The trancetherapist - Deep Satin Sleep TWO

The trancetherapist - Deep Satin Sleep TWO

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A femdom erotic trance by Enchantress Esmeralda

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Enchantress Esmeralda, your wicked trancetherapist, is back, with a sequel favorite to:

The trancetherapist – Deep Satin Sleep TWO

It’s satin cuddle time, My pets!

You came to me in The trancetherapist – Deep Satin Sleep, to overcome your fetish to glossy, shimmering satin. You return to Dr. Esmeralda in TWO, for additional trancetic reinforcement therapy, because you cannot seem to overcome your satin fetish.

You and I both know you are addicted to satin. You love to wear satin slips and dresses and splatter your load all over that shiny satin, don’t you? After Dr. Esmeralda gets through with you, you will be transformed into her perfect jerk off satin cum slut! You return, to Enchantress Esmeralda, for another intense trancetherapy session, and you know, Dr. Esmeralda has rather unusual therapy techniques .. with several surprises along the way! I know I told you the gloves are coming off .. but this time, I slip my silky, satiny gloves back on, for some very personal touching techniques. I will wear gloves of satin and do naughty, pleasurable things to you. I will present you with a gift of a treasure chest which, once opened, will fill your eyes and your brain with shimmering mind-fucking satin delight. Soon there will only be satin, My voice and your hard cock. And the big surprise, My trancetized pet, is the introduction to My Whoregasm Chamber, where you will be held against your will on a satin altar and… well .. it is a surprise and I don’t want to say too much and spoil the surprise for you, now do I? Let’s just say you are in for one big, throbbing, hard, 60+ minute humiliating experience.

Then there is the choice you must make. There are always choices to be made along the way, in therapy. Will you risk being blackmailed? Will you give yourself to me completely? Will you accept your role as my totally submissive satin-addicted slut, dressed for the part, and begging for more or will you remain boring vanilla in a sea of orgasmic satiny color? It’s your choice. You can go on being like the mythical Sisyphus , pushing that boulder up the hill, or you can give your mind to me completely … and forever. Oh, what a predicament you will find yourself in .. in Deep Satin Sleep TWO!

Don’t think too hard. Just do it! Just enjoy my shifting, layered whispers, the sound of my pulsating whoregasm machine, and the sound of my powerful, captivating voice, for an intense hour long mind fucking experience. Soon the only thoughts in your little bimbo-slut brain will be My thoughts., and isn’t that what you really wanted, My pet?

Now, go grab yourself some nice satin, make yourself comfortable, listen .. and stroke .. stroke … stroke .. your mind away .. like the satin bimbo whore that you are!

Length:  65 minutes

Contains:  Humiliation, Mind Control, Manipulation, JOI, Tease and Denial, Mind Fuck, Background music, Finger snaps, Multi-layered whispered tracks, Fem Domme, Erotic, Binaural tones


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Customer Reviews

Satin Slave

The trancetherapist - Deep Satin Sleep TWO is a very powerful file for those who enjoy the intense combination of satin, playful humiliation and trancetic adventure.

Enchantress's delivery is relentless and very professional. At first the experience rolls along innocently enough, but soon Enchantress leads you to the whoregasm chamber.

Believe me, you will find it very difficult to escape this predicament, trapped and seduced into complete and total satin submission.

DSS2 is produced very professionally and is generous in length to insure your journey into satin bliss.

--satin slave

Satin Slave

The way Enchantress Esmeralda guides you through this trancetherapy session a submissive has no choice but to drop to his knees and beg for more.

Making Enchantress Esmeralda my Doctor has improved my sex life with my wife immensely. Since my wife doesn't have a dominant bone in her body I get the joy of being a sub to this masterful artist.

Pros: Soothing penetrating whispers that will control your mind


Welcome back, Mighty Enchantress. Only you can sate my desire for total domination. Deep Satin Sleep 2 is a beautiful hour of devastating transformation and humiliation.

I am wearing your silky, satiny voice like a long , flowing satin gown. There is a satin curtain around the walls of my mind as you alone are inside, molding me into your perfect satin bimbo whore.

The sound of the Whoregasm Machine actually has a profound physical effect on my whole body turning it into one big pulsating, trembling girly-girl cock. I am now Priscilla your satin cum slut slave forever.
Exquisite layered binaural whispers, great sound quality, very trancetic