The Dungeon Chronicles, FIRE and ICE

The Dungeon Chronicles, FIRE and ICE

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A femdom erotic trance by Enchantress Esmeralda

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 Fire and Ice is a very trancetic, beautiful, soft, sensual metaphorically induced fantasy journey with Enchantress Esmeralda, where I edge you from hot to cold, cold to hot. Always in a state of influx, but never quite knowing which way I will be leading you.

For now, our journey begins, in My dungeon, where I keep my prized pets and playthings. You are my plaything, I use you for my perverse pleasure, over and over again. Taking you to the edge, and back again, always pushing your submission further and deeper. Just like the snap of a rubber band is a reminder to you, that your submission stretches and retracts, I take you as far to the edge of your submission that you can go, and then back again .. stretching .. and releasing .. as each of my trancetic trances takes you deeper .. as far as you can go, and back again. The arc of your submission is like the swinging of the pendulum, with each swing reaching farther out and returning back to a point beyond where it once began.

In this fantasy, You wake up … in your cage .. tucked away safely at the foot of my bed, where you have always longed to be and where I will use you for my perverse pleasure. You are My chamber bitch, you are where you belong. I will use whatever tools I have at my disposal to show you how submissive you have truly become. I will use hot melted wax, ice cubes, nipple play, foot and pussy worship to demonstrate your submissiveness, loyalty, and devotion.

This file is 71 minutes long and contains the bonus extended version of trancetic Flame induction, with full whisper loop. This is the perfect file to lull you into a sleepy slumber and fall asleep to every night, where you know, I will visit you, in your dreams. Now, Heel, in your shiny red heels!

Sweet trancetic dreams, My pet … there is so much more to cum .. as this .. is the beginning of Enchantress Esmeralda’s Dungeon Chronicles.

File contains: Nipple play, Foot worship, Pussy worship, Light feminization, Induction, trancetic trigger, Whisper loop, Background music, Breath sounds

Does NOT contain: Count up at end

Length: 71 minutes

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I found myself imprisoned and entranced in a creaking dungeon where your irresistible voice carried by soft piano music seemed to bounce of the walls and into my brain. I was drifting, dreaming , and delighting in your pleasure at my submission. When I came down I was farther down than ever, groveling at your feet, ready to do any menial task .

This is a bit of a change of pace for you Enchantress, so relaxing and trancetic that I was unaware of how much your power over me had grown until I tried to walk away from it. My place is in your dungeon. There is no escape.

P. O.

I must confess my new dilemmas.

I have been attempting to listen to your new masterpiece all of the way through to see what my favorite part is.

My first confession is I have been unable to listen to the whole recording without offering my Tribute.

The farthest I have made it through before offering my Tribute is when you say Good Boy after allowing me to worship your knees.

One of my Tributes erupted when I was expecting ice and you dripped wax on me.

One of my Tributes erupted when you said the moist spot in my panties is growing.

My second confession is I can't determine a favorite part.

From 27 minutes until 1:11 is my favorite!!!!!!!

My goal for this week is to make it back into my cage with an erect cock aching to offer Tribute.

My third confession is I don't know how long it will take before I will be able to listen to the whole recording and still be aching to offer Tribute. From my reentering the cage until receiving your moist panties is incredibly arousing.

I don't know how much of this is anticipation on my part, how much of it is credit to your growing power and artistry or how much of it is my growing submission.

P. O.