The Haremsladies Feet

The Haremsladies Feet

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A femdom erotic trance by Anu Morrigan-english

You are visiting me in my secret harem, caress my feet, massage them, lick them, you let my feet feed you and you enjoy  the dance of my haremgirls together with me. And after dancing, they will give you a terrific orgasm with their feet.

Feet, toes, yes.. doesn’t  it sound wonderful for you. Come and see me in a wonderful harem and let yourself be spoiled by  me and my dancers. My feet, they caress you, touch you, make you crazy, you can taste them , smell them, see them dancing around you, you will be seduced and deeply aroused.

No part of a womans body  makes  you so horny, so immensely aroused, such as the wonderful toes and feet  . Nothing is more adorable  and deserves more attention.  This recording  is there to give you a time full of joy and full of sensuality. My feet and those of my  dancers circulate around you  and you are a  guest in the harem of  goddess Kali, a  guest in paradies. Let me make you very happy.  

I invite you   to totally relax. Nothing will harm you, you will awake as a free man from the trance,  but will be a little richer, cause you will have gained a wonderful experience.

65 Minutes, binaural Beats, additional audio layers (whispering) subliminals, isochronic tones, hands-free orgasm,

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