The Edging Loop

The Edging Loop

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A femdom erotic trance by Amethyst


The Edging Loop is going to make your balls ache with aroused desperation! The beauty of this loop is that it starts with deep breathing and relaxation to calm your body, but it gradually works into edging instructions. The end of the loop is where you will reach the edge of orgasm, and I will command you to remove your hand from stroking & STOP! But just repeat the loop and do it all over again... and again... and again... and again.

Features: Edging Instructions, JOI, double voice tracks, 13 minutes of FemDom & Erotic trance by Mistress Amethyst of  Copyright 2014

Either stack the loops in an order of your choice OR create a Loop playlist and hit random baby! Possible ways to use a playlist:

  1. Put all the loops in a playlist roll the dice (1). Whatever # you get is the # of loops that you will listen to. If you get 1, then roll again to see how many time you will listen to that 1 loop. If you get 3, then you will only listen to the first 3 loops that play at random. Will an orgasm be part of it? Or will you end the game with blue balls?
  2. Create a play list where you duplicate the titles. You might have The Edging Loop or one of the arousal building loops in there multiple times so that it comes up more than once.



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Amethyst's Disciple

The Edging Loop Will Leave You Begging!

This loop is designed to bring you to the very edge, and then orders you to stop right on the cusp of release. This powerfully frustrating loop features the ever alluring Mistress Amethyst teasing and taunting you – making you beg Her for release! But it will NOT be granted in this tremor-inducing loop! You will become Her play-toy as you follow Her instructions and stroke ONLY to the edge. How many times can you endure it?

All of the loops in this series can stand alone, be repeated multiple times in a row, or be a part of a larger playlist. I personally like adding this loop either at the beginning of my session or in between “arousal building” loops. For example, it works great before/after the Horny Boy Loop, Roaming Hands Loop, and Titty Trance Loop.

If you want to greatly increase the effectiveness of this loop, I recommend sponsoring a Personalized Version. There is nothing quite so erotic, sensual, and sexy as Mistress whispering your own name as you listen!

Amethyst's Disciple

Mistress Amethyst's idea of the loops is incredible! The ability to mix and match to get aroused, teased and cum for Her is so awesome. Since I know that a big kink of Mistress Amethyst is when one of her boys strokes for her, I had to add the Edging Loop to my collection first. I even opted to get a personalized version. It was definitely the right choice! She had me immediately relaxed and I was complete putty to Her voice. It is one thing to have Mistress Amethyst's soft, sexy, sensuous voice arouse me and tease me while I stroke for Her, but to have Her whispering my name in the background made the arousal so much more intense! I got so amazingly aroused that all I wanted was to have Her permission to cum! But She is so deep in my mind that I had no choice but to obey Her and follow her directions as she had me stroke myself into a frenzy. Edging never felt so good and the closer I got the more I wanted to obey, the more I obeyed the more aroused I got. As much as I wanted to cum, the moment She commanded me to put my arms at my side I obeyed without hesitation. It was bliss and frustration at the same time. But frustration never felt so good. The first time I only dared to listen once. I didn't think I would hold out a second time. I have since made it to three and will work on more to please Mistress Amethyst and hopefully give Her a tingle. Being obedient to Mistress Amethyst is so arousing!


Mistress Amethyst loves it when you edge for her, so why not enjoy it with her! Enjoy the effects that a little tease and denial can have on your arousal with this guided edging loop. Amethyst will take you down, make you hard, and command you to stroke for her. She'll egg you on like in Horny Boy, but you must already know how this ends. You'll want to cum so badly, but you know that at the command of Mistress, you'll stop right when she wants you too. This session is great to give yourself a little more stimulation between less active loops, or before another explosive session to get you in the mood. Maybe you even have the stamina for more than one go round. It's also a great shortened alternative to a full session of Good Morning Edge if you are pressed for time.