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Hello and welcome. I am Tessa Fields, erotic hypnotist and certified hypnotherapist. I know that for some of you, choosing someone to let inside your mind is a serious choice and I hope this provides a telling insight into the kind of person that I am.

The Person:

If I was asked to use a simple word to describe me, it would be eclectic. I read most anything I can get my hands on, listen to most genres of music, and I have more hobbies and interests than I have time to indulge in. Dancing is and has always been a prime passion. Those with a keen ear may be able to pick up on my love of rhythm in all of my work. Even sensuality moves to a tempo for me. Seduction and erotic manipulation all seem to dance delicately under a maestro’s wand in my mind.

I like for all things in my life to have order and purpose. I am a self-professed neat freak with a place for everything and everything in its place. This does not, although, mean that I am a black and white thinker. I think life is one big, grey area and I often find myself frustrated dealing with people that cannot be open-minded and accept others just as they are or who they hope to be.

If I am being completely honest, I am little bitchy, a lot bossy, and I have a pretty nasty temper. I am also a bit like you. I am a devoted friend, an animal lover, sexual and intense, and if you get to know me, you will discover that I’m even a bit funny.

The Dominant:

As some of you already know, I grew up in a very female dominant household. Women made the world go round and men seemed to be willing participants.

As a dominant woman in the realm of erotic hypnosis online, there are a few things to be understood. Just as a submissive should choose to serve a woman that understands his or her desires, I do not accept just anyone into my life to serve. Those that wish to serve in the realm of fantasy and role-play are welcome to do so, but to be collared by me is a privilege earned. I cannot be bought and demands on my time will probably merit absolutely nothing. Manners mean a great deal to me.

The Erotic Hypnotist:

I am an adventurer at heart and I’d hope that my subjects would be just as willing to try anything once. I do not consider myself a “catchall” hypnotist as of course I prefer some content over others, but I love that hypnosis can take one anywhere, even experiencing things with great realism under the safety of the controlled environment of trance. I use my acquired hypnotherapy skills to create effective trances and I am always toying with different styles of induction. I am not a follower. I am an artist. Like all art, I’m not for everybody. My approach tends to be subtle, but make no mistake in assuming it is any less effective. I’m like a slow poison, infecting you beyond the point of help before you can become aware that an antidote is needed. My favorite scenes in erotic hypnosis are cuckolding, tease & denial, love & addiction, body worship, and feminization. I do love the sissy boys!

The Hypnotherapist:

I completed the last of my clinical hours for my certification in hypnotherapy in 2010. I take my work in hypnotherapy very seriously and do not like to blur the lines between erotic hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

My style of Hypnosis:

I have studied and practiced many models of hypnosis including, but not limited to Ericksonian, Kappasinian, NLP, ETF, etc. I tend to be drawn more towards Kappasinian hypnosis with elements of NLP(Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to enhance the process. When one asks the eternal question “What is hypnosis?”, it begs a different answer from almost anyone in the field. Based on my studies, I subscribe to the theory that when the hypnotist creates an overload of thought for her subject and then offers an escape into the subconscious, the subject takes the opportunity and open their mind up to the hypnotist.
I also believe that hypnosis is a mutually motivated event. Achieving a hypnotic state is easier for those subjects that are truly open to the experience and want to be hypnotized. If one takes on hypnosis as a challenge rather than a desire, they are typically much less suggestible to the process. It is important for the subject to trust in the hypnotist so that they may truly open up and lower the barriers into their subconscious mind.

The Geek:

I love math. I love code. I love photoshop. I love books. I am even a band geek. I’m quite happy to live in an era where geek is chic. After all, isn’t it hot to be dominated by sexy AND smart? *wink

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Choose Control

FREE Listening

About this item:

Choose Control: Listen for FREE

This  31 minute hypnosis session presents control to you in a different way. I'm going to let you make all the decisions for yourself. If you wind up choosing control and obedience, I surely had no hand in it. After all, every decision is your own. This session is about control in the moment and contains no post-hypnotic suggestions or triggers.

Recorded for both men and women

Release Date    06/17/2011
Recording Quality    Stereo
Length in Minutes    31:27
Background Music    Yes
Subliminal Layering    Yes
Post-Hypnotic Suggestions    No
Topics/Fetishes    Femdom control, confusion and logic, a little touching and a whole lot of sexy!




Female Metamorphosis


You will be guided through your transformation into a woman while learning to dress, act, and move like a woman.
This recording has no special effects or layering.


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Lose Yourself

This recording is a simple guided masturbation recording introducing you to my type of hypnosis and control.

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Airgasm (Re-Mastered)


This is a tease and denial hypnosis recording where your erection is led by the air I breathe. It's a bit of a tease not being touched, but finding your arousal ebb and flow with the energy I put into the air. It’s no hands until the end!
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Cock Cravings

This hypnosis MP3 will make you crave cock and cum like a tasty dessert! Perfect for sissies and bi-curious!

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Obsess-a-Tessa Series

This series is formulated to systematically grow your addiction to me.

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Humiliation Hallway

Let Me guide you through a deliciously humiliating trip where the girls get uglier and the giggles get louder as you are teased about your small dick.

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You’ve willingly stepped into Her lair. She takes you to the brink over and over, never letting you release… forever hard, forever longing, forever begging, FOREVER DENIED!

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Stirrings of Servitude

This is a hypnotic fantasy that takes you back to when you were a young man, new to sex and desire. You are summoned to the neighbor's house where the girl you have had a crush on is taught to control you and humiliate you. She comes to be a symbol of your life yet to come, enslaved and owned by powerful dominant women for eternity.

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Ethereal Seduction

This guided masturbation fantasy finds you seemingly alone until you start to hear someone else in the room, someone sensual and female. This unseen female presence touches, teases, and seduces you finally bringing you to full release all without ever seeing her.

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Wicked Game

BLACKMAIL...often fantasized about, but so dangerous to enter into.
This recording takes you through the blackmail experience both mentally and physically allowing you to experience the highs and lows of being blackmailed by a sexy wicked woman. This recording contains no post-hypnotic suggestions or triggers. It simply allows you to experience it in vivid heart-racing detail without playing that wicked game!

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This erotic hypnosis recording is a hypnosis experience that takes you into my hypnotherapy office seeking hypnotherapy to “feel good”. Wicked hypnotist Tessa makes you “feel good” with her special brand of therapy….turning you into a horny pantyboy that loves wearing silky women’s panties. This is a full-release MP3. This recording is being offered with soft ambient music or vocals only.

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Under Your Skin


After gently weighting you down into paralysis, my voice enters your body filling you with my will and thoughts. I slowly turn you into the perfect, intuitive submissive with a subtle form of mind control, learning how to anticipate the needs and desires of dominant women. Your arousal becomes tied to your servitude making one depend on the other and their will becomes your own.
You become a deeper sort of submissive...learning to serve all powerful, beautiful women based on their desires and not your own.
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