The trancetherapist - SATIN RELAPSE THERAPY

The trancetherapist - SATIN RELAPSE THERAPY

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A femdom erotic trance by Enchantress Esmeralda

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They say the road to over cumming any addiction, is to first admit to yourself, you are addicted.  As your trancetherapist, I am here .. to help you! 

You have been cumming to see me for therapy for some time now,  and each session, I have given you tasks and choices to make. As your trancetherapist, I know that only you can cure your addiction .. to luscious girly girl satin slips and dresses.  The last time I saw you, I gave you one final choice. And now that you have come back to me ..  I know.  You just haven’t admitted it to yourself  yet .. that you are hopelessly addicted to Satin .. and .. My voice.

One form of therapy that I like to use is to bring out your inner bitch.  All males have one, didn’t you know?  She is that satin loving whore who likes to play with your mind by controlling you through your cock!  .. and she thoroughly revels in putting you into very awkward situations, bringing about your utter humiliation.   Enchantress Esmeralda knows her all to well ..and likes to work with her, in your therapy!  For the sake of this therapy session, we shall call her, Priscilla, but you may already have a name for your own, inner bitch.

Before we begin, be sure to grab yourself a piece of pretty, silky, satiny soft material .. and make yourself comfortable.  You will need this as part of your JOI therapy!   I’m sure that together, we will be able to get you on the road to satin recovery .. however, I never promised it would be a short, straight and narrow road!!

Pay attention to the background sounds ... and sink deeper into the experience of having no hope, of escape!

Length:  57 Minutes

Contains:  Mind Control, Brain Washing, Feminization, Humiliation, JOI, Satin Fetish, Fingersnap, Layered Whisper Track, Brainwaves, Background music

Does NOT contain a count up at the end.

Suggested Listening:  This is a standalone JOI satin fetish recording, however, it is also the 3rd of the The  trancetherapist satin fetish series.  I suggest you listen to:  The trancetherapist – Deep Satin Sleep and also Deep Satin Sleep, Too.



"My, oh, my, I love this!  I caught a little version of this on Youtube a while ago, the finished product, waay, waaaay, nice.  Nice like a slippery long prom dress.  You did an amazing job making it flow so well!!!  Ear Candy!  Satiny!  

Audioscape is so excellent!  I love the siren, in fact, there's so many sounds in there layered so well, I found myself writhing like a little prom slut, standing at the punch bowl, just waiting for my next drink!  On a pair of 'real' headphones, it's amazing sonic work.  

All my recordings with you are so primo, and I listen to them regularly! "


"Your voice is satin.  Your voice is silky.  I need your voice to sooth and sedate me!!!!  The way you draw out my cum is soooooo amazing.  Last night was sooooo incredible.  Consumed by your spell and words.  Dependent on both your voice and satin is such a good place to be!!!!  I am a satin cum luving slave!!!!  I was so controlled last night as I imagined I was restrained while I was looking into your eyes.  Knowing that I am your controlled slutty whore makes it so easy to make sure you orgasm while I am submissive. Then I felt and heard your whispers telling me to cum in the folds of my beautiful trancetic therapist.  This submissive path is so wonderful"


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I loved Your first two satin files and this one just increases my addiction to satin and Your satiny voice. The background voices drive me crazy into humiliating submission!