs, where I allow you to push my panties to the side for a nice,long inhalation of my sweet scent. Mmmmm.

My sweet honey scent makes you soooo horny - you want to taste me - your tongue is soooo eager to lick me - to suck my clit - to drink my juices - over & over again!

Use this loop on it’s own to really amplify your arousal, or use within a playlist. When you listen to this loop, your horny body will be aching for release.       


  • Induction - No, but there is some wording for relaxation
  • Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
  • Soft moaning in the background
  • Delta brainwave tones softly in the background
  • Cum Command: No
  • Fetish: pussy worship; erotic hypnosis, FemDom
  • 14 Minutes

Erotic Hypnosis & FemDom Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst of DeepSurrender.com. Copyright 2016.


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Accept Your Fate

4 MP3 - 4 Different Endings Where I Decide Your Fate!

General Premise: Hand your fate over to me! I'm going to hypnotize & arouse the fuck out of you! Then the alternate endings will let you know what I plan to do with you!

This is an alternate ending hypnosis experience. Each of the 4 files start out the same way: A nice, conversational style of hypnosis, leading into arousal. Once I have you under my spell and throbbing with desire, you will find out your fate!

I'm not going to give away the 4 different fates. You'll just have to discover it for yourself. All I WILL tell you is that I love having you under my spell!


  • Load each of the 4 MP3's into a separate playlist. I have them labeled in a coded way so that you won't know the fate just from it's title.
  • Hit random, and enjoy!


  • Conversation style induction w/ 4 alternate endings
  • Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
  • Secondary tracks are whispery and sultry
  • Audience: Male; General hypnosis fetish; FemDom
  • Count Up at the end: Some do, some don't. It's a surprise!
  • Humiliation: No
  • Length: 28 mins; 27 mins; 27 mins; 27 mins

Erotic Hypnosis & FemDom Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst Copyright 2017

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Addicted to Stella (for men)

You belong to Me, sweetheart. In mind.. body.. and soul.
You can’t help but touch yourself while listening to My sexy voice. 
And you love harsh denial of your precious orgasms. 
obsessed with Me, slave. Addicted to Mistress Stella.

13 Minutes

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Addicted to Stella (for sissies)

You belong to Me, sissy slave. In mind.. body.. and soul.
You can’t help but diddle your little clitty while listening to My sexy voice.
And you love harsh denial of your precious orgasms.
Become obsessed with Me, slave. Addicted to Mistress Stella.

13 Minutes

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